Wednesday, August 22, 2012

This and That

Sorry about this bad pic but the batteryin the point and shoot
is dead, and I am limited with my professional camera's...
limited to not being able to pick them up since I had shoulder
surgery a week ago yesterday. So it had to be the phone camera..
I took a pic a couple weeks ago of a "J"!
Day before surgery I framed it for my living room.
It's in black and white.
This pic was not taken by me but it is of my great
nephew, Cole. He is almost 18 months old and a doll baby.
He is learning to color so he was handed down the desk!
Isn't he so sweet.
View from my perch on the glider on the deck.
Not much of a blog but typing one handed is
not easy.
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Monday, August 13, 2012

The Artist

My grandson, Caleb, now 11.5 years old seems
to have gotten some of his Nana's talent.

Not only is he pretty good with a camera he
seems to be pretty good with drawing. He
is taking art in class this year but they have
yet to really get started.

On his own yesterday he sat off on his
own and producted this.

Great job Caleb....Nana is very proud
of this. And thank you for giving
it to me.

Before I end this post I wanted to throw in some
history from my past.
I took art for the first time in the 11th grade.
Until that time, I never really thought about drawing
or painting.
That year we had a show in the library after school
hours for our families. There were paintings,
drawings and lots of other works of art.

My mom and youngest brother went with me
to the show. I introduced them to Mr. Redman,
my art teacher and I can remember Mark (brother)
saying something to my teacher about he was
doing a good job cause before I could not even
draw a straight line!

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Arts Communities

Good Morning...

I thought I would post a few more pics
from my Saturday adventures when
I visited the two artsy communities
around here.

Franklin and Leipers Fork TN.

On main street in Franklin you have several
really nice places to stop, go in and sat
down places to eat. But there
were some really cute places that had
tables outside to enjoy drinking coffee,
or tea and be able to watch others
go in and out of the most unique stores and

In one of those stores I saw this. I can
so relate.
(read the sign)

Talk about
This so reminded me of my dog,
Dakota, AKA the KING.
He hates rain, heck he even hates
to walk in wet grass and get his feet
wet. I can so see this being the

Ate lunch at a cute little place on Main St. in
Franklin. Had some wonder history to it and our
waitress was really good.

The places name is Dumplin. I had a cup
of chicken and dumplings that was amazing and
a house salad....and yes, some of this....
Coconut Pie.
Amazing. I suggest you stop in if you
are in Franklin and give them a try.

Another cute find in a store on Main St.
I loved this shot but of course I had
to shoot for the "P" since I
am Pam.

Next off to Leipers Fork. Such a cute and
small place to visit where there are some
really adorable shops along the strip.
When I say strip, I mean a small little bitty
place with about 10 shops and a General Store.
Most of these stores featured the antique look of things.

This place had about 5 of these antique chairs so
that you could park it and watch the shoppers
go by. Love the chairs, the porch and the sights.

Now if you were wanting a more artsy place to park
it this would be the place. To adorable.

Or if that is not of your picking try this seat...
LOL....sorry! How about this instead of ride
a cowboy you ride the rail!

The western store there had some really neat things.
This is what I call fancy walking.

Necklaces made of colorful beads.

To something a bit more fancy.

And then the center of all it features this.

 Thanks for stopping in. If you missed yesterdays post
skip back one and enjoy the sights of Franklin and
Leipers Fork.


Sunday, August 12, 2012

My Saturday Adventure

Good morning and welcome!

Yesterday was Saturday, days away from my
rotator cuff surgery. I decided that day needed to be
mine. It was beautiful out, temps were down and
I knew I wanted to venture out with my camera
since it will be awhile since I will be able
to do that again.

My friend Debbie and I went to Franklin TN., and
Leiper's Fork TN., just
for a day of adventure.

We started in the square. What a beautiful place that
is. Old buildings that dated back to

and 1901


and the Theatre, still in operation.
All movies, all the time...

Stores all up and dow West Main St.
Full of all kinds of neat things.
I love walking through places like
that, usually never buying...just
looking and enjoying.

There were colorful lights.

To neat crafty lights.
I loved this one.

To some really wild and cool lights.
How neat is that?

And better still one even cooler.
Amazing. I love viewing
art in all forms.

Down to very simple lighting,
a candle.
Loved the way the light played off
this shot.

I saw baby bathtubs.

And baby beds.

A sink full of Robin egg soap.

And a bathtub that I am sure has
history to tell.
Wonder who took a bath here?

 Beauitful pitchers of cut daisy's sitting
in front of old iron beds.

To others just sitting around.

Oh but check this one out. Simple, yet
stunning. Daisy's in a glass bottle.

To daisy's in small vases.

Not to mention the amazing glass jars
without the cut daisy's.

