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Broadening my Cultural Experience

Wow, what a title!

So how have I done this….well let’s see.
Back in 2003 I took a cruise to the Bahamas.
That was a total cultural difference. But I actually
looked at that has an adventure. And it was! So much
fun. That might have to be my next blog entry, my
two cruises….

Okay, as usual I have gotten off the subject. Let’s see,

first I tried to broaden those experiences with things that
I ate. You see, I use to not eat things that sounded strange
or add ingredients in them that I did not like (even if you
could not taste it). Heck, I use to not eat sour cream cause
of the word “sour”! But anyway, on my first cruise I
decided that it was an adventure and probably one I
would never partake in again….so I decided to try out
something I thought I would never try…..escargot, yep,
I ate snails! Oh my gosh, it was great. Cooked in garlic
and butter, a bit rubbery but the taste was nice. Since
then I have tried it fried, nope, did not care for that. I
have tried crawfish, where you snap the heads …


Every now and then out of the blue an old story
hits me that I think would be funny to add to my
blog (can you tell)! Maybe I should right a book?
Not thinking that will happen, I am not really one
of your most organized sort of people.

Today’s story is an event that took place in my life
about three and a half years ago. I had not been
feeling my best (later to find out it was the sleep
apnea thing). But I had one major migraine after
another, I was having the sleep issues where I
thought I was getting enough at night but it seemed
during the day it never was enough. I could fall off
to sleep anywhere, anytime. I was in a long distance
relationship with a man whose Mother was ill and I
was putting a lot of time and effort into giving it my all
for him. I had my daughter and grandson living with me,
I was stressed and a bit on the depressed side. That
along with my job, daily issues and decisions was
putting a large overload on me.

One day, I parked my car about 10 minutes from my
home, right outside my …

Where did I leave the truck

Years ago I use to ride the Metro bus to town everyday to
work. I did this to save on gas, wear and tear on the truck,
cost of parking and I could rest, read, talk and visit on the

On the back of the bus we had our own little group of people.
We visited everyday to and from work, shared our lifes and
our families. I use to catch the bus home right in front of
the bldg. I worked in down town. Walk right out the bldg.,
cross the street and would get right on the 4:25 bus home.

One day while sitting in the back of the bus with some
friends, talking and running my mouth like normal...heading hit me! I jumped up out of my seat, shouted "OH
CRAP" (actually I think I used another word that relates to the
same thing), started pulling on the bell wire to stop the bus. Everyone
was looking at me, "What's wrong Pam", "What's the matter"...
I had to look them in the face, without laughing (or crying as
it should have been), I said " I drove today"!


A Card

I know it is a couple of weeks past my birthday but I wanted to share a card that I got. I meant to do it around the day but my mind wonders around so much and I tend to get so much going on that I forget other things! Welcome to my life!!!

I have friend that I met a little over a year ago. We met over the internet, on a site for Mom's. The site was called Clubmom (CM). It recently ended but luckly a lot of the Mom's I met have ventured over to Facebook so we still stay in touch. Anyway on CM you posted daily pics of kids, nature, grandkids..etc on your calendar for all to view and comment on.

I met Nancy through my cousin, on CM. We seemed all three of us hit it off. Nancy lives in Ohio, so to this day we have not met face to face. We send cards, gifts, call, email, but that meeting has not happened as of yet. Although that is to change in May when she comes to visit.

Nancy is in to photography, like my cousin and I are. Only she has put her photo's to a small business. She makes her pho…

Another Dakota Story


Granny's Front Porch

The title of this year's fund raiser for "Kid's of the Block".

I started to work on it yesterday afternoon and all went so well that I finished it up last night. It was not a hard or time consumming painting but I think it turned out really nice.

I have to have the painting turned in by March 30th. The actual fund raiser will be April 30th.

Enjoy my latest painting, leave a comment and let me know what you think.

Thanks again for stopping in..

Charish The Kids

Saturday! seems that it takes forever for Friday and Sat. to roll around but Monday seems like it flys by!
Nothing major and or funny to post in my blog today. I think I will take it easy this weekend, no running around for me and see if I can get some rest. I have laundry to do and a little bit of picking up but from there I think I will try to paint some.
I have the show coming up but I also have a fund raiser coming up at the end of April also. I have to have my project finished and dropped off by March 30th.
The fund raiser is for "Kids on the Block", which is a program of STARS (Students Taking a Right Stand). They reach out to 40,000 elementary aged students a year using Bunraku Puppetry. They teach and educate them on difficult life issues such as child abuse, prejudice, and awareness of differences.
This fund raiser is focused around chairs and is called "Chair-ish the Kids". It is artwork that is sold and auctioned off with a chair theme. This will be my 5th …


Friday, the day after Thursday, the day before
Saturday. Thank goodness that it is the last of
the work week for most of us.

