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Me and Hair, Beautiful Day, Stuff Animals, Food and the Window

Yesterday morning I was  a witness to a couple getting married. These fast and quick weddings  take 30 mins. But I still feel like it requires a  shower and makeup! HOWEVER, I toweled dry my hair and let it go to do it own thing.    Just to reassure everyone, I am staying away from people, outside and I will put even more distance if I find some coughing  or sneezing. Problem with all that.... its SPRING. Allergy season so  this virus has picked a bad time of the yr for everyone. Moving on...looking at the  pic above. Losing weight has given me a turkey neck. My CPAP machine usually leaves at line of more on my cheeks (see the line?)...Got my eyes approved for fixing and that has to be done by May 5th. Now, I was holding off on doing that till I had the  house on the market, but then..... all elective surgeries are no longer being done.  With that said, if I can't have it done before the 5th then I will have t

TN Tiny Critter, Yard, Print of Painting and Planting

Saturday evening while assisting  at a Wedding I looked down and saw this little critter.. TN Tiny Critter at TN Tiny Weddings. I had this made a year or so ago and just remembered it a couple of months ago. Decided to post in front of the wooden fence. The Hosta coming up is from some I gave mom years ago. The yellow bush came from a clipping from a bush my granddaddy  started in Georgia. There are several in the yard. So the one I had in my  other yard I dug up and  gave it to Julie.  Chey looking off the  deck in the backyard. I have been hanging things  before unpacking more.  I hung this on the wall between the front door  and the picture window.  It is a print of a painting I did years ago. Sitting on the couch the other day and was looking out into the dinning room at the back door. Never realized how much love it needed. I should have painted it a long time  ago for mom.

Rocking Night, Prayer Gathering, Rug, Arrangements

 Another rocking night  in Tennessee....  Tornado Warnings for counties coming up from West TN.  Don't get much sleep on nights like this. Prepared for movement to the basement with Chey and Lily Bit.  Last night at the Tiny Church in the Woods  at TN Tiny Weddings  we had a small gathering and prayer evening for  the world.  Months ago before I realized I was buying moms house I  picked up this rug for 15 bucks  at a consignment shop. Took out on the deck and drowned it in  water and pine sol. Took a broom to it and worked the cleaner in. Once that was done I  rinsed it off very well and hung it for a day over the deck rail to dry.  When the rains started to move in it was pretty dry but I moved it under the covered part of the deck to dry for another day. Love it, adds warmth to the living room. The pic below hung in  my living room but now hangs in the hall here. Here is th

Replies, Pain and Weather

It's reply to comment time ~ Sandra at comment on the fur babe blog that cats are amazing at sleeping any where. And if she curled her body up to sleep in a spot that was the same size as her bod, she would wake when she fell to the floor! Well Sandra, I am with you on that, I flip and flop, stretch and curl up all the time while I sleep.  Diane at visited the fur babe blog and  told Lily to take care of mom. Diane, if you consider waking mom several times a night to be rubbed on, then she is taking care of me just fine! HAHA....actually, it is so  relaxing to hear those purrs. Debbi at Debbi's Front Porch says that she loves the way I hung things around the tv. Thank you Debbi. I love my Dogwood pic but unless I wanted to hang it really high I needed to hang it to the side, but then I needed to fill