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Friendship, Vine, Gate, Pressure Washer and Feline Friends

Friday Braden (youngest grand), had a ballgame, and his biggest fan Evie was there. Braden just loves Evie and she thinks he is the best! Amber caught this pic of Evie  asking B what he was doing! ADORABLE!!! Walked around the backyard Sat. to check out the plants, my Hummingbird Vine is  reaching for the sky! This plant grows about four to  five inches a day.  just goes WILD. It has even started to bloom. Don't find a lot of gates,  not different ones anyway here in my area. But I saw this the other day. Sorry I have been absent lately,  just trying to deal with these spasms. I went today for  a CT Scan. Will prob here sometime early next week.  I am pretty sure it is just spasms and not anything else,  just needing it to settle down. They got pretty bad during the  week, so bad I could not eat, I lost 8 lbs in 7 days. Thank goodness they have calmed  down from that. I have had  three pretty good days. With that said, my brother came over today and hit my porch rail with

Dr. Apt., Submersible, Daily/weekly Cleaning, and Rain

A few blogs back I  blogged about my colon spasms. Well, they did not get any better on their own, matter of fact, they have gotten worse. I am in  constant pain with stabbing like spasms. If I sit a certain way, I  am good, when I move around, not so much.  Pain got so bad the other day, I almost went to the ER. But told myself, I was not doing that for spasms. I had made an apt last week  when I realized they are getting worse, but that was not till the 28th.  Today is Tuesday, and I called back to get on a cancellation list. Within, two hours, I got a call that my doc had a cancellation and could I be there at 3. HI.....its Wed. now and I kept my doc apt yesterday.  Due to the fact that I have diverticulosis in my left side, doc wants to  do a CT scan to be sure there are is no inflammation causing my issues.  Waiting on X-ray place to call for the apt.  Have you all heard about  this Missing Titanic submersible live updates: Search  expands 'exponentially'; more sounds hear

New Fur Friends, Christy, Scott, Justin, Skunk and Deer

If you remember back a couple of post, I went on a road trip. Although, it was a long day, I had fun and got to  visit with an old friend's children. But before introducing you  to them, let me introduce these sweet babies. This is Titan. What a handsome guy he is and my newest friend. He took right up with me. He would even jump up on me, but when he did, he was so gentle, like he knew that my body could not take a hard hit. When standing on his rear paws, he is as tall as me, if not taller.  This is  Fraya. Fraya is not as trusting as Titan. She is however, Christy's protector.  She hangs right with  Christy.  And last but not least,  Meet Aspen. Another one that took up with me. She is adorable. Christy got her as a pup and did not know till later that she is deaf.  She does however, know hand signals.  Meet Christy and her soon to be hubs, Scott. Christy is the first born of my friend Laura.  We lost Laura in Oct. 2018,  just twenty days after Laura hubs passed.  She also p

Replies and Comments, Lily Napping, and Flowers

Hello fellow bloggers. Thought I would answer your questions or reply to your comments. that you left on my blog. Jeanette over at  Net On The Net Said this~ I love the bird bath! What a  great idea! I have  been wanting a bird bath  and now you have  given me an idea for one!  I see stands like that  at estate sales a lot so  now I'm going  to buy one the next time  I see one!   Hey Jeanette, this is an old iron plant stand. I have one in  the flowerbed for my bee water and I had this one not being used. The bowl set right down in the opening that a pot would sit in. The bowl of course I think was an amazing find, it is perfect not only in the fit but I love the colors and the pattern. Diane  over at PhotoDiary said this~ A lovely post and forget the 'was' you  are still beautiful. Cheers Diane Thank you Diane. I know I don't look the 63 yrs that I am but I sure miss my black hair. Not enough to color again but I do miss it. Liz over at  L a

Gown, Eat What You Like, Lily, and Road Trip

 I am a BIG fan of the  Wizard of Oz  but I apparently don't know  everything about it and its' stars. I saw this today. The gown that she wore in the 1936 film  "San Francisco" was later recycled by costume  designer Adrian into Glinda's dress in "The Wizard Of Oz". I love finding things like that,  things that tells me something I was not aware of.  If I had the internet while in school I would have made straight A's. Then I ran across this.  Eat what you want! LOL.. You all know that Lily bit is not my cuddle baby.  Usually, she will curl up with me on the couch when it is cold outside but since the temps have risen, I don't get that  often.  However, this morning,  she visited me several times.  She is behind my legs, in the  bend of my knees.  She also loves getting her head rubbed while she visits with me. Course, she would tell you that the head rubs were her idea, not mine. She really eats it up,  when she wants it. Saturday, I took a fie