Saturday, November 30, 2013

Thanksgiving Day Fun

First we will start with Cole...
my great nephew. He was the youngest
at dinner and the life of the party!
He loves his riding horse.
Jessica shopping online!

Mark messing with Cobi but when he
stopped Cobi tells him that felt

And then there is the other life
of the party...Mark.
Here he is trying out Cole's

After dinner Sean takes a couple
of apples out to feed Misfire.

And here Sean just got the
ball away from Oakely.

Cole's favorite past time when he
is visiting his grandpa....riding
the tractor.
Only here he is just playing on it.

And of course the two older boys,
my nephews Sean and Cobi
are playing on it with Cole.

T.J. the loud mouth bird. He
kept voicing his thoughts on
all of us having fun but him.

Holly aiming at T.J....
apparently this is the dart gun that
they aim at him to shut him up.
No Holly did not shoot him....
she wanted to but she would never hurt

A ride from great uncle Mark.
But he is not sure he wants to be up there.

Cole, you can't see him but he is behind
Jessica styling her hair. Love the look
that Jessica is giving.

Mark aiming at me to see if I can shoot the
dart coming at me.
Never was able to catch it.

Now Cobi trys and I still don't
get it.

Cole, can use a camera about as
good as me!

Ms. Lola, wanting a shower.

Isn't that so cute.

Now, she is in Lori's hair drying off some.

Thanks for stopping in,

Friday, November 29, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013

Oh my goodness at the food!
Course I started taking pics with the
desserts! Yummy....but
I actually ate my meal before
jumping into this stuff.
Homemade apple pie by my sis in law,
Lori and her mom Eva.
Something else yummy made by Eva.

Actual food.

The meal was awesome. Smoked
turkey by my brother Ray and  mom
brought ham.
So full afterwards!
This is my niece Jessica and
her baby

In my family it is really hard
to get a good pic...everyone
loves to make a face. This is
Cobi my nephew.

The master cook, my brother Ray.

And his lovely assistant, Lori.

My nephew Sean after finishing
a whole plate of food.

Cobi again (picture and
my great nephew Cole.

Eva, Lori's mom.

And here we go with the faces again.
Holly, my niece has us all beat! lol

My mom and sis in law, Kim.

Susan, married to my nephew Chase and
Cole's mom.

Cobi and Holly.

My youngest brother, Mark.

My nephew Chase.

Kim again.

George, Lori's dad.

Had a nice time visiting with my family.
Food was all awesome.
And I so needed a nap later!
Thanks for stopping in,

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Batson Chiropractic Care Fall Festival

Little late on getting this event
posted on my blog.
But better LATE than
I was asked about a year ago
to photograph my chiropractor's
office and staff for office
photos and website.
I was honored to do that.
Recently I was contacted and
asked to shoot an event for them~
They were having their first annual
fall festival!
I was there with camera in hand.
This is the man that started his chiropractic
group, Dr. Batson.
He is so caring and giving and he
does things to give back to the community.

Let the fun begin!
Oh my gosh, isn't she adorable?

There was a pumpkin painting event for the

I saw many kids concentrating so hard
to get the look they wanted.

ZUMBA event.
And NO, I did not try this!

Yummy.....great food.



Even the entertainers got
in on the Halloween time of the year.

Check this young man out!
I was amazed when I looked over...
I can't keep one up!

The children enjoyed the fun.

Dressed to have pics made.

And there was also a session inside
where Dr. Jeff showed you how
he does acupuncture!
The Batson group are so nice and like I said,
I started seeing them about 4 years ago.
I was going for adjustments and
now I am trying out the
So far, good results.
Thanks for stopping in,