Comb (Tent) Graves and Riverwood Mansion


Interesting set up...
do you know what this is called?
It is called a Comb Grave or AKA
The Tent Grave.

You can find these scattered all over
 Tennessee in the 
Cumberland Plateau.
They started appearing in the late
The story behind the idea is that the tent 
gravestones were popular due to problems with 
the settling of old graves. The traditional wooden coffins 
would fall apart and once they did, the ground above would 
start to sink. Keeping a tent-like gravestone above 
the burial plot protected the sunken ground and 
kept animals away from the area.

Just sharing these interesting facts
with you since I just stumbled across 
this info. 

This is the Riverwood Mansion. 

Riverwood Mansion is a historic home located in East 
Nashville, Tennessee, a beautifully maintained architectural 
piece of the city's history. The home was built in the 1790s and 
remains one of the oldest in the city. Making this home
231 years of age this year. Amazing to think
that these homes were built as well as they
were by hand. No electrical tools that are
used today. This is the type of
history I love.

WOW....that was a new one on me. I worked at The 
Hermitage, Home of Pres. Andrew Jackson 
as a teen. Because of the interest working
there peeked in me I started touring other
histrorial homes in my area. This one however,
I was not aware of. 

The home is now used as a wedding venue.
With 9200 sq feet. In looking at the home it
is built in the same style as Hermitage. It is said 
to have had many affairs with guest lists that include 
seven presidents, numerous foreign dignitaries 
and many distinguished visitors.The original property
is said to have consisted of 2,500-acres. 

Like all of the older, oldest, historical homes in
TN, they are said to be haunted. 
The home is said to be haunted by one of 
the earliest owners wife.
Alexander Porter's wife.
It is also said that the mansion has
a deep dark past. 

Interesting...would love to be able
to get a tour in there...



Brian said…
We have never seen tent graves before. That mansion is beautiful, we'd like to go inside and look around too.
Sandee said…
I love these old homes and the history that comes with them. I would love to explore this beautiful mansion.

Have a fabulous day, Pam. Scritches to all the babes. ♥
Darla M Sands said…
Those are fascinating grave markers! I hope you can tour that home one of these days. :) Be well!
Liz A. said…
I've never seen those kinds of grave markers before. Interesting. Around here, they all seem to be the stones set into the ground, not the stones standing up.
Jeanie said…
I am really intrigued by those grave markers. The history behind them is really interesting.
Ann said…
I've never seen or heard of a Comb grave. Very interesting.
That is amazing that that house is still around. I love seeing old building like that being preserved and taken care of.

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