Speaking of work week, whoever came up with
that. Work 5 days, off two? It’s such a struggle at
times to get what you have to get done in those
two days off. By the time you work in the house
cleaning, the yard work, laundry, keeping the car
clean, cooking and anything extra, you need another
day off before going back to work on Monday. Or
maybe that’s just me and my sleep apnea talking but
I don’t even have a family to cook for anymore, so I
pretty much forego that these days. Then the yard work,
I hired it done a lot last summer. Laundry,I keep up…need
those clothes to wear. But even the cleaning, I do only
what I need to just to get by these days. And to think I
had a friend that once referred to me as the “Cleaner from
Hell”. I was always cleaning something, even if it did not
need it. I sure would like to have those days back where I
felt like at least thinking about being li…

Backwards- tock tick

A few weeks back I was standing in my office when one of my bosses came in and handed me a clock. In a split second I wondered what that was all about, esp. when he asked did I want it. I could not help but get really tickled when I looked at it and told him I would love to have it.

You see this clock was a backwards clock. Not only does
the hand’s run backwards but the numbers are not where they need to be either. Where the 11 should be is the 1, and where the 1 should be is the 11, and so on. I had seen these before and thought they were just the neatest things.
Of course while laughing I asked my boss “why are you giving this to me, because I am backwards or just different’….at that point he turned a bit red, threw his hands in the air and said “I don’t know why I am giving it to you”, then he told me he
just thought I was the perfect person to have it. This is the same boss that asked the important question “could that be the reason you are not married anymore’! I laughed that much …

My dog, Dakota

My dog, the one I did not want, the one that was
pawned off on me, the one I vowed I would find a
home for because I did not want a dog and I was
not keeping him….yeah, that dog. He is a source of
laughs at times and yes, I have come to love him.

Dakota is very smart. My daughter and them had
taught him to sit before I got him, but from there I
have taught him to sit up, row over, dance on his hind
legs, walk on his hind legs, shake, give me a kiss on
the cheek and high five me. Very smart and learns these
things really fast. I love it because I have never had a
dog that would do these tricks for a treat before. But
stubborn, he is that for sure. If he don’t want to obey
you, he will not. He has a mind all his own. He is very
set in his ways for a dog that just turned 2 on Feb. 12th.
He is spoiled rotten.

Right after I got him, I was painting my kitchen. He is
like my second shadow and at times he will follow so
close that if he were taller and I bent over I would have
to pluck him ….oh well, I will lea…

Cartoon Birds and Stars

Have you ever just looked at a bungee cord? Awesome idea to make this type of thing to be used in so many ways. They have the stretch, the hook that can hook on to just about anything. But…you don’t ever want one to come loose as you try to attach the other end.

Ten years ago, my daughter moved to Jackson TN. That trip would be about 2.5 hours away from where I live. One day I packed up (yes, and for those who know me would not be surprised that it was just me, I hate to ask for help) all her stuff in the back of my big GMC Sierra truck. I had boxes, bed frame, mattress and box springs and so much more. I loaded the back end up and decided that I sure did not need a box spring (which I had laying over on the mattress) flying off the truck going down the interstate. I decided to tie this stuff down with my bungee cords. Now, what happened next was something else…
I hooked one end onto a place on the bed of the truck used for this purpose or for tying ropes around. I then threw it up and …

Sleep Apnea

Living with sleep apnea pretty much sucks. In October 2005,
after one and a half years of a daily headaches and falling
asleep at red lights, I went through two sleep studies and
faced the fact that I had to sleep the rest of my life with
a machine.
Now all of a sudden the sleep is off again even with the
machine. Fear of thinking that I would have to go through
a sleep study again I have put this growing problem off
for the last few months. Finally, after a two week migraine
and dragging myself around I decided to call the doctor.
My insurance change a few years ago so to be able to see
a sleep doctor under them, I had to have a referral from my
regular doctor. I was able to get and appointment and be seen
last week by him and his office was looking into getting me
in to see a doctor. Hopefully I will know something tomorrow.
Sleeping with a machine nightly is a pain. But if things are
working correctly and oxygen is getting to the brain, its helps
with the migraines. Apparently the pressure needs to…

A desk

I so dislike having in mind what I want and not being able
to find it...or even really being able to settle on what I think
I want!

