Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

It’s been a few days since I have blogged but
here I am! Spring has been a busy day for me.

First it was getting ready and preparing for my
Art Show at the gallery. Lots of work goes into
that. Making tags with the name of each painting
and the price for each. Making sure you have
enough paintings to hang. Painting some,
framing some, this on top of making sure you
have enough wine, cokes, and snacks to serve
at the opening. This was last Saturday but the
Thursday before I had to go down and hang
the paintings. That was not easy, I can decorate
around furniture but hanging one painting after
another was a chore. Wow…I was tired before it
got here. But it was great.

I will be posting a blog on that as soon as I have
photo’s to show also. But let me say that I thank
each and everyone of the people that drove to
Watertown to see my work. You guys are great!

Speaking of paintings, I have a fund raiser to
attend tomorrow (Thursday) evening. I have a
painting on sale there also. The proceeds will go
to Kid’s on the Block, a non-profit group that uses
the money to go into the schools, groups, churches
…etc. and using puppets they teach the kids about
life’s issues, AID’s, teen pregnancy, blindness,
deafness, etc. Check out their website at

This is my 5th year to work with Kids and I love it.
They center the fund raiser around “Chairs” for
Chair-ish the kids. Your project should have a
chair in it. An actual chair, a painting of a chair,
a picture of a chair…anything that centers around
a chair. Check that site out .

I will be posting more on this event after tomorrow
when I have pics to show and share also.

After all this is behind me I will start working on
my upstairs. I have 3 bedrooms to paint, a hall
and a bathroom. I also would like to get the cabinet
painted in the bathroom, lay a new floor and
change out the sink and faucet. All this work I will
do myself. But its just a matter of getting this
bottom moving and going…and finding the time!

I will also post later on how all that work is going!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Could That Be The Reason I Am Not Married Anymore? Part 3

See postings from February 10 and April 1,
2009 for part 1 and 2.

My ex worked nights just about the whole
13 years we were married. I guess I got use
to him not being there when I was. His days
off were usually Friday (while I worked) and
Saturday’s. So I was the one that took the kids
to day care, picked them up, cooked for them,
fed them, got homework, baths and got them
in bed. Not that I blamed him because he had
a good job, but it would have been nice to have
had him there in the evening.

He was good at getting up sometime after the
kids and I left and before going to work he
would usually pick up all the things we left out
on our mad rush for the door to leave on time.
On Friday’s, usually our day to eat out, sometimes
he would cook. He was a good cook.

But like I explained in an early post of “could
that be the reason I am not married anymore”,
I stated that I was usually the joke person in
our relationship. Keep that in mind!

Early on in our marriage, I did work several yrs.
part time after my daughter was born. One of
these jobs was with the chain of drug stores, Revco.
One morning on my way out the door, tip toeing
through the bedroom I noticed that my ex had
his foot hanging off the bed out from under the
cover. He could not stand his feet to feel
weighted down. The other foot was out of the
cover but still on the bed. A little light bulb
went off over my head……

I went on to work (And yes, I left you hanging
on what I did) and waited. I worked up at
the registers at the front of the store, in front
of the pharmacy. The phone was on the wall
there as you went into the pharmacy. I knew
about what time my ex would be getting up
(same time daily) and when the phone rang….

I was called over to the phone since I had let
someone else answer it. When I said hello,
my ex laughed and asked where the polish
remover was. Yes, I had painted his toes!
Bright RED! I laughed and proceeded to tell
him that I was out and that he wore steel toed
boots, no one would know. I would bring some
remover home that evening. I heard panic in
his voice and after telling him several times
that I had none…I finally owned up and told
him where to find the remover.

As I was telling this story to the ladies at work
yesterday one of them popped up and said
“Could that be the reason you are not married
anymore?”……I was so proud of her for that
cause I never thought about putting that in the

Thanks for stopping in and having a laugh
with me!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Administrative Professional Day

Administrative Professional Day

I got called to the bosses office first thing this morning, as
I was going in there sat three of the agents that I do work for
and my supervisor. I got a bit nervous then, not really sure
what that bunch would pull. But as it was, they presented me
with the most beautiful silk arrangement with paint brushes,
tubes of paint and pallet knifes stuck down in it. All this in
a beautiful white pedestal vase with two birds on the side.
Seven agents and my supervisor went in to do this for me
and Angel arranged it. They could not have done anything
any better for me, it is so very thoughtful.

