Dakota - Part 1

This is my best friend, my bud, my
fur baby...
Dakota came to me because six months
before my daughter thought they had
to have a dog.
Then they decided to move and
were told they could not
have animals.
I was asked to keep him till they
found him a home.
And I knew they were not going
to even look for a home.
With that said I had just gotten new
carpet and floors so mom
suggested that he come to her
house during the day while I work...
That was 8 yrs ago this August!
Needless to say, he grew on me.
I was sat up one day in my craft room
painting with my oils when he comes
wanting attention so he walks under
the edge of the tv tray, knocking the
pallet paper off the tray and on to him!
"Oh mom, I am so sorry", hanging his head!
Even got white on the tip of his ear!
No...I did not scold him.
It was all sort of funny.
Gotta love that face!
More stories to come later
Thanks for stopping in,


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