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All Around Post - Of Course

This morning when I got up  to fix my coffee I looked  at the temp thingy on the deck, 17 degrees! I always wanted a big room like this below with a fireplace. I actually like this one below better. Built ins are great. Could crank up that fireplace and move the chairs around more.. I would be a happy  camper! Stop dreaming ~ for one, I don't have that much space. I don't have a fireplace. I don't even have room to put one of those electric like  fireplaces. Okay....back to reality. HAHA...saw that this morn on FB. When looking for pics of mom for the funeral home I realized that mom hated to have her pic made. So wonder if that is where I  got it from. Found this one, love it. My sis in law loved this pic of mom also so I gave it to her. I think she is going to have a larger print made from it. So pretty.   One thought I had when my son was staying with me when he c

Burr in TN and All Over

BURRR! Yep its cold but these are temps we have already seen once maybe twice this year.  Its the feels like that gets us. Our feels like today is registering in the single digits. Tonight's low is going to be wicked. Would love to be looking out at this instead. (Del Mar Beach in Calif) Now I love snow. Love it even more that I am retired and I don't  need to get out in it. However, I rather had at least one good snow a year. This is not it. Our morning snow....haha What, you don't see it? Look close, its on the side of the road! But this is more like we normally get. (pic from FB) But like I said, its COLD! Now what makes all this cold so bad is of course, no snow but also come Sat. (this is Wed) temps will  be in the 50's and on Sunday they will make it to the 60's. And I wonder why I keep dealing with this crap in my head, why my nose is raw..... Saw t

Crafts Past and Present

Lately... (ALL PICS USED IN THIS BLOG POST ARE FROM THE INTERNET, except the paintings) This has been my life. Seriously, where does it all come from? I think I have blown  my nose more in the past two days then I have in the last twenty years of my life. Was getting over it, I thought. But yesterday I was showed  I was wrong! I felt TERRIBLE.  Anyway, for lack of not getting out, and not taking pics I decided to do a post of things I used to do. I have been a crafter for as long as I can remember. I started with (I think) embroidery. Aunt Martha iron on's were my friend. These had cool patterns. I used to embroidery on my jeans. I even did an eagle (I think it was) on the back of my brothers blue jean jacket.  Course I did pillow cases, little hand towels... just whatever I could get a needle through. From there I want to say  (memory sucks)  I went to beads. One Christm