At lunch my supervisor and his boss took Cindy, Deborah and
I out to lunch. We went to Raffty's and had a really nice
lunch. Then later, the three of us were again presented with
a cake that was decorated with 14 carrots, to symbolize that
we are all three 14 karat gold! So neat.

All this to show they appreciate us and the work we do.
I know that my move to the TBI less then a year ago was
one of the best moves I could have made. Matter of fact
my year anniversary will be here May 16th and I have to say
I have enjoyed this year. I was welcomed into the unit with
open and welcoming arms. I was made to feel at home right
off the bat. I think that they must feel the same way about
me that I feel about them.

Thanks for stopping in once again,

Monday, April 20, 2009

Where Are Your Manners?

When it comes to the kids of today and
their manners, I would say that I was
brought up in a different time. But
when you experience someone older
that shows lack of manners, I have to
wonder what is up with that?

I guess some people were not made to

be waiting or dealing with the public.
I stopped for lunch today after attending
the funeral today. And the woman that
waited on me was not friendly at all.
Now I can understand someone having
a bad day, we all do but when you work
with the public and it is your job to serve
those customers in a friendly manner,
you just have to put that bad day behind
you and do your job, if you can’t, you
need stay at home that day.

I have worked off and on with the public

since I was 16 years old. I understand the
meaning of being polite, helpful and
friendly. Today though you go in so
many places and they don’t even say
hello as you step up to the counter, they
mumble your total amount for payment
and don’t even say thank you. What is
wrong with people today?
I can also see someone being shy but

being shy doesn’t equal out to bad
manners either. You don’t have to
carry on a full length conversation,
just be polite and wear a smile.

On the flip side of this, I know there

are rude customers out there. I don’t
agree with the saying “the customer
is always right”, but when you work
with the public, you have to make
them think you agree with them or
without being rude, point out what
is really correct. Bite your tongue
and keep that smile on your face.

With that said, let me also say that

being polite when out in the public
becomes very hard at times also. Like
when you open a door for someone
and they don’t say thank you! I usually
nicely say, “you are welcome”. I try my
best to be polite even to someone rude,
even if it’s just so I can prove a point.
Maybe next time this person will stop
and think about their behavior.

So be nice, smile and show your manners,

Friday, April 17, 2009

Wine, Dinner and a Play

In May I have been invited by a friend
to attend a wine tasting, dinner, play
party. Apparently she has purchased
a play where all of her guest invited
will have a part and play a certain
character. It is a murder mystery.
The wine tasting and the dinner will
link into the play.

I had been asked back in December
if I would like to come and be a part
of this….of course I said YES. I have
never done this before but I am the
type that would just jump right in
and have a great time with it.

To make this more interesting is that
all the names for the characters will
be named after drinks….the host idea.
I am not sure what names will be
going around, but I am going to be
Bud Wiszer! I will be an FBI agent
that investigates the murder. This
is somewhat fitting since I work for
the TBI in Tennessee. I am not an
agent but….it just seems to fit!

I will be stopping in at Goodwill and
locating a suit jacket to wear. I have
a plastic badge that I will be redoing
to read “FBI”. I think I will see if I
can locate cigars to carry in my pocket
and I will also throw something on the
jacket to make it looked stained. I wear
my hair short but at this time I think I
will slick it back and really get into the
part! I will need to get a toy gun to carry.

This sounds so much fun and after May
16th I will be posting again on this
event with pictures I am sure….Yes,
I would never attend this without
my camera!

Have a great weekend and thanks for stopping in,

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Texting While Driving

This past weekend, a friend on mine
that lives in Ohio went on a Spring
Break trip with her husband and son.
What was to be a fun and relaxing
vacation turned out to be a scary and
thoughtful trip. I received this email
from her this morning and then I said
said a prayer to God for bringing this
family home safely. Please read the
attached email and heed the word of
warning that goes with it. All could
be lost in a matter of seconds.

To all my friends...a request..

PLEASE...don't TEXT and drive.
Not only do u put every unsuspecting
soul at put yourself as well.

This week while on vacation during

Spring Break in Pennsylvania we
had a very close call...too close for
comfort and let me tell you nothing
puts a damper on a vacation like
seeing your life pass b4 yr eyes
wondering is this it? Has our
number been called...will my son
be spared in the back seat...who
will be there for our son..have we
covered all our basis with his care
in our absence?

I have NEVER seen my husband

look so shaken and I will always
remember the expression on his
face that day.... First disbelief, alarm, fear,
acceptance to what was bound to happen...
After this close call I remember
looking in the back seat at my my husband ... I heard
myself whisper... That guy...he
was texting!... ..Hubby just sat
there with this glazed over look
in his eyes... I called his name
twice to snap him out of it after
that idiot has passed us... and
lastly the expression on my
husbands face... Anger!

