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Back from the Beach

Just a few shots here and there at the  beach.  This is Thursday... getting the party started and  rock'n and roll'n! I met my daughter about 45 mins from the house and picked up two of the boys. This is one of my newest grandson's in the front seat with me, Chandler. And my middle grandson DJ in the back.  8 hours down the road we finally made it. Walking from the condo to the beach. My two youngest grandson have never seen the beach or the ocean. And there was no fear....they jumped right in! Oops.....the suit, left over from years ago before I gained weight and I did not  realize just how low it dipped....and yes, I got a slight burn on that white flesh. Had a blast even with 4 young boys along.  Amber rented a condo that was great. Upstairs downstairs, two bedroom. One room had a queen bed and a twin in it. 3 smaller boys in one bed, Chandler in the  twin. Amber


Hello all my blogging friends.... thanks for asking and worrying about me, I am not ill, I am at the beach.  Blogging to come later. Thanks for checking on me.

Laundry Signs and Cats

Couple more laundry signs. Today will not be a sorting day,  wash later for sure, fold~ well I sometimes get around to it but a lot of times I live out of the basket......IRON, the dry takes care of that for me! Work with a girl that loved to say this and I always yelled out.... I am the the purple one! When I was a young girl I had a set of play dishes that had this pattern on them. Recently my mom gave me a set of casserole dishes with this pattern. My grandma gave them to her for Christmas once. I love having this stuff in my cabinets, to pull out and know that my granny purchased them for mom. Granny also gave her two small ones in this pattern. Yes, I use them. Was at the barn feeding the other day. I am probably the only one that gives these babes the love they have learned to like. This is my fav... Tigress See her ear, where the tip is clipped off. The clinic where I

A Lazy Day

Now this is one of those laundry signs I  love! Day TWO of rain.... rain is not a friend of mine, it is  not nice to my fibro.  And on those days it is like this So the other day while I was taking it easy and hanging on the deck with my babes I  took a few pics with my Nikon. The Chickadee's were hanging around.  I had yellow cake left over from the wedding cakes I made and I pulled it from the freezer to feed to the birds.... I don't need it left around here! The birds love it. Also a note on the bird feeder.... made this about 10 yrs ago. It has hung outside in the elements since. Best glue ever to use for anything is  E6000! Purchase at Walmart, any local craft store or hardware store.  Decided to take a nice walk  around the  yard.  Honeysuckle is starting to bloom. Love this vine.  It is growing up the side of my shed. You have heard me talk about the creek that runs al

Saturday and Sunday & This and That

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this idea for a small island in the kitchen.  I actually have a sewing machine like this at mom's that I need to get someone to help me drag over here. Many, many years ago (many) my  great granny gave it to my mom.  I do not wish to take it apart for this purpose below but I could make a wooded piece to slide right over the top of the old machine.  There is thought! HAHA... I have a lot of those! This morning it is a warm   cool morning on the deck but at 8:15am it is so nice. I have my furbabes with me. One jumping here and there and from one side of the deck to the other and  one curled up next to me sleeping and snoring, I will let you guess which is which! Anyway, on the deck, camera by my side, laptop in my lap and coffee within reach, the birds are singing, no mowers running, no kids playing....beautiful. Here are a couple more cute laundry room sayings that I found a few days ago.