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Hard TImes, Commerical and Talk of the Town, Lily BIt Love and Deer

Meet Rose. A classmate from 78. Couple of surgeries, hubs had a surgery, raising a couple of grands, lost a child, and just fallen on hard times. A couple months ago Rose with the  help of friends had a yard sale to  make up some money. I loaded up some stuff and donated it but another friend of mine had a yard sale a week before Rose, what she had left over she donated.  BUT... there was a donation box out at  the reunion, no names were given, just that a classmate was in need and  anything they could help with would be great.  With no one knowing who was having a hard time,  we raised 1205.00 for Rose and her family. Pretty awesome considering we have been out of school for 45 years, however, going to school of 309 grads, going to school together for most our lives, we are still there for  each other if we can be. DuPONT Class of 78 ROCKS! Happy news... the commerical is ready for  viewing.  Tennessee Tiny Weddings is going to be one  of the featured businesses on World's Greates

45 Years ~Where Did all That Time Go?

Five years ago we celebrated our 40th reunion, and normally we would not do another one for 10 years.  However, with the loss of 13 folks since the last reunion, we wanted  to have one at 45. I did not do a lot of planning on this one due to the  pain and stone issues but I  have to say, the planning committee did a great job. When I was calling folks at the very beginning of the  planning of this years reunion, I pulled out my annual to look up folks when their name did not register with me. This is my senior annual, I also  have 9th. 10th, 11th and  this one. I have about worn the binding out on this one. I was supposed to head over and help set up for the  event last night, but I did not make it. I was not thinking I would be able to even make it to the  reunion, but I was able  to get past that. DuPont High School, we were the Bulldogs. These items are kept stored in the alumni room at  the old Jr. High School. All reunions use these items when setting up for their reunion. The gol

Mister, Annie, Runner, Misty and Lily

Mister, you all have  met him before, he  belongs to my friend Pam.  He showed up at her place last fall and is still there. Pam tired to find Mister's home but had no luck. He has the saddest face  but he is so sweet. You have also met Annie. She thinks she is big and bad,  and likes to come off  that way but she sure  does love having her head rubbed. I was  rubbing her head and she was meowing in that ugly  pissy sounding meow.  But she loved it. And the youngest, Runner. She loves her head rubbed,  but then she walks through your  hand so you will stratch above her tail. Looks like this post is going to be all about the felines. lol It was a hot one today, I made the  girls come in around 11 and  shut the door up. I found Misty napping in the Ice Cream shop.  And Lily was curled up in the chair napping. So sweet.  My felines say HI! The play along question  I posted on FB today  is ~ If you found a sweet little kitty and you had to name it after the last thing you ate, what wou