We were sitting at a major traffic

light waiting for the light to change...
We were talking, laughing and
planning our day. The cross traffic
was moving along at a good clip
when we first hear the squeal of
tires and then see this huge black
SUV heading right for us. There
was no where for us to move...
There was a car right on our tail
as we sat there (being first car at
the light) and there was not much
road for us to move on our right...
It was a 2 way-er.. The way the
traffic light was..we were a little
ways back which ended up being
a very good thing. The guy driving
the SUV was moving along with the
traffic which was moving pretty fast
and it seems at the last minute realized
he was missing his turn into our street...
he swerved when he was pass center
of the the turning lane (right into
our lane).. He was driving fast as
it was...looked like he panicked and
pressed on the gas even more...
(I remember this because we
heard the noise you hear when a
car speeds up..) ..his tires just squealed
as his SUV tipped dangerously.. he
tried to control the car and get it
back onto his lane but what we saw
was his SUV heading dead center
right at us. It's amazing how clear
things get at the last
you notice detail... This guys phone
was still being held up in the air
(saw it thru his drivers window)
and I could still see his fingers moving
on his keyboard (I saw him grasp the
steering with his right hand at the last
minute)... he was a clean cut business
type...wearing a black suit and white was a black SUV with Tan
interior; his expression fear! My
husband just whispered... 'I have no
where to move to'... as he tried to inch
our car more to the right out of this
guys way.. The SUV swerved so
bad at the last minute I was so surprised
he didn't clip our front drivers end..
or still land on us the way the SUV
tipped... this guy was having such a
hard time controlling his car he then
went up his right side onto the lawn
on his other side which had a slight
slope to it...and almost tipped his
SUV again.. It really was a miracle
he didn't flip that thing ...and then
he gunned it and sped down the
street... when we looked forward...
the traffic was slowed..almost stopped
in front of us and everyone seemed to
be looking down our street after that
mad man... I again noticed more
detail in our shock I guess... there
was a car almost stopped in the cross
traffic... a lady was at the driver side..
a male on the passenger side..and
their necks were craned back it
seemed as they looked our way
with their mouths opened wide
in disbelief.

Everyone just sat there for a bit... no

one beeped at us to move when our
light turned green..we just sat. Had
my husband not moved the inch he
did and that guy not looked up and
jerked his steering wheel at the last would have been a head
on for sure.. we would have been
sandwiched between two cars....that
guy would have taken us with him
for sure... we in my small little car
would not have been so lucky!
We ended up heading back to
the Lodge and taking it easy
that afternoon... I remember glancing
back at hubbys side of the car as we
walked toward the Lodge... thinking...
surprised that guy didn't scare the
paint off that side of the car (smile)!

Texting while driving....there is no

need for it! What did people do
when there was no texting? It can
wait! Please be very careful and alert....
Please pay attention when you drive..
be very alert for
those idiots that think they can
do everything while they drive.
Life is too precious to let some
dumb text message get in the way..
Everyone is important/precious to
someone... Nothing is that important
that it can't wait a few minutes
until the driver is parked somewhere..

Stay Safe


After I read this I emailed her back. In
her next email she shared with me that
her husband does not get shaken up
very easy, to see him that shaken made
it even worse for her. What probably
took place in a matter of seconds was
probably the longest time of their life.

Thanks for stopping in,

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Niece's and Nephew's - Horse's, Car's, College and Acting!

You have met my niece Holly,
my drama queen, let me introduce
you to my the rest of my niece’s and

There is Chase, the oldest at 25
years old. Chase recently married
in November and he is the son my
oldest brother, Ray. Chase and I
have always been close. He use to
spend a lot of time at my house,
playing with my daughter when he
was younger. He is a very handsome
young man, polite and sweet. Chase
took up racing Go Karts at the age of
13 years old. From there he went to
racing cars. He started out at a local
track and then he moved to ARCA
racing. He took home a first place in
ARCA in Daytona, holding the record
for the youngest driver to sit on the
pole in Daytona. From there he went
on to racing BUSCH and his first year
as a rookie he finished 10th in Daytona.
Chase then went on to race NASCAR
Craftsman Trucks on the team with
Bobby Hamilton. Chase is not racing
anymore but you can check out his old site at
and while you are at it check out his
new site for out furniture

