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Sweet Comment and Fun Times

Thursday on FB I posted this~   I have always been a people person, but as the years go by, the fibro gets worse and then the past yr of COVID I have come to realize that I think I like animals better then people. I was walking into work this morning when a woman was walking towards me with her dog. I looked right at the dog and said, "good morning pretty"....then the lady laughed and said hello. I then noticed her. After posting this my friend Cindy came on and left her comment. Cindy Jones Hollis You always know how to put a smile on someone’s face!!! Intentionally or unintentionally!!   1 Like  ·  Reply  ·  1 Active Pam Montgomery Jackson Cindy Jones Hollis  you know that is always been my goal.....laugh is better though Like  ·  Reply  ·  1d Cindy Jones Hollis I miss those meetings where you cracked Everyone up!!   Like  ·  Reply  ·  1d Active Pam Montgomery Jackson Cindy Jones Hollis  haha...that was if I could get a one liner in before  Chris Ramage  or  Paul Murray !!

Churches, Abandoned Homes, and Barns

I keep a folder of  churches on FB.  This is one I shot  on my last ride around.  Front view. This one is on the same road that my niece lives on. And this was closer to my house on  a backroad.  I also keep a folder on FB for barns and  rustic structures.  I love a good old  barn. Here is an abandoned home. On one of the backroads, and  when I say I travel the backroads, I usually just go with no clue as to where they were come out... anyway, on one backroad I saw this. So I got out with my camera. Then moving on I found  barns. This one, I think started as a  barn but maybe became a business at some point but now stands empty.  These stood next to  the building above. I am not sure if this is a one room home or  something else. This building was an  old store I think. And back to a barn. Like I said, I love barns but I really like ones that have been painted and the paint is wearing off. Then I added this effect to the above barn. This old home is an old home...haha Let me re-phase t