I have a oak finish pre- fab roll top desk for my computer.
Got a great buy on it, $20.00 at a yard sale. Thought it
would be perfect for me but I was not thinking I don't guess..
(and at this point you can keep your thoughts to yourself)!!
The desk is nice but by the time you get a monitor in there you
really don't have room for much of anything else...and have
I used the roll top part to conseal the papers and mess around
the computer, NO! So, this desk has just got to go.

One problem I have ran into with getting another desk is
the fact that I want my computer in my livingroom. Why??
I spend more time in that room. So that leads to finding something
that will match or somewhat match with what I have in there. I do not
want anything big, blocky, or heavy looking. I have two large
pieces in that room already and I really would like to keep the
rest a bit lighter …

My Birthday

Yes, today, Valentines Day is my day
of birth....all so many years ago!
I have tried all my life to convince
everyone around me that I am a
sweetheart. 8^)

I have had dinner cooked for me, taken
to lunch, nice gifts, great cards and
great ecards, awesome birthday wishes
via email, facebook and the phone. I have
had calls from Ohio, GA. and AZ. I have
had calls from two niece's, two nephew's, Mom,
brother and sister in law, cousin, friends,
daughter and my Grandson..and
they have all been so sweet and so nice. Brings
a smile to my face.

Thank you everyone for keeping me in
your thoughts, for you awesome wishes
and your great cards!

Love you all...


My Grandson DJ

Dustin Jr. AKA DJ, AKA Peanut (Nana calls him this)

This is my youngest Grandson. He is just barely . over 3 months old. Once again I was honored to be asked to be a part of his delivery like I was his brothers, Caleb. I was there when both of them came into this world. And once again, I was holding this one within minutes of being born.

Caleb was a shoulder dystocia baby, just like his Mom was. So with that being an issue the doctors felt that Amber needed a C-section with DJ. I was told the same thing with my second one but since

he was smaller then Amber I was able to deliver with ease. Since DJ decided to come into this world almost 3 weeks early, we hoped that would make a difference in the weight and allow Amber to deliver. She did not want to have a C-section and dreaded it the whole time she was pregnant. With luck we were able to convince the doctor (I don’t think he was happy with Amber’s choice) but he went along with it and all went well. DJ weight just barely 6 lbs. but he was…

Meet my Grandson, Caleb

Eight years ago I was so blessed to have a sweet
loving little man come into my life by the name
of Caleb Tyler.

Caleb has the most beautiful crystal blue eyes that
seem to light up the room when he smiles. He is almost
as tall as his Nana and he is and always has been a
Nana’s boy. When picking a name, Tyler Lee was being
tossed around and my daughter told me she really did
not care for that to much. So I suggested Caleb Tyler. She
liked that well enough that’s the name the little one was given.
I was blessed to be asked to be a part of that delivery and
be there and hold him when he was just a few minutes old.
Before the birth Amber kept asking me what the baby was
Going to call me and being just a tad over 40 years old when
I was told I was going to be a Grandmother, I kept telling her,
"the kid could call me Pam". I never meant it but it was oh so
much fun messing with my daughter! But when they handed
that child to me, my first words were “come to Grandma”.

Caleb did not get to come home…

Skunk Roundup

I have stories I could tell from my daily adventures
but I have some funny things that I have enjoyed
telling over the years and for some reason this one was
just yelling at me to tell today! Another ex story~

I make friends really easy, and I don't have a problem
meeting new people but for some reason this one time
just did not feel right. My ex came to me one day and
told me that a man he had been going hunting with,
that he also worked with was wanting us all to come
up for dinner one night. I said, "yea, okay"...little
did I know that within a few days, that okay would
come back to bite me in the rear.

Remember...I did not have a good feeling about this
dinner and it got even worse when the night came
and my ex was out loading his hunting bow and arrow
in the trunk of my car! Strike #1.

Stike #2 came when on the way up the ridge to a small
hole in the wall town (blink, you missed it) my ex tells
me that we have to stop at KFC to get chicken. My mouth
drops open and of course I ask &quo…

Could that be the reason you are not married anymore?

That question was asked in such an innocent way...but it generated
so much laughter!

