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Odds and Ends and This and That

This post is just about this and that... and things!   Stopped for lunch at Subway the other day and thought I would try these...not to bad but I think I rather have a real mater with basil on it!     Some of what is blooming outside the building I work. Pretty.   This is an Oak Leaf Hydrangea.   Taken in the the colors together. So pretty.   Flowers for me from .......???   LOL, the new guy in my life.   No clue! Just saw this last week going down the main road to my house.   Beautiful.   Nibbles.   I just like these kind of shots.   And this shot.   Found this guy on my front door. Not sure I ever saw a white one.   Oops....thinking I just need to stay out of the kitchen altogether. A couple days before this I cut my finger on a knife in the dishwater and here I tried to pick up glass from a drinking glass I broke.   TOM the TURKEY! Isn't he

3rd Anniversary - Cory and Britney

Wow, its really been 3 years today since I traveled to California to be at my son's wedding. That was my first time back since I left around the age of two. It was a fast trip, lots to do. My sis in law Lori went with me and we were able to spend sometime riding around and taking in sites.   Three years. Happy 3rd Anniversary to Britney and Cory.   I was not only mom of the groom I did a lot of the photography. These are my shots.     ~The guys~   Left to right is David, Kyle, Russ (best man), my son Cory, Jon and Nicolas (performed the wedding).   Great bunch of young men. I really enjoyed meeting Cory's friends.     Silly bunch! Cory esp.     Loving this shot.   The best man, Russ, my other son by another mother and my real son, Cory.   Love these guys, they did whatever I asked.   Another photographer was photographing the ladies but I snuck in and got some shots.   My daughte

Major Hall - Metal Artist

This past weekend I was taken to by the guy I am dating to meet an old friend of his, Major Hall.   Major is an amazing metal artist. He has the coolest vision. His work blew me away.   This is one of the first designs he did. He has another that has glasses, I was so amazed I missed talking a lot of pics. The one with the glasses was one I missed.     The MAILBOX! The head turns also! Amazing.   I loved this view.     Check out the bonnet on this one. She also had on an apron with a big bow tied in the back.   I love, love, love this guy.   Inside the home, vases made from a set of truck horns.   A horn from an old car made into another vase.   Major did not make this but I had to have a pic. Love it. Coffee table.   This was made by another artist, apparently the artist will barter for each others pieces. Check out the beak!   Famous piece... this piece was on Ta