Next is my niece Paige, Chase’s sister.
She was studying to be a vet but I think
as changed that now. She will still
being working with large animals
like horses since that is her true love.
Paige is 21 and has been riding and
showing Arabia horses since she was
about 14 years old. She fly’s out to
Arizona to show a lot since she has
several horses out there. In the 2008
US National Championship Horse
Show, Paige took home the Champion
of HA Reined Cow Horse AAOTR and
Purebred Reining AAOTR. She has
showed a couple of times here in TN.,
that I have been able to go and support
her at. She is awesome with her horses.
She has control and is in charge of
these beautiful animals while she

Then there is Cobi. Cobi is the youngest
of Ray’s children. Cobi is from Romania,
he was adopted in to the family when
he was about a year and a half old.
Cobi is now 15 years old. He is a
loving boy that has recently developed
that change of voice thing! Cobi has
yet to find his nitch he what he is good
at like Chase and Paige but I can tell
you this. He has awesome grades and
the boy can knit! He knitted Holly a
hat a couple of years ago for Christmas
and I was so impressed.

Then there is my nephew brought into
the family by marriage but none the
same, still my nephew. That would be
Sean, he is my sister in law, Lori’s son.
Lori is married to Ray. Sean is in his
first year of college and since school
started I have only seen him once.
When Ray first told me about Sean
and his sister Jessica I was taken
back a bit cause my first thought
was “what will I talk to this kid
about”…See Sean is VERY smart.
He is intelligent to say the least
and with that, I figured that I
would not have anything to say to
him or that he would talk over my
head. That did not happen. Sean
and I hit it off great! We joke around
with each other and laugh a lot. He
is a sweetie and a great kid. He plays
in the Marching Band at his college
and he is really good. He was picked
out of Middle TN., high schools to
tour Europe and play there in several
cities. Sean also scored a 22 on the
college entry exam when he was 12.

Then there is Jessica. She is 17 now.
Looks just like her Mom with pretty
blue eyes and blonde hair. Jessy is
just now into boys and has a steady
these days. She is so unlike the rest
of them for she is shy and quite. I
have been asked a couple of times
to help her get ready to attend events
in her life. Once was when she was
going to dinner with her Dad and to
the show Star Search and the last
time was this past Halloween when
she was going out with friends to a
Haunt House and wanted me to help
fix her up with her makeup and stuff.
I love it when my nieces and nephews
ask me to be a part of their life.

Then there is Holly of course. My
Drama Queen. So talented in whatever
this child does. She is in the 8th
grade and is 13 years old. She is an
only child, my youngest brother Mark’s
daughter. She sings, plays piano, acts
and is always trying to entertain
everyone. She is at this time going
through that “leave me along attitude”
that teens go through. But she is also
a sweetie at times.

I love each and everyone of my nieces
and nephews with all my heart.

Now on a very serious note, I must
mention Ray’s son between Paige
and Cobi. We lost Sean ( the first
Sean of the family) to cancer at the
age of 8. He was diagnosed with
brain cancer at the early age of 4.
After 4 years of suffering, we lost
him. He would be 24 now.
But we know that he was taken to
heaven on the wings of angels and
that per his wish, he operates the
rain button for God.

Thanks for stopping in and
reading about my family,

Monday, April 13, 2009

Colors of Our Life

I received an email card last week
from a friend of mine from Ohio.
It was just a “thinking about you"

card but she applied a poem to it that
she had read. She said the poem made
her think of me and it brought my
paintings to mind. It brought a smile
to my face and I so wanted to share it
with you.

The poem was called “Colors of Our Life”

by Lisa Winn.

Our lives are filled with color from the star,
Red is the love that comes from our hearts.
is the sadness that drips from our eyes,
but Black is the evil that makes us tell lies.

Green is the shade of jealousy and rage,
Grey is the hair that comes with age.
Purple is the mood most misunderstood,
but White is the color that Makes Us Feel Good.

Life is full of meaningful colors,
but especially White.
So hold on to it tight.

Thanks for stopping in,

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Thank You Wave

I am usually a friendly driver. I admit
I ride bumpers a bit but as far as being
considerate I think I do really well.

When someone lets me merge over, or
out into traffice I always acknowledge
that with a wave. It's polite.

I still move to the side of the road when
a funeral procession is coming past.
I use my blinkers if there are people
close around, but not always if there
are no cars near me.