A couple of weeks ago at work, one of my bosses came by my
office and stood in my doorway without saying a word. I
raised my hands up in the air and said "I did not do it"!...why
this statement you are probably asking! That goes back to
earlier in the day when a couple of times some
funny statements were made or something funny happened
in the office. My boss (yes, the same one from the doorway),
while laughing told me that it seemed like things happened
when I was around. That is the reason
for the statement "I did not do it"!

Okay....on with the story. My boss laughed at my
statement and then told me that he was standing
there so I could see his new glasses. They looked
the same to me. But I told him not to worry about
me not noticing them, that sometimes I missed things
like that. I told him that once my ex husband
shaved off his beard and mustache one night while
I was out and when I got home I s…


For those whom I have not shared this news with, I will
be a featured artist, along with one other one, at an
art gallery! I am so excited to be having a show for my paintings.

I have been going through my work to decide what to hang at
the opening, what I need to touch up, or frame...or what to
paint to take along.

About a year ago I bought a new wooden cabinet door for the
purpose of painting a picture on it. Up until the other day I
had not decided as to what I would paint on it.....then Saturday
evening I was tossing a few things around and settled on a wooden
birdhouse on a wooden pole with a climbing rose bushe going
up and around the pole. I worked on it for a couple of hours
Saturday night and between working outside and around the
house Sunday...I finished it. I am so proud of the way this one
turned out. Let me know what you think by leaving a comment.
So with that said...take a look....................

Thanks for stopping by.


Photo with the clicker!

I once worked with a man that told me that people
would not know the silly things I did, if I did not tell
them! The way I see that is, I get a good laugh from
them so I like to share those laughs!

This story took place about a year ago. I was on my
way home from work, talking with my cousin, Kathy
on the phone. I had things running through my head
about what I needed to get at the store, the conversation,
things I needed to do when I got home ..etc. While I talked
with Kathy, I pulled into Kroger parking lot and noticed
the beautiful sunset. As I continued to talk, turn the car
off (keeping in mind to remove the keys), lock the door
(with the clicker), thinking I needed to pull my camera
from my purse and take a photo of the sunset.....and while
all this multi tasking was going on in my head, keeping
my mind on what Kathy was saying, I aimed my car
clicker at the sky and hit the button! OVERLOAD! I
got so tickled and started laughing at which point I
had to explain all this to Kathy. I had thoughts on

I don't like this kind of Broccoli!

My Grandson Caleb stayed the night with me
last night. He is a pretty healthy eatter. Sometime
after dinner he stated that he was still hungry. I
called off fruit and a couple of other things and got
a "no" to each one of them....then I remembered that
I had a salad made. Caleb loves salad. So when I
asked if that was what he wanted he jumped up and
replied "yes"!
I ventured off into the kitchen and fixed him a bowl
of salad, with an extra bowl containing a couple of
dill pickles, per his request.
Caleb sat in the floor in the living room at his
stool that he uses as a table. Within a few
minutes he held up a piece of cauliflower on his
fork and said "Nana, I don't like this kind of broccoli!"
I never realized that he had never had cauliflower, raw
or cooked before. He told me he thought it was white
broccoli! Kids can say the cutest things. Him and
I have laughed about "Not liking that kind of broccoli"
several times today.
I on the other hand, like raw cauli…


Morning to all,

Just to let you all know, that the profile pic is not
of me! It is of my dog, Dakota.
My having Dakota is an interesting story. I did not
get him because I wanted him, or because I wanted
a dog....I got him because he was being handed off to
me. My daughter thought that my grandson, Caleb,
needed a dog. They got Dakota as a puppy and in
less then 6 months they moved to a home where they
were not allowed pets. So, the question was, "Mom,
can you keep him until we find him a home"? I knew
right then and there it was me that was going to have to
find him a home. But, even though I would not admit
it to myself for a long time, this dog grew on me and
wormed his way into my heart. When I started to look
for a home for him, I was to picky. So 5 months after
he came to live with me, I finally excepted that he was
mine and he was not going anywhere. He is to spoiled for
anyone else to have him now.
I thought my days of dropping off "KIDS" at daycare
was long over then here com…

Why I wanted to Blog....

As you can see this is my first post to my new blog...
and I am new to this.
Thought this would be fun, interesting, a way to voice my thoughts,
my feelings and be able to share with my family and friends!
Now the interesting part will be "what will I write"!!!