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Redo on the Bathroom Downstairs

This is what the bathroom downstairs looked like this morning when I left for work.

And this is how it looked when I got home.

New vanity top and faucets.

And a new light...

The side rails to the deck have been torn off and new ones up. The vanity in the big bathroom was changed out along with the faucets. Now this bathroom.....
Tomorrow a friend is coming over to pressure wash my deck...thanks Phil.
What shall I get done next. Thinking of painting my kitchen counter tops. I have seen that done and they are amazing.
Thanks for stopping in, Pam

The End of the Deck

This is what the far end of my deck just 30 minutes ago....

This is that same end of the deck now.

Took an old window and repainted it. Hung by a chain.
The laterns were given to me by my oldest brother. Thinking I might paint them black... along with the table and chairs.
He is a close up of the latern. I have taken the tops off two solar lamps and put them in there. Just hoping that they get enough light like this....hard to tell since there is a crete myrtle bush that hangs over this area.

Now....need to rent a pressure washer and clean the deck really well..
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Lock and Dam

Caleb (oldest grandson) and I went to the lake yesterday. He had some new binoculars he wanted to play with that his Great Uncle Ray got for him.
We ended up at the Lock and Dam just has a barge was coming down and about to enter the lock. Great time for Nana to take pics as Caleb looks through his binoculars.

The workers are keeping the barge from hitting the wall.

Caleb and I called this guy on top the "Gate Keeper"!
Thought this made a great pic of the herron and the flag. Couldn't work better unless it was an Eagle and the flag!

Here is the barge being pushed into the lock. Reminds me of when I went down the Panama cool, only I was on that barge.... I mean boat!

The cargo was a bit large so the last part of the barge, next to the boat pushing it had to be removed and pulled back out.
And the doors started to close.
All closed up.

While watching the barge Caleb switched out from the binoculars to my other camera, the D40. Teaching him to be a photogr…

My Little Plant Pals

I have borrowed these ideas from PINTEREST. And I just happened to have some rocks.
So now I have some Plant Pals for my potted plants.

Reminds me of Pet only mine have something painted on them.
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Sunday I finally made it into my craftroom ......
It was past due. Funny how you can find things when all is put up and clean!
So since it was clean I threw a few things together.
Goodwill black wire basket and a Goodwill wooden candle holder painted black. The basket had a hint of silver in it so I added the hint of silver to the candle holder.

More Goodwill purchases.... A globe and a small lamp base. Make a great candle holder.

And next....a wooden three tier candle holder (Goodwill) with 3 Goodwill white cups. Great for putting sugar packets in on the table or even candles.

Simple projects but it felt good to get in there and do something.
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The Visit

Cory and Britney were scheduled to fly out yesterday evening (7/11/12) to go back home to San Diego. One flight was pushed back which made it impossible for them to catch their connecting flight so they were able to spend another night with me!
Here is a pic of my oldest grandson, Caleb with his unlce Cory.

And Caleb snapped this shot for me or Cory and I.

This morning, the morning of the flight we swung by where my daughter works so she could see her brother before they left. Before this trip they had not seen each other in 3 yrs since she was unable to make the wedding last yr.
My Children.

Saying goodbye.

For me the hardest part of it all is the goodbyes. They should be boarding their flight RIGHT now. Its a five hour flight with an hour layover.
I know they will be glad to get home to their dogs and cat.....but I already miss my son.
Thanks for stopping in, Pam

Cory's Birthday and Visit

A year ago this past May my son, my baby, got married. Cory lives in California, in the city limits of San Diego. He went out there in January 2007.
I went out in May last year for Cory's wedding and to photograph that event and what a beautiful wedding it was.
So after a year and 1.5 months, I was able to see Cory again. Him and my daughter in law came to TN. for a visit.
Meet Cory holding his nephew Braden.

Braden was still a bit unsure. Cory and Britney were going to be staying at Cory's dad's house but he came right over after getting off the plane and visited a couple of hours.
This is my pretty daughter in law, Britney. Britney was born and has lived her whole life in San Diego.

Braden is still a little unsure!

They flew in on Wed. evening but on Sunday morning they came back to my house. I was so glad that we were able to celebrate Cory's b-day on Sunday the 8th, cause that was his actual birthday.....and he turned 25.

He loves Star Wars so I made…