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Wordless Wednesday

Ran across this shot at the building expo last month.....

True Story Tuesday - Laughs and Dog Food

I once worked with a man several years
ago in the Printing Division for the
State of Tennessee. He told me once
that people would not know the silly
things I did if I did not come in and
tell them on myself. In which I replied,
that I got a good laugh from them
and I love sharing a laugh, so I tell
on myself.

This next comment I shared just for my
blogging friends since it just happened
last Friday and I have yet to share it!

Do you ever just get up dragging in the
morning and making yourself go to
get ready to head out the door to work….
and maybe you are not really all the
way awake until later when you are
at work? I am pleading this next
confession to that…I was not awake.

I had been here at work for several hours
on Friday before I noticed on one of
my trips to the bathroom, that my
undies were inside out! Go figure...
the worst part of that was that this
was late in the afternoon and I had
been down the hall to that room at
least twice before! I was glad no one
was in the room at the time of my
discovery s…

I Heart Faces - Black and White

This week’s theme over at I Heart Faces is Dramatic B&W. This was taken of my grandson about 2 years ago. I love the look on his face. Take a look at some other B&W shots at Thanks for stopping in, Pam

Thank You Very Much Thursday

Its free therapy day where we thank the not
so great things that happen to us over the
week.! Yippeee…….
Go on over the Kmama’s
Thank You Very Much and check
out some more free therapy post.

I want to thank my week ~

On Sunday for the washing machine
that decided that the pan I put under
there when it started to leak was not
going to catch that water any more
and for all the water on my floor.

And in continuing with that issue, for
the new one I had to get. THANK YOU

Monday for the ill planned doctor appt.
that was scheduled for a stomach med
recheck at 3 pm in the afternoon, only
to find out that they needed to check my
blood levels for the lipotor and I had to
fast! All freak’n day till around 4 pm.

Then on Monday for leaving work at lunch
so I did not have to smell everyone’s food
and going down the street to park under
some trees and read….only to try to
start the car to head back to work and
it would not start. CRAP! THANK

But for real I wa…

Wordless Wednesday

Sitting above the feeder waiting for my Mom to fill it.

Photo a Day Blog

Check out my new blog...A photo a day at

Thanks for stopping by,

True Story Tuesday - Swimming with the Fishes

True Story Tuesday – Swimming with the Fishes

I have taken two cruises in the past, the
first being in 2003 and the last
being in 2006. The first was with
my sister in law, niece and nephew
and the last was my sister in law,
her parents and a boat load of her
relatives. I enjoyed both cruises but
I have to say that the first one was
the best as far as the people who
worked on the ship. The second was
the best for the things that we did.

I am actually going to reflect this post
to the second trip which was to Cozumel,
Mexico and from there to Panama and
from there to Oche Rio, Jamaica. This
cruise was a longer then the first one
so when we finally made it to Jamaica
we were so ready to be going home that
we did not do anything in this port but
walk around Oche Rio. The things we
did before then took place in Cozumel
and Panama.

Cozumel being where I swam with the
fishes! Big fishes! Dolphins to be exact,
which actually they are mammals and
not fish at all. But my title would not
have bee…

I heart faces

This weeks photo challenge for I Heart Faces is photo's
taken at unusual angles.

This photo of my grandson, Caleb was taken at the
park a couple of weeks ago. He was up on one of the
play wooden boats, going down the hatch to the bottom,
which made him a bit higher then me. I snapped this
just before he lowered himself into the bow fo the ship.

Love that smile he always gives Nana when he is the center of my attention. Jump on over to and take a look at all the interesting photo's. Thanks for stopping by for a visit with Caleb and I at play.

Test - Signature


Thank You Very Much Thursday

Thank you very much Thursday! Yippee
…..I made it another week through
the upsets, the stress and the things
that tick me off and I am here to tell
you about them.

Thanks to Kmama’s for hosting
this free therapy day for all of us
to vent, scream, and be ugly…in a
nice way!

I am here to say thanks to ~~~~~~~~

The built up of stress in having
to take a stress test last Friday.
Just knowing you have to have it
is stressful in itself, is that way it is
called a stress test? By the way, got
to call yesterday that said it was
just fine! Thank You Very Much…..

For the time change that I am trying
to get my body to adjust to, Thank
You Very Much.

To a busy, somewhat stressful week
at work. That is not the norm so it
takes getting use to. Thank You
Very Much.

To the really low tire I found on
Friday and to the fact that now I
have to make a mental note to
watch it. Thank You Very Much.

To Dakota, my dog, for deciding that
is pee schedule has changed and he
feels the NEED to go out around
midnight every night late…

Show me your shoes PaRty!

I just realized that I am not a shoe person or shall
I say I am not fancy, stylish or heel shoe type of
person. This is for couple of reasons~

1. At my age comfort is more the type. Yes, you
younger ladies who wear the heels and tight
fitting shoes will learn this one day. I too use
to wear the narrow high heeled shoes, the
wooden style of 70's platform shoes, jellies,
and tight fitting stylish shoes....those days
are LONG gone.

2. Back issues, heels are just not for
someone with back issues. Flats
are my basic wear these days.

With all that said let me tell you how
I rather my feet be....bare!

But since I decided to play in the shoe party I
will show you some of my favorite ones....

Starting with summer and some well worn
ones (love these).....

these shots of course were taken at different times...
The top last summer and the bottom was just
done a few minutes ago for this post.

I love flip flops for my basic summer wear. These
just happen to be a new pair that my Mom got
me at a clearance sell last …