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Brandau Becomes Shadow

 You have met Brandau before. She is the cat that someone dropped off on Brandau Rd and she came to the  barn to live with the kittens. I gave her that name cause at one point the Cat Shoppe was interested in  taking her, they thought they had a home for her. This was before winter months and  I was unable to catch her. With that being said, I have always called her a her cause she appeared to have Tortoiseshell markings and sometime ago while reading up on Torties I learned that they are always females. Next~ was she fixed? No way for me  to tell. But with the kittens being fixed we felt that we should be safe. Chance we had to take. A couple weeks ago us folks at the barn noticed that Brandau was looking rough. That beautiful hair was not so pretty anymore. And she lost a lot of it. She had sores all over her body and she just looked frazzled.  Last week I was asked to try and  catch her. Our only thoughts were to hand

This Past Few Days

During my "COMPUTER"  downtime  I had a day or so of pushing myself to do something. Energy level has been lacking with the warmer days but with the rains from the storm in  Fla. we have also had some cooler days. The deck of course has been amazing to that sort of stuff.  I saved a few logs that my friend Chris cut for Amber's wedding, and  gave the rest to Theresa. She is  a lot like me in thinking she needs them to do something with but like me I am not so sure she knows what she will use them for! haha I however did have ONE thought on what I needed to use one rings. I hung a hook on the back of one once I sprayed it with sealer. If you remember I baked all the  logs in the over to be sure I was not carrying bugs to the wedding! But...I did want to seal it.  After sealing I added some cup hooks I had here at the house only to realize that some of the wider band rings would not hang o


Just in case you fellow bloggers have forgotten who I am .... take a look below! I am BACK! HAHA... COMPUTER problems! YUCK! My laptop had acted silly a couple of times in which it would boot up  but the screen would not come on. I would shut it back down, set it aside for a bit and then try again. It always came back up... UNTIL the other day! It's booting up, screen just is not lighting up. It was suggested that I remove the battery and  put it back in. Even the internet suggested that. Well on ACER laptops the WHOLE back has to come off. I sit and unscrewed all those screws, went to lift the back off  only to have it stick in one area. Being a afraid to pull on it I put it back together. The yucky behavior of my laptop  took place on Thursday (at this point, I think  it was Thursday)! Anyway...I have another older  Acer that I had lent Caleb my grandson. Since he was not  uing it I requested Amber bring i