But I have to admit, I get a bit ticked
when I let someone merge out in traffic
in front of me and they do not so the
"Thank You Wave"...I feel like that is
just polite. What has happened to the
younger generation? Most times I don't
get the "Thank You Wave", is from someone

But I am not so sure that the younger
group needs to be labeled with the "not move
to the side of the road behavior". I feel
that is a form of respect for the person
who has passed on and their family.
I have noticed that even the older people
that you would think wittnessed this while
they were growing up, are the ones not doing

Respect, being polite....where has it all gone.
Not only that what happened to opening the
door for someone else? Helping with the
cleaning up when you go to someone else's
house for dinner? Being polite is not that hard.

I think we all need to work on those sort of
things. I am 49 years old and I still go out
of my way to pick something up that someone
drops, to open a door, give a wave, say good
morning....maybe the word would be a better
place if we all started doing these things again!

Thanks for stopping in,
go to someones house

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Houdini Dog Part II

If you read yesterday’s blog you
will understand this one, but if
you did not read yesterday’s blog….
go back and do it now. You have
to get the full effect by reading
Part One.

Rosco was a source of entertainment
in his own way. Let me also throw
in here that Rosco is still around,
only he has new owners now. He
lives in KY. with a gentleman that
from what I understand, has room
for him to run and have fun. This
man has had boxers before and I
also understand that he loves Rosco.

Now back to the story of the Doggie
Day Care and the report card that
Rosco did not get:

When I returned from Daytona
after the race I got on the
computer and I wind dinged
up a report from this Day Care
for Rosco. He was graded on
his personality, manners,
behavior and just him in general.
He rated an A for his loving,
winning personality. I can’t
remember exactly what grades
I gave him on other stuff but he
did not fail. There were notes
written that stated that he related
well with the horses when he was
walked down there, he got along
with all the other animals in the
Day Care, but he really needed to
work on his manners and behavior
when left alone. Like I said, can’t
remember all of it but it went on
and on.

I put it in an envelope, addressed
it to Mr. and Mrs., had the name
of the Day Care on the envelope
also, but I knew it would be post
marked Nashville. I knew Ray
would catch this. So I called Lori
and told her to make sure she got
the mail for the next couple of
days and to open it, tearing through
the postmark.

One night a few days later I get a
call from Lori. She is laughing so
hard. Mail came! Ray was walking
through the house calling Mom
and his son telling them that Rosco
got a report card and he made good
grades, but he needed to work on
this and that!

Okay……so months down the road,
Ray was never been told differently
about he card. I drive to Memphis to
attend a race. Ray went to school in
Martin TN. and three of his best
college friends and roommates live
in Memphis. They came over for
the race. Ray is out and about
around the track leaving Lori and
I alone with these friends. Lori
proceeds to tell these guys about
the time in Daytona, Rosco’s
behavior and the report card.
Shortly after that my brother
comes in. One of the guys starts
asking him about it and the looks
I was getting was going to give it
away, so I owned up. I told Ray
the report card came from me and
that I had got him! He looked at
me and said “you did that”…laughed
once and forgot about it!

I am not sure if you enjoyed this story
or not but maybe you just had to be
there! It was funny all the way

After awhile Rosco’s behavior got
better. With other dogs in the house
and the tv running, he could be left
alone with out making a mess. Also,
when my family went out of town
on a plane and Rosco could not go,
I would go and house and dog sit.
Rosco would pout when he saw
suitcases but he perked up when
he saw me coming. This dog thought
I was his “Aunt”….I was sitting on
the floor once and one of the other
dogs came around, Rosco stood over
my lap and growled. Another time,
he did the same thing only I was
sitting on the couch and his big body
was pushing me into the cushions.
Even once I spoke to him when I
entered the house, then I took the
bird out of the cage. After I put the
bird back and went to speak to
Rosco again, he turned his head
away from me like he was mad
at me.

I would have loved to have had him,
but my house was not big enough
and then again, there would not have
been anyone to stay with him during
the day. I miss him and I actually
teared up when I heard he was gone
and I had not seen him to tell him
goodbye. But like I said, I understand
he is the center of attention where
he is and they love him.

Thanks for stopping in,

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Houdini Dog

My brother and sister in law were
adopted as parents by this reverse
brindle boxer several years ago.
I think the way it went was Lori
took him in as a foster dog.
My brother became attached
to Rosco and Rosco in turn
became attached to them.
We always joked that Rosco
picked his home!

Rosco had a great personality.
But little did Ray and Lori
know, boxers have issues
about being left alone. One
day after being gone Ray
came back to the house to
find the sunroom torn to
pieces. In this room the
windows open by being
pushed out, leaving the
screens inside. They were
torn out where Rosco tried
to get out. Also did some scratch
damage to an antique buffet table.

