Washing Towels...OR Not!

Believe it or not there are advantages
to living alone. Cook if you want, don't
if you don't want to. Clean as you go and
never have to pick up after anyone else.
Do laundry when you want, or have to cause
you have nothing else to wear. Watch what
you want to in whatever room you want to....
There are disadvantages to living with a loved

My daughter and grandson moved in with me
just shy of my grandson, Caleb turning a year
old. This was the second time, he lived with me
for about 4 months when he was just a few months

It was suppose to be a temp thing. They moved out
of my home in Jan. 07, a few months after Caleb's
6th birthday. That was a long temp thing!

I love my daughter and my grandson but I never
felt like I was a grandmother. If I spoiled him, I
paid also.

Things got rough with the living arrangements after
awhile. The house was to little for all three of us. It
was not bad when it was Amber, my son, Cory and I,
but things started to close in on us.

Amber was required to keep her and Caleb's clothes
cleaned, I did mine plus the sheets, towels and rags.
With that said let me say that Amber used two towels
a day. Dry with one, hair with the other. I use one or
two towels a week.

One day while hanging towels on the line outside, I counted
them. There were 15 towels for one week. I decided
something had to be done.

Amber would leave one upstairs in the bathroom and
would wear the other one around her hair, downstairs
to get ready for work. She would hang it on the door
knob in the downstairs bathroom. I would get home
before her. I decided that I would let those towels hang
and dry during the day, fold them and put them on the
top of the stack in the cabinet before Am got home.
At the end of the week, I washed them. She never knew
that she continued to use the same towel.

Months and months went by and Am never noticed.
I did not tell her until she moved out. Of course she
said there was no way....but there was a way. I pulled
that one over on her and I was able to stop doing so
many towels in the laundry!

Sometimes you just do what you have to do!
Tomorrow I will tell you about the dryer...maybe!



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