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K - Kicking

K is for KICKING. Nibbles kicking his legs in the air!

Thanks for stopping in, Pam

Candy Container

Cookie jar 1.99  at Goodwill.

Knob on clearance at Hobby Lobby $1.00

Attach the two..

And you have a large cute candy  container for  my office all for around $3.00.
Thanks for stopping in, Pam

Iphone Cover

Check out my new iphone  cover...

Took a clear plastic iphone cover... cut a piece from scrapbook paper and BAM!

I can change it out anytime for a  new  cover!

J - Jumping

J is for jumping!

Old Hickory Boys band jumping for joy!
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I - Iris

I is  for  Iris..

in my yard last year.
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Rocks and Vacations

Decided that I would start bringing home a nice size rounded rock from my trips to  different areas and vacations.
This is what I plan on doing with  those rocks.
I will be placing them all around my yard in flower beds.
Be such a nice  reminder when I go out to look at my flowers or to water.
This rock was picked up on Del Mar beach while out walking along the beach.

And this one was picked up  out front of my son's yard.

Love California.
Thanks for stopping in, Pam

Wedding Gifts

My niece Paige got married July 4th. This is the gift I made her and Adam.
Wedding date, framed.

This is the gift I made for Cindy. A good friend that I met when I went to work for the TBI. She got married July 19, 2015.

I was able to find another 4 slotted frame but this one brought on a great idea. 4 slots for the date and 4 for pics of the day.
Happy Marriages to  Paige and Adam and Cindy and Mike.
Love you guys, Pam

Wilson County State Fair

Last night  I went to the Wilson Co. Fair.
First time in several years. Best fair around. Took a few pics.

I love this shot.

Thanks for stopping in, Pam

H - Horse

H  is for Horse!
Meet Misfire. Isn't she so pretty!

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California Part 4 -

I had an amazing time in  California.
This is a visitor I had while chilling at the pool.

My two sons. My son Cory to the front and my other son by another mother Russ near the ocean.

Home sweet home. Tennessee.

Welcome home!
Thanks for stopping in, Pam

California Part 3 - SeaWorld

My very first trip to  Sea World! Love it.
First stop~ Dolphins! Beautiful!

Cory petting Dolphin.

Cory messing with Britney!

Visitor to the park.

This seal was just hanging out "IN" the float!