Next time they left the house,
Rosco was locked in a bathroom.
This bathroom use to be a
changing room for what use
to be a local pool. It was made
of brick o blocks but somewhere
along the way, it got plaster
board put up for real walls.
When my brother returned
he found two holes chewed
in the wall board. Rosco
stopped when he hit the brick
wall behind it. He had jumped
up on the toilet and tore up
the blinds on the window
behind. My brother and sister
in law read up on the fact
that boxers apparently have
issues if left alone.

I lent them a dog cage, hard
molded plastic up the sides,
gated door, and two small
slender windows (gated)
on the sides. VERY SMALL.
They locked Rosco up in that
when they went off only to
come back and find him out!
Somehow he squeezed out
the side window. With this
said, he was a mess when
being left alone.

My nephew Chase Montgomery
raced cars and the family was
always on the road traveling
somewhere. It was February
and time for Daytona. My
brother and sister in law
took the RV to Fla. for the
race. Apparently there was
a drivers meeting/dinner
type thing the night before
I flew down. They knew Rosco
could not be left in the RV alone.
So, they found a doggie day
care that would board Rosco
over night. Lori warned them
that Rosco was a Houdini!
They said it would not be a
problem. His sleeping quarters
consisted of a brick o block
room so far up that was
finished off with a caged
area on the rest of the side
and top..and door.

I arrived in Daytona in time
for Lori and I to get the dog
before the race. We marched
in the day care and Lori stated
she was hear to get the boxer.
The woman greeted us with
“Oh yeah, the boxer”. I lost
it! I knew he done something.
Come to find out, when the
workers arrived that morning
they found Rosco in the main
waiting room. Dog toys and
treats that were in bins before
were everywhere, blinds messed
up and the desk was a mess…..
Yes, Houdini struck
again! He apparently put
his paw out under the opening
between the cage door and the
floor and worked and worked
until he popped the spring
loaded latch. At this point I
was laughing so hard I had
to step out!

We loaded Rosco into the
car, he dropped down on
the back seat and passed
out. I would call his name
and he never opened his
eyes, and I was Rosco’s fav
aunt. He loved me and would
get excited to see me…not this
time. He must have been up
all night trying to get that
latch open, his paws were sore
and a bit scratched up….but he
survived. Believe it or not, they
did not say never to bring him

I had picked up a brochure on
my way out of the day care and
on the way back to the track,
I read it. Apparently the dogs
were walked on a trail to the
horse barn to visit once or
twice a day, they had a pool….
and they got a report after
their stay. I asked Lori did
Rosco get one! He had not
but I was so determined that
he should have one….I took
care of it!
That story will come

Thanks for stopping in,

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Carpenter Bee's

Carpenter bee’s, are a look
alike for a bumble bee.
Big difference is they will
drill up into any exposed
wood. The males do not
sting, the females will but
usually they have to be really
provoked. The female bee’s
will bore in the wood, nest or
breed while the males just
swarm around as look outs.

About 12 years ago or so I had
a really nice wooden shed put
up in the backyard. It was
made of course with treated
wood, but after a while that
treatment will wear off and if
the shed is not painted (like
on the bottom) it will draw
these bumble bee look alike
bees. I know this because about
7 years ago they appeared.

I know my neighbors have
enjoyed the scene over the years
of me fighting these things off
to get in my shed. I have tried
bug spray, but the males will
not lite long enough for you
to hit them. I have tried hair
spray, I was once told that it
would cause the wings to get
stiff and they will fall out of
the air…once again, hitting
them was a problem. But a
few years back I was told that
a tennis racket worked great!

I see the looks of confusion on
your face with that remark.
Well, it works, it don’t stop
them for being there, but hit
one of them with a racket and
you can sling them a good
distance, or cut them into!
I got one stuck in the mesh
part of that racket once…
he was a goner.

What I am sure appears funny
to my neighbors is, they can’t
see the bees, they only see me
out there facing the shed, with
a racket in my hand…then I
swing! I have not been locked
up yet for this behavior but I
know it must appear to be a
silly site.

In telling this story at work,
Cindy proceeded to laugh.
First its squirrels then it is the
bees. Actually the bees came
first. Cindy asked how you get
rid of them so I told her what
I had read on the internet. All
of which sounds good, only you
have to get them in after dark
and it would require me getting
on the ground to find the holes
under the shed, not easy since
it sets close to the ground.

