Thanksgiving 2013

Oh my goodness at the food!
Course I started taking pics with the
desserts! Yummy....but
I actually ate my meal before
jumping into this stuff.
Homemade apple pie by my sis in law,
Lori and her mom Eva.
Something else yummy made by Eva.

Actual food.

The meal was awesome. Smoked
turkey by my brother Ray and  mom
brought ham.
So full afterwards!
This is my niece Jessica and
her baby

In my family it is really hard
to get a good pic...everyone
loves to make a face. This is
Cobi my nephew.

The master cook, my brother Ray.

And his lovely assistant, Lori.

My nephew Sean after finishing
a whole plate of food.

Cobi again (picture and
my great nephew Cole.

Eva, Lori's mom.

And here we go with the faces again.
Holly, my niece has us all beat! lol

My mom and sis in law, Kim.

Susan, married to my nephew Chase and
Cole's mom.

Cobi and Holly.

My youngest brother, Mark.

My nephew Chase.

Kim again.

George, Lori's dad.

Had a nice time visiting with my family.
Food was all awesome.
And I so needed a nap later!
Thanks for stopping in,


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