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80 Questions

My blogs this past week or so have been more about things like the grandkids, the dog, and even about EYES…..I have not been crafting much due to dealing the last 4 weeks with a Fibromyalgia flare up. This one will just not let go of me. But hoping that I will be back to normal (whatever that is) soon. I was surfing through some blogs earlier and I found this on Our Life in a Click ( ) Looked like fun so I thought I would borrow it for my blog today. 80 questions about meme. More than I am sure anyone cares to know. But here goes. 1. Do you sleep with your closet doors open or closed? Open most times. Don't seem to bother me. But I can't stand a cabinet door or a drawer to remain open. 2. Do you take the shampoos and conditioner bottles from hotel? Yes, I do. I save them for the next time I travel, just in case that hotel forgets to put them out.. 3. Do you sleep with your sheets tucked in or out? In 4. Have you ever stolen a str


My grandson's have the most beautiful eyes. Someone once asked me what I first notice about someone and my reply was the eyes. This is Caleb's eye. Big and blue.. and bigger the way he is posing in this pic! lol This is my middle grandson, DJ. It surprised me when I looked into his eyes and saw a dotted line near the end of the blue color, going all the way around. And this is Braden. He has eyes like DJ's. I have never seen eyes like that before. + Eyes are interesting, they can tell a lot also. Mine, they will tell you when I am tired, sick or angry. Study your eyes in the mirror and see how fantastic they can be. Now mine are different than my kids or grandkids eyes. Mine are hazel with a gold circle that goes around the pupil. They will also get really GREEN when I wear green. Thanks for stopping in, Pam

Train and Tractors

 My littlest grandbabies like trains and tractors, so I decided to give them a little of both. I started with the train. Not finished cause I forgot the black and brown paint. Maybe tomorrow after work. Then I decided to paint a barn. This is my oldest grandson, Caleb, he is helping Nana with the barn. And I had to add a tractor of course. I actually have the train, the tractor, the barn, the house and several trees painted but I had to stop cause I so needed my black, brown and white paint. After I left my daughters house, I was tagged in this pic on facebook by my daughter. Middle grandson, DJ. He is a handful. Thank goodness this is washable paint. Thanks for stopping in, Pam

The Boys

 Yesterday my daughter was not feeling well so I brought her to my house to rest while I took care of the boys. Braden with dip on his nose. DJ standing on Nana's window sill behind the table playing with things he should not be playing with. Caleb playing a video game. Then of course Braden has to do what DJ does.... Standing on the window sill. I ended up having to put the candles and getting them out from behind the table.. But first, it made for some cute shots. Thanks for stopping in, Pam

Easy Projects

I think I saw this on PINTEREST and I, that will work for me. I took a plate rack, one that I actually had in the shed to sale and hung it on the wall, placing photo albums where the plates should go. This table has been around. When my younger brother moved into his house 6 years ago this was left in the shed. Since my daughter just moved out my brother offered it to her. Now I have it... My daughter lives in a small house and where the table goes is a tight area. That being said I gave her my good table and chairs to her since the sides dropped down. And I took this thing and the white chairs.... BUT...I have a farmers table in the kitchen now that I am redoing so I have plans for this thing.....check back at a later date to see what I have done. A few years ago a friend of mine, Theresa, brought this leash holder back from a trip to Georgia. I had not had my dog very long and she had a lapse in memory

Big Man Syndrome

Dakota AKA THE KING thinks he is the BIG MAN on the block.... Only this little kitty shows him different. Cat sitting at the end of the drive so Dakota thinks he will walk up and scare it off....the way that works is~ he will not chase until it moves to go away...then he acts big and acts like he chased it off.... But the cat just sits and watches him. So he moves in closer... And finally just gives up cause he knows the cat is making a fool of him. After...and I mean only after Dakota walked away did the cat decide to leave... So then the KING decides to make like he is the big one chasing him off... But don't be fooled, the cat was in no hurry when he left. If you look closely you can see the bottom half of him under the green trees. And the KING is still acting like he did something! Thanks for stopping in, Pam

House Warming Gift

A friend of mine just recently moved...... And I always find it a special touch to give something handmade. So, I made her a set of 4 coasters. I picked up some tile at the Rehab store, cut scrap book paper to fit, and used my Mod Podge to place the paper. Using several coats over the top to protect them. Along with this gift I took her a basket of flowers to hang on her porch. Thanks for stopping in, Pam


Back in December I found PINTEREST. I love that site. And I have so much pinned to my boards that I want to make that would keep me busy for years to come. It's so cool cause things that people make are usually recycling other items... Like old doors. I love this. Although I think I would add a place to sit at the bottom. Or how about this use of a door....corner shelves....nice. And I love the distress look. Need things can be found using shutters also...I love this for a bathroom.   Then if you are into gates or have a place that you need a gate, check this out.. An old headboard. Adorable! Or if you are good at welding....check this one out. Very neat. But this is one I really love....Now is that not cool? They have ideas for lighting. Mason or Ball jars. I really want to try this for over my sink. Or check this one out...Different. There are ideas for the garden, in side your home, o


In March there was this thing going around on the internet and on facebook about brooms standing on their own. Something about the axis of the earth being off and if you stood your broom up it would stand that all alone. Well, just for the fun of it I had to it…just to see if my broom would stand, and it did. I took a pic of it standing but then I decided that I needed to move it to the end of the kitchen that don't get used much, that would be in front of the stove, just kidding. I put it over by the table and I left it. I just wanted to see how long it would stand. Two weeks went by and it was still standing. But then came one of those, I feel great times and I was in a cleaning mood. Several times while cleaning around in the kitchen I knocked it down by mistake so I finally decided it needed to come down. Around this same time I had added an app to my iphone, called Ghost Exposures. One day while just sitting around on break at work I decided to have some fun, I added a gh


I love sitting outside on the deck watching the birds early in the morning with a cup of coffee. What is more important is to have my camera with me when I am out there, or anywhere! This was taken on my front porch. This one loved the gourd birdhouse. LOL...this pretty little bird is my brothers. Is name is TJ, but he is a one man bird, he loves my brother but can't stand me! Caught this pic out the window of my brothers house. I love hummingbirds. Blue Herron is did not want me getting any closer so he took off. And here he is once a landed again. Another hummingbird pic. Took this shot of the two birds yesterday while sitting on the deck with my coffee. Aren't they pretty? I think this little guy is a red bird also but they must not get their color till later. He landed in the crete myrtle bush fight in from of my deck and me...and my camera. Ocean view! San Diego beach taken l