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Comb (Tent) Graves and Riverwood Mansion

  Interesting set up... do you know what this is called? It is called a Comb Grave or AKA The Tent Grave. You can find these scattered all over  Tennessee in the  Cumberland Plateau. They started appearing in the late 1800's.  The story behind the idea is that the tent  gravestones were popular due to problems with  the settling of old graves. The traditional wooden coffins  would fall apart and once they did, the ground above would  start to sink. Keeping a tent-like gravestone above  the burial plot protected the sunken ground and  kept animals away from the area. Just sharing these interesting facts with you since I just stumbled across  this info.  This is the Riverwood Mansion.  Riverwood Mansion is a historic home located in East  Nashville, Tennessee, a beautifully maintained architectural  piece of the city's history. The home was built in the 1790s and  remains one of the oldest in the city. Making this home 231 years of age this year. Amazing to think that these homes

The Old Place

  This is the house that I sold in June. You may not know but this is  actually two homes in one.  I owned the siding part, and my neighbor owns the brick part.  That is the only brick that is on her house, the rest is like mine was,  wood siding.  I found these pics on line when Rebecca was selling it and just recently located them again. See where the driveway (gravel) ends? It ends there cause I wanted it to end there.  When I bought, both sides were for sale from the owner. He lived in Fla. and rented out both sides. The gravel drive actually  went all the way around and connected  in the back. I had some issues with my neighbor's son coming out my drive so for me it was a given that  the drives needed to be seperate. With that being said, the gravel went all the way to the shed. I let the yard grow in. Of course after taking on mom's dogs I had to have that part of the yard fenced in. Here are the pics Rebecca had taken for the sale. Living room. I put the open ended shelv

Pick One, Emoji's, and Card

  Pick one from each row. I really got hungry after seeing this on  FB....For me, I would go with wedges, buffalo wings and ranch. Truth be told, I like bowl of ranch and a bowl of blue cheese.  EMOJI'S..... do you use them in your text, emails or blog? Do you have a fave one? For me, I like the silly ones of course. When I asisst at the venue I am paid with cash and Julie always includes the  sweetest thank you card. She gave me this one the other day... Isn't that the cutest card.  I love it.  Thinking it might be a framer to frame and hang in the office.  I messed up and forgot to pick up my Sunosi up at the pharmacy so I could have it to take yesterday morn.... BIG MISTAKE. When I do not have my med, it is like what little energy I have is sucked right out of me. Sort of like a balloon, and  all of a sudden all the air just escapes....and I am left deflated.  I literally slept all  day Saturday. Shot that day all the  HELL and  back.  This morn required a trip to Kroger to

Laugh, Cotton and Moon

 I worked a wedding yesterday but not till 1:30 pm so I needed  to kill time before the wedding. I decided to paint. I made this plaque the other night by putting boards together. I knew what I wanted to paint on it,  but some times what you want don't come out the way you want  it to.  I do have some more work to  do on the cotton but there is something it is missing, just not sure what to do with  it from this point.  By the way... that is my motto in life. Laugh: Laugh often, Laugh hard, Laugh out loud. Thursday evening I stepped out with the camera to  catch the moon. Shot around the pine trees to  get this look.  Back to the wedding  was cold out. It was just a 30 min service but I froze. Sitting here at 7:30 pm and can't seem to warm up yet.  WEEKEND is here. Supposed to rain this weekend.  At least I have no plans. no weddings and I don't have to go out.... YAY.. Pam

Four Leaf, BDAY, and TV Shows

I always thought that the luck in a four leaf clover was in the whole thing...however, one leaf stands for faith, one for love, and one for hope, the fourth one is for luck. Interesting... Did you know that? My dad's bday was the 28th. He would have been 93 yrs old.  He has been gone so many  more years then mom. I was  pregnant with Cory when we lost Dad. That will be   34 years ago in May.  Scrolling around in PINTEREST I saw this and, how true that is. I find some really cool and neat things on Pinterest but then  there are some days I wonder why people put some of that stuff up there!! Are you a tv watcher? What is one of your fave shows  to watch? I have some faves but basically since FIBRO, no energy....I tend to watch a lot of tv.  Tonight will be the 2nd show of the New Walker, Texas Ranger. I hope it picks up.  Do you prefer comedy shows, reality shows, talk shows or a good mystery? Well, I have been watching some OLD shows since COVID. Matlock,  Diagnose Mur