The next question was do they
have a mortal enemy in which
I replied, “Probably squirrels”!
Be my luck, I got rid of several
of those back in December
(March 10, of my blog).

So I ask, what is it with me and
the crawling, climbing, flying,
drilling type of nature?
Cindy seems to think I draw
them because they like me….
I see it differently, they dislike
me that is why they torture me!

Thanks for stopping by,

Monday, April 6, 2009

Winter Again, Or is Mother Nature Messing With Us?

What is up with Mother Nature?
That woman is really messing
around this time!

Yesterday it was 70 plus degrees
here in the great city of Nashville,
TN. Today, the high is 40 degrees.
Problem with that is it will be
dropping. Showers with chance
of snow showers later today. Freeze
warnings out for the next two nights.

With that said, I worked in my
flower beds this weekend! I out
smarted Mother Nature though,
I planted NOTHING! All I did
was clean them out from the fall
leaves that had covered them.
I usually leave that on over the
winter to help protect the roots
of the flowers. Plus, when it
decomposes it helps the dirt.
But I figure most things are up
and peeking out of the leaves
so I needed to clean all that up.

I will wait a few more weeks
before I start putting any plants
out. I think I am going to do a
lot of pot planting this year (as
I read over that I realized how
that sounded)…I am going to
plant a lot of my plants in pots
this year. I think that was worded
a bit better!

Tending to a yard is something
I use to love to do. I loved digging
in the dirt and have the feel of the
earth on my hands. It was a great
fix when I was stressed or worried
about something…course it
works well at calming me
when I was ticked off also!
But right now tending to a
lot of plants through out
the yard seems over whelming
right now with all I have
going on. We will have to see
how all goes.

I do like herbs in pots on the
deck. I had stopped cooking
like I did when the kids were
young, but lately, with more
energy, I am cooking so much
more. I use a lot of herbs and
spices when I cook, normally
that is the dried variety, but
fresh would be nice. Plus, I
rub them with my hand as
I go by, the scent they put
out is so nice. So…that is one
thing I will probably put out.

Tomatoes also….a pot of cherry
ones! I usually grow one of them
on my deck. My grandson, Caleb
loves them ( last year I think I got
one off that plant..Caleb got the rest).
But this year I am
thinking of putting out a couple
of larger ones also. Darn, this
sounds like it is becoming a
project! There goes my thoughts
on not tending to a yard, plants
and the weeds!

Okay, Mother Nature, I am going
back to the 40 degree weather
of today and in hopes that you
don’t hurt anything I have
coming up so far! While I still
try to figure you out...Tornado's and
storms five days SNOW

Thanks for stopping by,

Sunday, April 5, 2009


Going in for the count down now!

Three more weeks and I will be

at my very first opening for my


I have about 20 paintings to

hang for that night. I have

been working on my tags that

will hang next to each painting

with the name and the price on


This is my invite that I will be

mailing and handing out. Most

invites will be sent via email since

that is really the easiest way to

get hold of everyone.

Hoping for a good turn out with

friends and family. I will be

sharing this show with Trevor

Elliot and his photo's. Trevor

and I have had several emails

but I will be meeting his young

man the day of the show. But

I am so looking forward to it.

I so hope this goes well.

Thanks for stopping in.


Saturday, April 4, 2009

Ruby Slippers


For anyone who knows me knows that I love the
movie the Wizard of Oz. My fav movie even at this

I have shared my love of this movie with my kids.
When my daughter was little, when we got our first
VCR, she thought that everytime we went to check
out movies...she had to get OZ. I had to just stop that
because, its a movie that I looked forward to watching
ONCE a year. Once a yr. it came on tv and that was
my tradition...once a year.

My son also liked the movie. He is the type that can watch
a movie once and knows it line for line. He was very good
and re-acting that movie.

After sharing my love of that movie with my kids...I started
on my niece, Holly, who is about 7 yrs. younger then my son.
She loves it also. Holly, is my drama queen, she can act.
And like my son, she is a born entertainer, also up and
acting silly and entertaining all around her. She has performed
in 3 plays herself and she is just in the 8th grade.

These days, I share that movie with my grandson, Caleb.
He also loves it. Who wouldn't, it takes you into a fantasy
world to enjoy the adventure, the color, the music...its a
great movie.

I tell you these things so that I can share my new gift with
you. Holly's class takes a trip out of town every year. This
year, this past week, was a trip to Washington DC.

