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Dakota AKA The KING

If you read the first post last week you know that I have Dakota due to my daughter who thought they needed him. Six months later I have him while they find him a home. Eight years later he is still with me! Dakota was the name given to hm by my daughter and her family, AKA THE KING was the name I gave him due to his behavior! And that came later because he was a scaried cat when I got him. Loud noises or fast movements freak him out. Thanks CALEB for that! is the KING laying in the chair in mom's yard. This was taken a few years ago and he would sit here waiting for me to come home. Unlike most dogs that will lay on the ground, Dakota prefers the comfort of life and what it brings to a KING! OH MOM....these pillows are so NICE! Come rub my tummy! Make the bed, throw the pillows up there and forget about the fact you just made the bed!
Funny story....Dakota goes to my mom's house everyday for Granny's Doggie Day Care! LOL No mom does not really have one of those but that is what I call it …

Dakota and the Deer

Good morning! Here is another Dakota story. First let me say that Dakota really does not mind snow. Which I find funny cause his feet get wet when he goes out. But Dakota don't like rain! Funny part to that is he don't like it after the rain cause his feet get wet! Go figure. Anyway, I can understand the pouring rain, esp. if its winter and its cold and its been raining for days.
This one Christmas season it had been raining for at least two days off and on. I could manage to get Dakota out in periods that it let up so he could shhhh......go to the bathroom. But one day, it had been raining ALL day. I had not been able to get him out and I knew that he was probably beginning to hurt from holding it. I forced him out. Then I had to force him off the porch. Then down the steps, into the rain. He hugs the porch base trying to stay dry when finally he takes a dash out to get under the big tree in the center of the yard. RUN Dakota! I thought he would hike there and go for it but NO, not him, that would be way to easy…

Caleb and Nana Time

Caleb is my teenage grandson and saying that I have to admit that we don't have much time together since he is a teen! LOL
But I picked him up Saturday evening so  we could have sometime together.
He brought along his BB gun so we headed over to Chris' so he could shoot.

After that him and I fired up the go carts and  raced around.  We had dinner at Chris' with smoked ribs from his friend Bailey. Caleb put away 6 rubs all on his own! While I cooked the fries getting dinner ready, Caleb and  Chris went out and split wood.
We headed home and  chilled out till bedtime.
Sunday was MOVIE  time.
Jurassic World in 3D!

Isn't my date so handsome?
My 3D glasses.. ready to wear.

Getting ready to start.

Great Movie!!
From there Caleb ask to go back to Chris' to split more wood.

Chris paid him well for the help.
I am home now chilling and resting for tomorrows work week.
Thanks for stopping in, Pam

Dakota - Sleep, Eat and Lay Around

If you read yesterday's post you are probably still laughing! What a mess this one is. Another time, not long after him trying to hang himself he tried to smother himself. No pics on that event either. We woke one morn at the same time, he was laying in the bend of my knees and I continued to lay there but he decided to crawl out from under the covers!!! RIGHT up the back of my gown! Yep, tried telling him he could not get out that way, the whole time I was laughing. I had to sit up in the bed, then slide off the mattress and wiggle and shake him out of my gown! What a way to wake! Dakota loves to eat. So much so that he is afraid he will miss something that maybe spilled over the edge. What to do in that case? You take your paw and turn the bowl on its side so you can lick the sides! Speaking of FOOD. He eats a good meal at 2pm every day but I leave dry out for snacking sake. Something about his Kibbles and Bits that causes him to pull out certain ones and put them on the floor. Sometimes it is the red ones and som…

Niece Wedding Gift

Started with a piece of black poster board scrap book paper frame stencil  and of course scissors
Here was the background I picked out. I had several picked out cause the one on PINTEREST called for four different patterns. I was afraid that would be to busy.
So I did all backgrounds the same.

Black and white.
Frame had to be black also! Wow....could I have gotten that pic any more blurred!

The finished project! 7/4/15 her and Adam's wedding date coming up. 

I love it. I think it is so adorable.
I took my stencil and drew out what I needed in numbers and the est onto the black poster board. Cut them out and taped them onto the background and slipped that baby in that frame.
Pretty cool. Course I have her other stuff to go along with this.
Thanks for stopping in, Pam

Dakota and the Deck

Dakota.... oh he has brought me to tears, he has brought me to smiles and he has brought me to laughter! I had him for about a week... and the whole time all that kept coming out of my mouth was... I AM NOT KEEPING THIS DOG. I don't want a dog. I will find him a home. But till then I had a kitchen to paint! LOL This DOG had so many insecurities that he had to be right there UNDER my feet! While painting my kitchen that was really hard. So I chained him up in the backyard, where he could see me in the kitchen. BARK, BARK, BARK... So I decided to close him up on the deck. Next thing I knew he jumped off... about 5 feet. Okay, something has to give so I put the leash on him, closed him up on the deck only given him enough leash to move around. Gave him toys and bones...... Looked out, and could not see him, but I could see the leash, curving and going in front of the door. Okay, where was he now. I opened the screen to look out and there he was... trying to hang himself! (sorry no pic) LOL....I looked and there Dakota…

Painting Away

Last night I sat and made up  an order for Amber Cruse.
She wanted Pink with Purple numbers.

She loved the finished product but it was missing two little words.
Now it looks better!

Tonight I turned out this baseball!

and this is Jackson holding his turtles that his Nana ordered for his birthday. He is so happy over his gift.

That makes my 4th order of turtles. Only 3 more to go.
Thanks for stopping in, Pam

Dakota - Part 1

This is my best friend, my bud, my fur baby... Dakota AKA THE KING! Dakota came to me because six months before my daughter thought they had to have a dog. Then they decided to move and were told they could not have animals. I was asked to keep him till they found him a home. And I knew they were not going to even look for a home. With that said I had just gotten new carpet and floors so mom suggested that he come to her house during the day while I work... That was 8 yrs ago this August! Needless to say, he grew on me. I was sat up one day in my craft room painting with my oils when he comes wanting attention so he walks under the edge of the tv tray, knocking the pallet paper off the tray and on to him! "Oh mom, I am so sorry", hanging his head!
Even got white on the tip of his ear!
No...I did not scold him. It was all sort of funny. Gotta love that face! More stories to come later Thanks for stopping in, Pam

Tick Tock it's a Pink Clock

This was an order sometime ago  so I really needed to get it done. Thanks Amber Cruse for the order.

Thanks for stopping in, Pam

4th Set of Turtles

My 4th set of turtles went out yesterday, Monday via UPS and was delivered today.
Some little boy will be a happy camper tomorrow on his birthday. 
3 more sets to go. One for my son...who by the  way will be 28 in a couple of weeks. LOL and two sets for another woman on FB but her's are for Christmas gifts.

Thanks for stopping in, Pam