3rd Anniversary - Cory and Britney

Wow, its really been 3 years today since I traveled
to California to be at my son's wedding.
That was my first time back since I
left around the age of two.
It was a fast trip, lots to do.
My sis in law Lori went with me and
we were able to spend sometime riding around
and taking in sites.
Three years.
Happy 3rd Anniversary to Britney and Cory.
I was not only mom of the groom I
did a lot of the photography.
These are my shots.  
~The guys~
Left to right is David, Kyle, Russ (best man),
my son Cory, Jon and Nicolas (performed the
Great bunch of young men. I
really enjoyed meeting Cory's friends.
Silly bunch!
Cory esp.
Loving this shot.

The best man, Russ, my other
son by another mother and
my real son, Cory.

Love these guys, they did whatever
I asked.

Another photographer was photographing
the ladies but I snuck in and got
some shots.
My daughter in law,
I love this shot and it was a mistake.
I blew it out with the flash not
meaning to but I loved the
way it turned out.

The back of the dress cause it is
a given to photograph the back!

Sees his bride starting down the isle.

Britney and he Dad, Brad.
He takes her hand when Brad gives
Cory the hand of his bride.
Nick performing the ceremony.

Wow.....my son!

The girls.
Sorry, I did not spend as much
time with them and I had
a hard time remembering
the names.
Love the look on Cory's face.
These shots came out so cute.

Kissing the groom.

Then it is time for the guys to
get their kiss in!
They all were totally great at posing
for the shots.

Really Cory?

Britney and her mom picked the
best colors for a wedding.
Black, white and red.

The bride has gotten tired of him already!

This was a set up by Britney's uncle
Lewis is a great photographer, he lives
in Guam.
Check him out at:

She got him!

Love this shot...I love how happy
my son looks.

Like I said, the guys were so much fun
to work with.

Now to move inside.
Britney tearing up while he dad
gives the speech about giving Britney
to my son to love.
Cory saw her tearing up out of the corner
of his eye and reached over to take
her hand.

Now comes his turn, tearing up as Russ the
best man gives the speech.
At this point I put the camera away
and played the part of mom.
When I put the camera down for the first time,
I looked at his face like this and I cried.
Thank you for stopping in and wishing
these two a Happy Anniversary!


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