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Steps, Basement Finds and Lily Bit

 With the passing of Chey, I finally went into my bedroom and took apart the stairs I made so she could get on my high bed. To make life easier, I laid a rug runner over the stairs. With the rug backing the runner stayed in place. That allowed me to be able to take it off and wash it. By taking it a part I  acquired some extra wood. With the prices of wood, I have no problem reusing this wood. I was in the basement looking for something the other day and saw this in one of the  boxes. I packed it downstairs when I  was cleaning out mom's house. I packed up things that I knew each  grand child gave mom as well as  pics of their kids. This was made by my nephew. I had this stuff packed up in 2019 for him to  pick up. He has yet to arrive. So, I decided storage fee! Chase will not care but I did want them to have it back, but apparently, he did not care. Along with the clock, years ago he made this chopping block for mom. I decided I would bring it up and put in the kitchen. And the o

Lily and Sister, Christmas Gift, Down and Family

 Morning all.  For those that don't  know me, I am Lily AKA Lily Bit. That is me, the fur that is awake. I was used to living  in a house with a  dog, then several dogs, then mom brought in this gray ball of fur and called her my sister. NOPE, she is not my sister. And 2.5 yrs later, I still don't like her being here. I usually play hit and run, with my motor tuning up in a  growling type meow.  I run at her, hit her and  run off.  But when she is sleeping, and  not laying on mom, I take time to check her out.  Course mom was on the  other end of the couch and told me to "be nice". I was, I sniffed and then I  went and cuddled up next to mom's leg.  It was nice. Lily Now here is mom~ Morning everyone,  I see that Lily beat me to posting this morn! Here I am watching the news and drinking my coffee, only after laser play with Lily. Yesterday I had a Christmas gift I ordered come in  the mail.  Christmas 2023 ! Hence the reason I only took a pic of the package! I am

Great Grands, Sweet Sleep and My Shadow

 Totally me! After my trip Saturday to Amber's house, when I got home I was exhausted. But loved my time with  the family. I took in a bag of cheddar Goldfish that I got to munch on during my drive to Amber's.  I shared it with Braden and Evie. This girl loves junk food and even though she loved the crackers, she also studied them.  My blood. She is changing so fast. At nine months she has two teeth and her  hair color is changing from the darker to lighter. Although sometimes looking at her I still see my daughter Amber at that age but I now see, her older brother, Boog. Something about sleeping  furs and children that I  think is so special. Check out the chunky cheeks. Those tiny busy hands. And those ears. How sweet can it get. Talk about sweet~ When I got Dakota and basically although his 13 yrs, he was my shadow. He followed me everywhere.  Plus, unless I was going out to eat or shopping, Dakota went with me. A lot of time I actually took him to my moms, so he got  to GO!

Adorable, Rascal Flatts, Acme Farm and 123123

 Hi mom's friends! I was sleeping on the couch the other day and mom  saw me, she thought I looked adorable! Well, I guess I do look so adorable! Misty My daughter Amber sent this pic to me. She does not live far from Fairview and she is on their FB page. Some posted this on that page.  This is  Gary LeVox,  lead singer of Rascal Flatts. Image working the drive through window and a star like this comes in . Sharing another part of Nashville. This is the Acme Farm Supply building. Acme went out of business years ago, then  the bldg. sat vacant for  several yrs. Then a  restaurant went in.  Here is the back side of the Acme Farm Supply store.  I know this year  has just gotten started but I have to share this. The Last Day of THIS Year is: 123123 And you do know that  123123 will be here before we know it.  Pam  

Visiting Blogs and Answering Questions and Touching Mom

  Wednesday while blogging I visited Pam over at Closed Doors, Open Windows ( First time visitor to  her blog.  The day I visited she had a blog full of questions. I replied and answered some of those on her blog but decided it might be a good topic for mine. Here is that post. Closed Doors, Open Windows: Tuesday 4...Home Sweet Home ( Pam's first question was what sort of house do you live in? I live in a brick split level home with stairs/steps  all around. My home. My Haven on the Hill Stairs from the basement, steps up to the deck and steps up to the front porch.  I have three bedrooms and  two baths, a dining room, kitchen (of course), living room and den. Under all  that I have a garage and  full basement.  I also went from living on  a nice level lot to sitting on a hill~ My Haven on the Hill. Most of you know that I bought my childhood home. The home my parents purchased in 1967 when I was seven yrs old.  Next que