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 So I did this thing... I might have mentioned it before but here goes again.... On my subdivision FB page I threw out  an idea and asked  who wanted to play along. Then a guy I went to school with threw in on my post that if we make it a contest he will throw in 100 bucks.  That is not what I wanted but he insisted. I tried to explain that we would need  judges....well, two folks not doing the decor said they would judge. So, its a contest now. Its Halloween Mailbox Decor. I have a running list of those that are playing along with addresses.  Without my list in front of me I might be  one or two off but we are at 31 I think that wanted to play along. Here are a couple that  are up now. No, mine is not done yet. I plan on  doing that this weekend. This is how it is going  to go. judging will be Oct. 20th. I had the addresses so I will go out and take pics of each mailbox and post on our FB page, judges will have to talk together via messenger and decide. I am excited at the ones wantin

Me, Wedding Decor and Results

 I have some friends Aric and Krystal  that I met through James and Julie from the venue.  They have been married 23 years. They wanted to do a renewal of vows for several years and this year, Julie and I decide to help them with that. Julie, James, Lisa, and I will be giving of ourselves and our talents on Oct 15, 2022. Julie will be re- marrying them, James will be doing the  music and Lisa will be assisting. I will be doing photos. But bless her heart, Krystal  has been overwhelmed with  the things she wanted to do and work projects so we thought it would be  nice to go through things Tuesday afternoon with props  and decor.  Will show pics of  that in a bit but as we were  finishing up I sat down on a log.  I handed Julie my phone and asked her to take a pic cause I knew I  just looked cute as hell sitting there!! HAHA...and this came from someone that hates her pic made. Julie snapped several but several I was making faces... this one was pretty good. After setting up all the stuf

No See Ums, Bruises, Witches and Pumpkin Muffins

 Have you ever heard of "no see ums"?? Even if you have not heard of them, I am pretty sure you  have come in contact  with them. No see ums are tiny bugs in your yard. They jump up on you, bite you and you never see them. They are actually Ceratopogonidaes,   a family of flies  commonly known as  no-see-ums ,  or  biting  midges ,  generally  1–3 millimetres  ( 5 ⁄ 128 – 15 ⁄ 128  in) in length.  The family includes more than  5,000 species  worldwide When I was going to the barn all the time I would come home itching and scratching of my legs mostly but really all over. I thought I was having a reaction to the hay. NOPE.  It was those ugly no see ums. Look them up and  check them out. Knowing about these explains why when I go out in the yard, I usually have to come in and a shower. I know y'all  prob shake your head when I tell you about the INJURIES I tend to suffer from.. I laugh, cause its just crazy. The other day I was out, barefoot in the backyard and my foot sta

Reply to Liz, Tony Hawk, The Rock, My Broom, Resting Face and Hocus Pocus 2

Liz A.  commented on  " The Queen and the Meeting "   Wow. (Not the same,  but similar. Have you  heard of the famous  skateboarder, Tony  Hawk? His entire Twitter  is devoted to  people meeting him,  telling him he kinda  looks like that famous  skateboarder, and  him playing along.  I wouldn't think the Queen  would have that problem,  but I guess not.)   Yes Liz, I know who Tony Hawk is. My son and  grandson have followed him and played his video  games. My last trip to  Calif. I sat next to a really nice young man that had been back home to TN to visit and he was headed  back to where he lives now in San Diego. He was telling me that last yr on his trip  to TN he sat right next to Tony Hawk.  That would have been cool if I had sat with him, Cory (son) would have freaked. Cory has never let me forget that I had the chance many, many years ago to get the Rock's autograph. He was at Kmart, signing them one day. This was the  wrestling Rock, not Dwayne Johnson the act

Skeleton Decor, Snowflakes and Punctuation

 PINTEREST suffering again! I want some skeletons  to be able to do  things like this but I am not paying the price they ask for those bag of bones. Need this for the venue. Drunk Boney cheerleaders   Need my windows cleaned. Who let the dogs out? Okay, moving on... found this on FB. Noodles, glued together and painted. Those are really cute. I am sure Liz will understand this pic for sure. It’s all in the punctuation!! Pam