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Box Projects and a Painting

  I have been wanting to  make a cup holder for Amber, who host Thanksgiving and  a Christmas get together. The other day it hit me that as of yet, I have not made one. I was went to Hobby Lobby and found this box. Box was 6.99. I weighted the buying or making on my part and  decided this time I would buy. Took it home, burned the words in  it and stained it. I sealed the  stained area. I did not stain or seal the inside since cups would be in it.  Big enough for two section of cups and Sharpies still slide in. While letting the sealer dry I painted. Krystal lost her sis over a yr ago and when I visited their new home last month we talked about her sis. She loved purple and of course butterflies like Cardinals are a sign of family visiting.  I decided then I would  paint Krystal a pic. Above is what I came up with. I have never painted like this but thought it  was worth a try. Krystal loves it so last night I shared, via chat on FB that it was hers. She cried  happy tears.  Once I was

Fun Pics from Thankmas

Happy Thanksgiving! Gobble till you Wobble! Pics from our venue Thankmas. Keep in mind we all have a nutty side and although we do not host stripping events.... things happen! HAHA...Julie removing her jacket. This is what happens when you tell a couple that have been married 26 years to look at each other. Yep, 26th years ago,  James gave Julie his heart. Lisa, assistant and Julie's cousin. LOOK... Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas at the venue. The Hitching Post all decorated.  Back to more individual  pics. Lisa again.   Julie, Lisa and  Paula. Krystal and Lisa. Paula, Krystal, Lisa and Julie.  Me getting ready to pose. Posing of course! CRAZY BUNCH  of Ladies. Vick and Mitzi  with Julie  PHOTO BOMBING. I had to play with my hats... I have a collection of hats. Even more than these. Jerry, Wayne, James, Les  (Paula's hub) and Aric. Tie the wife up. Julie learning to  use the camera tripod. The drunks, Les and Paula.  Hoping you enjoyed the  pics! Pam  

Thankmas at the Venue with the I DO DREAM TEAM and Others

 Several months ago  Julie, Lisa and I started planning a Thankmas or Friends Thanksgiving for the Venue. We decided against the normal meal and went with an Italian themed meal. I broke out my gray boots that Renee gave me to wear. I love a chance to dress up.  Here is my outfit. Julie and James had the  garage all set up for our dinner. This was basically for the I DO DREAM TEAM  but we included Wayne (Julies Brother) and Aric and Krystal, good friends.  Aric helps James out a lot in the garage on did a lot of work on Ole Blue.  I love this divider and look at what Julie did. She had  a card for us all.... with money in it.  My pumpkins graced the center of the table. I made  Alfredo Chicken pizza And another one with  tomatoes on it. Lisa brought this. And some Italian Wedding  soup...Perfect for a wedding venue. Paula and hubs brought  cookies and wine. Julie had fixings for  a salad. And  lasagna. Vick and Mitzi brought  this adorable turkey cake. And spaghetti. Although these two