I saw things that reminded me of school days.
We had these as lockers in my gym in
Jr. High.

Now my locker at school was not this colorful
but it still reminded me of those days.

There were the things that reminded you of vacations
gone by.

When I was younger I never thought I would
ever like OLD things but as I have aged (LOL)
apparently so has my taste.
I love this.

The door.

And yet there was also beautiful old
glass doors.....with lighting of course.

Outside of Leipers Fork I saw this....
the General Lee and here I thought I was
in Williamson County when I must have
took a wrong turn and ended up in
Hazard Co.

Thank you for stopping in.
Hope you enjoyed,

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Rotator Cuffs

In 2006 I took a nasty fall...
a really nasty fall, right
off of a

That is just not something anyone
should do....take my word for

When I fell from a chair (I was standing in it) like this
the chair flipped back, I went forward, the wheels flew off
the chair and I hit the floor. Messing up my right

X-rays and physical therapy helped. Off and on I
have had some issues every now and again.
But nothing major. I was told at that time it
was a frozen shoulder.

In December 2011 I started to have issues again
with that same shoulder. Painful issues.
Back to my doc, x-rays, and physical theraphy again.
It helped....

Until 4 weeks ago.
Pain, and limited movement...really limited.

Apparently, my shoulder bone has produced a bone
spur that is cutting into the tendons and
muscles. Sounds nice huh?

When I went to the Orthopedic dr. he pressed on my
arms while I kept him from pushing it down.
He said if it was a tear it must not be bad, my
strenght was good....

SURPRISE.....the tear is at 80%.
He jokingly says it is holding on by a thread!

Surgery is set for this Tuesday, the 14th.
Thursday I will go for my first physical therapy
after surgery....which he told me up front was
very painful....great.

For six weeks I will be wearing one of these. The only time
it comes off is when I shower, when I exercise at home
and during physical therapy.
No driving...six weeks....
Sitting n the house for six weeks....
not being able to do crafts, might be
limited on the computer....
what will I do?

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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

DuPont High School - My High School

At the time I graduated from high school
all I could think about was getting out
of school. At that time I never really
took in what all my school was about.

DuPont Senior High School actually went
back to 1926 when the original school
high school came to be in Old Hickory TN.

It had 3 teachers and 63 students.
But as Old Hickory grew, so did the school.

The first class to graduate was in 1929.
The high school had been held in the
grammer school but in first high school was
built in 1930.

Years down the road, that school burned
to the ground and the only thing left
standing was the gym.....which still stands
and is used today. Later on another school
was built on that spot. Later this school
became the Jr. High school.

In 1967 another high school was built
on another spot of land. This would be
the new DuPont Sr. High School.

I attended both the Jr. and the senior high.
Graduated from the senior high with
a class of 300 and something.

Each graduating class has their own reunions
but years ago there was a Alumni committee
started and I have been honored to be
able to photograph the Alumni Reunion
the last two years.

This gentleman was my principal, Abby
Williams. According to what I heard at the
reunion, it was Mr. Williams that suggested
there be an Alumni committee.

Mr. Williams was also a DuPont graduate...

This guy is Coach Brown. He was at DuPont
while I was there. Nice man and I will say this,
I have been out of school 34 yrs., this man has
not changed a bit!

This lady was there the other night at the
reunion, she graduated in 1949.
What a beautiful lady.

Had to throw this pic in the mix. This is Charles Hockett and
Melody Ward. Charles graduated the same yr. that I
did...1978 and Melody was behind us. These
two special people sat on the committee board for
the Alumni. Thanks to Mel, I was introduced
to the committee as a photographer for doing the
event....I have never been voted in on anything
that I know of before last

35th Alumni Reunion. So much fun and
so much laughter that night.

As a school we continue to have the support of our
fellow classmates, or teachers and our principal also.

DuPont Sr. High was closed down as a Sr. High
school in 1986. It is now a middle school for the community that
it is in, Hermitage. The original site of the Sr. High, went from
being the Sr. High, to a Jr. High to a middle school.

My grandson, Caleb, now a 6th grader is attending his
2nd yr at the middle school that now carrys the name
DuPont Hadley (the street it is on) and the middle school
that is in Hermitage is DuPont Tyler (the street it is on).
Anyway, Caleb is now the 3rd generation from my family
to go to that school. It was a Jr. High for me, and
a middle school for my son and now Caleb.

DuPont Sr. High may not be an actually operating
Sr. High anymore but.....that spirit of it goes on.

So much so that the Board of Ed and the coucilmen for
our area are trying to get another community high
school built in our area. There has not been one
since is time. There is also hope
that the school when built will carry the
DuPont name!

Isn't history awesome?
Thanks for stopping in,