Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving

Time to throw that
turkey in the oven
and enjoy the smells
of it baking along with
everything else!
I have ran across some cute
quotes and cartoons on PINTEREST
and FB that I wanted to share about
I am all for this!

Even when you try to eat a bit of this
and a touch of end
up with a plate full....
course then there is deserts!
LOL.....not my job!
Besides on a FB topic the other
day I asked about who had
turkey in a pan or in the
PAN won.

There again...
I will not be stuffing anything but me!

Saying this poem over and
over again.

So funny....
have you heard the song,
"Bout the Bass"?
Goes like this....
Because you know
I'm all about that bass
'Bout that bass, no treble
I'm all about that bass
'Bout that bass, no treble
I'm all about that bass
'Bout that bass, no treble
I'm all about that bass
'Bout that bass
Someone took it just a step
over the "turkey"...

Keep this in mind for our fur babies
even when they beg.

I am not a hunter but
I think I like his way of

Personally, I really like ham better.

Okay family....
you see this...

That Maxine is a mess....

Thanks for stopping in...
have a
Happy Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

PINTEREST Peaks My Interest

I love to search different
things to make and do,
pinning them to my board in
hopes that one day I will get to
Here are a few Christmas things
that peaked my interest.
I love the idea of wrapping
like simple
yet would be so eye catching
under the tree.
If you collect paint samples
through the year, look
at this idea.

Now this is not really Christmas
unless you make it for
a dog lover!
Yes, I can relate.

Cute. You could hang in the house
or even on the door.

Love it!

Have you recently finished off
some wine?
Hold onto that bottle.

I love this. I want to work on doing
this maybe next year, course it
would not have to be a Christmas
thing, depending on the color
ribbon, it could be anytime of
the year.

Yep, I want!
Of course while scanning PINTEREST
I have learned how to make
these from an old sweater!
I normally don't
wear sweaters but Goodwill
is not far down the road.

This is too cute too.
Another sweater idea!

This is my choice of door
decoration this Christmas...
well, its my thoughts to have
this made for Christmas this
year. I have been trying to figure
out what to do with those short small
shutters. Just gotta paint one, I
got the bells....and I think I
will go with silk greenery.
Now to get busy!

I could make a pattern for
I have really been leaning
towards snowmen the
last 5 years or so.
They are just to cute.

I like this too...and I happen
to have a wooden sled!

Problem...I only have one front
Maybe one this year, another
the next and maybe the sled for
another year.
PS...if I ever get all I have pinned on
I will be one
but then again, retirment is coming
up in July!
Thanks for stopping in,


Monday, November 24, 2014

Crafts - Weekend Nov. 22 and 23

Saturday was a busy day, no rain and
I felt good so I needed
get some things done.
I have had this shelve for a couple of
years. I was going to redo it
for my grandson's room but
never did.
My daughter collects shot glasses
and she has run out of
space to display them.
Shhhh, glad she don't read the blog cause
his is part of Christmas.
Same with the white shelve. Like me she
is going black with things like this.

The shot glass shelve finished.

The shelve finished.

Also decided to throw this in so
I painted it black also.

This is a project I started back sometime
ago and stopped!
I had it painted a pretty teal blue
and was gong to decorate the
top and messed it up...
so this was more of a fix project!!
It started out to be a wooden
tissue holder, once I cut
a back for it and paint that, it
will be sealed and hung outside
as a birdhouse.

Made this for my flower bed for next

Another shhh.....
made this for my older
brother, his grandson
calls him papa....

He has a pond out in the front yard
that he can place this around once it
is sealed to with stand the weather.
Thanks for stopping in,

Friday, November 21, 2014

The Bakery's

This amazing woman started
Homestyle Bakery in
This is Beverly Edwards
with her sweet hubby Mike.

Always loved walking in the bakery and
smelling all those amazing smells...
better yet, trying out some of the
great stuff making those smells.
I have to say that Beverly's award winning
chocolate pie was fantastic.
I met Beverly through her daughter Julie about a
year before the bakery opened. We both went
to Donelson High School, each from different
sides of town. We hit it off and became
really great friends.
Growing up Julie, her sister and both brothers
worked in the bakery, it was and still is
a family owned and ran bakery.
Years fly by and Julie meets Roger.
They liked each other so much they
Dec. 8th will be 36 yrs.
Beautiful couple.
Although we stay in contact the years,
work and family have limited so much
time I would have loved to spend with Julie.
But I know if I need her or Roger they will
be there.
Wow...more years went by and we had kids.
Then those kids had kids.....
Julie and Roger trying to decide what
their life as an older couple (lol)
 would be
like decided to open
something they both knew about....
Although I thought it was really neat and
I was proud of them I was worried,
the econmy crashed in early August they opened.
Business that have been around forever went
under and here they
were just starting out.
What was I worried about?
They took off flying and I
am not sure they have had time
for their feet to hit the
ground today.

They have been on TV. In magazines, and in
the paper.
They have won awards.


They have a great score!

But even better they have amazing smells
coming from their business just like
her mom still does.
Like mom's bakery, Julia's is a family
owned store.
All family members at one given
time or another has worked in the bakery.
Yep....I am proud of these two!
They are the kindest and most loving
Christian family and I am
honored to have the whole family has
my friends.
Ever in Murfreesboro or Nashville
Tennessee check out
both bakery's, you will be
glad you did.
Thanks for stopping in,