Steps, Basement Finds and Lily Bit

 With the passing of
Chey, I finally went into
my bedroom and took apart
the stairs I made so she
could get on my high bed.

To make life easier, I laid
a rug runner over the stairs.
With the rug backing the runner
stayed in place. That allowed
me to be able to take
it off and wash it.

By taking it a part I 
acquired some extra
wood. With the prices of wood,
I have no problem reusing this wood.

I was in the basement looking
for something the other day
and saw this in one of the 
I packed it downstairs when I 
was cleaning out mom's house.
I packed up things that I knew each 
grand child gave mom as well as 
pics of their kids. This was made
by my nephew. I had this stuff
packed up in 2019 for him to 
pick up. He has yet to arrive.
So, I decided storage fee!
Chase will not care but I did
want them to have it back, but
apparently, he did not care.

Along with the clock, years ago
he made this chopping block
for mom. I decided I would bring it up
and put in the kitchen.

And the one below, my younger
brother made this one for me,
oh so many, many years ago. 

It did not have the outer border around it
but with me actually using it, and washing
it, the glue did not hold up too well. 
So, way back then, Mark put the border
around it for me to help hold it all
together. I stopped using it then but
I have never put it away and it has
set on my counter since. 
I would say, that I have had this
for almost 40 yrs. 

I do need to get some food grade
mineral oil to coat both pieces
so they will cont to hold up for 
many more years to come. 

Lily Bit and I were playing yesterday
when she decided she had 

The cool floor must feel good
after play!
I love the way she flips over,
shows that belly and tucks 
her paws. Isn't that such
a pretty coat?
My multicolor kitty.

Thank you for stopping in,


Sandee said…
We did the same for our Angel Little Bit. We made her life as easy as we could make it. It's what we do.

Lily Bit is adorable. I love it when they have had enough and they just go do sleep.

Have a fabulous day and rest of the week. Scritches to the kitties. ♥
Ann said…
I've tried to save things for my kids because I've thought it was something they might want. When I try to give things to them though, they have no interest.
Lily Bit looks quit comfortable.
Brian said…
Those steps were amazing and such a help for her. Lily, you got too tuckered out!?!
Darla M Sands said…
I can't imagine how much you miss King Dakota, your mom, and now Chey. Hugs, my dear. Blessings to you, Lily Bit, and Misty River.
Marie Smith said…
We think of our grand-dog every day since she passed. Che, the faithful companion, is missed so much too obviously. Chey was a lucky pup!
Liz A. said…
If they don't want their stuff back, you might as well get rid of it. Maybe that'll get them to come and get it, if you tell them you're going to throw it out.

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