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Morning! Yuck I so dislike Monday mornings  when I have to get up and go. I don't sleep well on Sunday nights, never did while I was working. I  think in the back of my mind I worry about the alarm not going off! Rest of the week I am okay. Another reason and this is not just for Monday. Showers wear me out. I know that sounds funny but anyone with a chronic illness deals with this. I usually have to sit and take it easy after a  shower. That is why I get up early, make my coffee, go shower, sit and blog and fb while I drink  coffee and let my body get over what a shower takes from it. When in a flare up, its worse! Anyway, I am doing that right now. It was a restful weekend. No weddings to assist in and none to shoot. Cleaned on the house and just hung out. However I did have a few errands to run.  Sitting at a red light (a long one) I was trying to take a pic of the  sun setting but could not get a  good one so I took a


Although I always have  things to do  at home, there are  just some days I need to go... get out, roam. During that roaming trip I saw this barn that sat,  seriously right on the road. Also found another gate  to add to my files. The other day I ran in  GW cause I had to  make a stop next door at  Hobby Lobby. My daughter loves all  things Paris so  when I saw this I  had to get it. However I normally don't  pay this much for things at GW,  I gave 5.99. However pink is not  Amber's color.  So today I spray painted  it black. Sharing how I store jewelry. My bracelets are stored on  a cup rack I found at a yard sale a few years ago. Made this many, many  years ago. I took a 16x20 wooden frame, pulled screening  over the back and  stapled it in place. I used to have a plastic  container with my earrings  in different slots but  I needed something  where I coul

Found Items/IBS/Work/Table

Over two weeks ago when  I went to moms to help my daughter with  the stuff that she was getting I  ran across a few things. In a dresser that Amber  was taking that was in moms office I found  the above drawing. You see, I have always been  crafty but I was in the  11th grade before I  found ART.  I painted a few things  in art class, drew some but once I was out of school  I never did anything else. UNTIL years and years  later. I bought a thing of cheap color pencils and  started to play around  with them. I am not  much of a drawer though, better at painting.  I gave this to my mom. Although she loved it she told me I needed to find  a paint class and start painting again. She  told me to check out  Michael's and JoAnn's for  classes. I said I would. I never did.  But this drawing started me  back into playing with  paints and brushes.  Months went by and one day mom was at my brothers

Me- The Legend, Stencil Project Fun

Funny thing~ Being gone from a place of work for 11 years, but going back  and everyday you find signs of yourself from before! Seriously when I went back my notes that I wrote out  on the billing program for Theresa was still there!! The LEGEND never dies.  HAHA Last night I went to a place where you do a craft/create  a craft. It was so much fun. There were different pricing  determined to what you picked to do. A pumpkin out of the bulky yard was $15. A wooden pumpkin was $5. The thing I picked was a stencil project on  a piece of stained wood. Three colors of stain and about ten stencils to pick from. That was $10. Mine ~  the circle with the state of Tennessee three stars in  the center. I went with  a red circle and white stars. Yep, here I am working on my project. And here is Julie working on her project. Course we had to do a shot of us together.

Necklaces, Earrings, Table, Cross Stitch and Everleigh

Hello fellow  Bloggers. A few months ago I  posted this necklace that James and Julie gave me for checking on  their babes while they took 3 days of classes. Beautiful.  Looks like a snowflake so I have been holding off on  wearing it till it gets colder but I also wanted some earrings to go with it. So off to Hobby Lobby the other day and I found two charms that I thought would work just fine.  So I made them into earrings.    Ready for winter now.  My friend Carol gave me a  bunch of jewelry. I picked out a few pieces and past the rest to Julie who picked out some pieces and she past them to her cousin. But here is a piece I really liked. Here again, I wanted some earrings to go with it. So while looking for snowflakes I was looking for something  go with this necklace.  WOW... same color green and  it has the same color blue with it also. I love it. And this is what they l