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Normal, Painting, Lunch and Pics of Nashville

 I loved this.  If you did not get a good look at T's bday gift in  yesterdays post, here is a better pic. I know, sort of corny and childish for a 62 yr old but I thought she would love it. Here is my lunch  at Nectar.  SO GOOD. Just a few shots I  took the other morn (6:30 am) on  my way to work.  Nashville is a beautiful  city. That is our capitol and since I was driving, its blurred. Busy weekend coming up. Friday morning at 10:30 a wedding, 30 mins. Sat. a bigger wedding and Sunday a bday party/ cookout.  Tired already and it has not ever started. haha Have a great weekend, Pam

Lunch and the Bday, Mailbox, Covid and the Brooms

 Today is my friend Theresa's Bday.  I took her out to  eat for lunch. This is an Urban Mexican place  and it is always so packed. Got there when the  doors opened.  We were waiting on our meal when I gave T her card. Oly by mistake I handed it  to her upside down.... OH MY GOSH. I never noticed it before. HAHA Then I gave her the paintingI did for her. She loves Snoopy. I played with my mailbox yesterday. When COVID started I  took pics of places closed,   feet away signs, and stand here signs. Now I am working on  taking pics of things  left behind while we still  battle COVID.  Why do folks find it doable to toss gloves and mask on the ground? OOPS....time to get her in the  shop!!! Good thing I have  a back ups.  Pam

Plants, Now Hiring, Soup and Cooler Temps

 Good morning blogger friends.  I waws out yesterday and  saw these two pretties  on the same flower. Did you ever see the  movie  Little Shop  of Horrors? The plant takes over? I think I have that plant this year. My Hummingbird Vine!  Its ran out of fence to  climb over so its  growing up! Every morning I have to break it away  from the gate where it has wrapped around it.   Next year I will move the pot it is  growing in down a bit, more fencing on that end.  I am sure that COVID is something we will all have to learn to  live with. Not sure it will ever be gone. For months this is the site you see in  store windows or places to eat. Not sure how folks are making it these days. Yesterday I put on a crock pot of Taco Soup. I added rice this time. Dinner awaits me for today. Sometimes on FB to get folks involved I will post a play along question of the day... this was Monday's  question~ What do you  like about the cooler weather? My list~ 1. not having to shave every other day 2.

Dream Team, Wedding, Evie and Peanuts Gang

 Saturday afternoon was  wedding time.  The I DO DREAM TEAM for the day was Left to right~ Lisa (Julie's cousin),  Me, Paula and  Julie who performed the ceremony. We were standing in front of the Hitching Post. Oh yes, lets not forget the one and only dude of the I DO DREAM TEAM... James.   The goof off! haha We had a new addition to the wedding  a Bubble Machine!!! Fun. The bride and groom  were a renewal ceremony. They had a photographer  that seemed to be in control so  I took some pics with my cell, leaving the photographer to do his thing. Beautiful shoes. Beautiful dress beautiful bride and a beautiful family. Here are some  behind the scenes pics. Photographer and bride. Bride and photog assistant Bride and father of the bride. Bride and groom. I love this shot below... Usually when we do a  wedding during the day the chandelier does not pop this well but since the sun goes down earlier these days and dusk was setting  in the  chandelier  shows up great. The bride and groom