Holly, always thinks of her Aunt Pam when she takes these
trips and gets me a gift. She really makes me feel so special.
Yesterday, I saw her and she gave me the gift that she picked
out esp. for me. A water globe with the Ruby Slippers in it.
It is so neat. I love it. Thank you sweetie, I will am putting it
in the glass cabinet in my living room with my plates to show
it off to everyone that comes in my home.

Thank you for stopping in.


Thursday, April 2, 2009

Washing Towels...OR Not!

Believe it or not there are advantages
to living alone. Cook if you want, don't
if you don't want to. Clean as you go and
never have to pick up after anyone else.
Do laundry when you want, or have to cause
you have nothing else to wear. Watch what
you want to in whatever room you want to....
There are disadvantages to living with a loved

My daughter and grandson moved in with me
just shy of my grandson, Caleb turning a year
old. This was the second time, he lived with me
for about 4 months when he was just a few months

It was suppose to be a temp thing. They moved out
of my home in Jan. 07, a few months after Caleb's
6th birthday. That was a long temp thing!

I love my daughter and my grandson but I never
felt like I was a grandmother. If I spoiled him, I
paid also.

Things got rough with the living arrangements after
awhile. The house was to little for all three of us. It
was not bad when it was Amber, my son, Cory and I,
but things started to close in on us.

Amber was required to keep her and Caleb's clothes
cleaned, I did mine plus the sheets, towels and rags.
With that said let me say that Amber used two towels
a day. Dry with one, hair with the other. I use one or
two towels a week.

One day while hanging towels on the line outside, I counted
them. There were 15 towels for one week. I decided
something had to be done.

Amber would leave one upstairs in the bathroom and
would wear the other one around her hair, downstairs
to get ready for work. She would hang it on the door
knob in the downstairs bathroom. I would get home
before her. I decided that I would let those towels hang
and dry during the day, fold them and put them on the
top of the stack in the cabinet before Am got home.
At the end of the week, I washed them. She never knew
that she continued to use the same towel.

Months and months went by and Am never noticed.
I did not tell her until she moved out. Of course she
said there was no way....but there was a way. I pulled
that one over on her and I was able to stop doing so
many towels in the laundry!

Sometimes you just do what you have to do!
Tomorrow I will tell you about the dryer...maybe!


Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Could That Be the Reason I Am Not Married Anymore

Part II - Feb. 10, 2009

I guess I was the joke playing person in my marriage. My ex was a very laid back person and it was so easy at times to get him.

We had been married maybe a couple of years and I was over having to pick up the dirty clothes that he left lying around. He would come in the door and start taking off items and where they fell is where they stayed. I guess I nagged enough (not me) about this so he picked a corner in our bedroom to toss his clothes. That was okay for a while, at least they were not in the floor all over the house.

After a while, that began to get to me. He would toss the dirty clothes there, then if he went to the store and put on a clean shirt, it got tossed there when he returned (he went shirtless a lot). At first I would go in there and remove the clean and fold it or hang it back up but then I got so tired of doing this too.

One day while we were getting ready to go somewhere my ex came to me and asked if I knew where a certain shirt was. Of course I asked did he check the closet and when he replied he had and it was not there I stated that I had done laundry that day…..must be in the corner of the bedroom. Of course he looks taken back and asked me “did you not wash that stuff”? My reply to that question was, it was not in the bathroom in the dirty clothes hamper…it did not get washed!

He was easy to train after that. He started putting the dirty clothes where they went and even started to help with the laundry.

A few more years into the marriage:
For Christmas my Mom got us a set of matching dishes, that was novel to me, my dishes had never matched. They were “breakable” too. I loved the pattern and I made the statement that I would ring the neck of the person that broke the first piece of my new dishes.

Some months later I went to the garage to find a screwdriver on the work bench. While looking around for it I lifted some newspaper that was just lying there, and yes, under the paper was a broken dish! I could not help but laugh thinking he took me so serious. This dinner size plate was broken in three perfect pieces. My brain went into high gear…..what to do about this???

That evening after my daughter and I had dinner, my ex came in from work. I let him get settled and then I asked if he was ready for his dinner. Normally, I fixed him a plate to warm when he got in. He came to the kitchen and sat down, I told him I would get it warmed for him. I can still see his face when one by one, I pulled out each piece of that broken plate. One piece had a pork chop on it, one mac and cheese and the other peas. His remark to what he was seeing was “Oh, you found it”…my question is what was he going to do with it…glue it back and hope I did not notice?

Could that be the reason I am not married anymore??? LOL

Thank you for stopping in...hope you got a laugh.