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Wordless Wednesday - Big Brothers Birthday Cake

No words can say just how good this was to him!

Squeaky Shoes - The Fix

Okay, it drives me up the wall to walk down the
hall and my shoes squeak!

I put on my black ones
the other day and noticed this sound and again
yesterday I wore them. That was getting on
my last nerve.

I figured I could not be the only person
to deal with this so I turned to my friend...
the internet! I keyed in " how to stop squeaky
shoes"......there was my answer.

It is usually where the material they are made
of is rubbing together that makes that sound.
The fix is to pull up the in sole of the shoe and
sprinkly baby powder in that shoe. Replacing the
in sole.

I have them on today and it works like a charm!
Now everyone can not hear me coming as I
walk down the hall at work!


True Story Tuesday - Hair and Dye

I had forgotten all about this until
yesterday when Deborah and I were
talking about dying hair and it all
came back to me.

Years and years ago when my children
were young we had a season pass to
Opryland Theme Park in Nashville
Tn. It was nice to have cause on
Sunday afternoons after dinner we
could go out to the park, ride some
rides, have some fun and enjoy for
about four hours and then head for
the house. That way, neither the kids
or I got worn out and it was not like
we could not come back the next
Sunday if we wanted.

Now I know you are wondering why
I mentioned hair dye then Opryland
in the same story…….

I have dyed my hair since my mid twenty’s
since I started to get just a few gray hairs.
I was so vain and thinking I was just WAY
to young to have even one gray hair. So
I started covering it up (later in life this
became known as hitting the bottle).
I did not actually cover my hair with
dye when I first started because I only
had a few at the time. Actually before
I started dying them, I would just cu…

Caleb's Cake- He Turned Nine Years Old

Caleb turned nine years old this past Friday.
He is what he considers a big boy now!

Every year for his birthday except for one
(his 6th) I have made his cake and
decorated it for him. One year it was a
Sponge Bob cake, a helicopter cake with
toy helicopters on it and a landing pad,
the year before last he wanted a football
cake and then last year I made him a
Spiderman cake.

This year for some reason he wanted a Camo Cake with Army men on it. Nana (me) went a bit further on that one and put a tank and a jeep on it also.

He was very excited over the cake I was able to produce for him but as the years go by and he gets older, the request get a bit more complicated to produce. I don’t do this for a living and as a matter of fact I don’t really like doing it. I just do it for him.

You see I am an artist. I paint with oils, I do crafts and I do photography so a couple of years ago I thought I could do cakes. I had played around with it for several years here and there so I took a class. I pretty muc…

Hazelaid Necklace

Once again I wish to thank Lauren over at
for the chance to win a Hazelaid Necklance from

I recieved my necklace from Hazelaid yesterday
in the mail. It is very pretty and I love it.
I put it on last night when I got home and
got the mail so as of yet I have no way of
telling any of you if its working or not.

In my package was a business card for
Hazelaid with a handwritten note that
said, "Enjoy the necklace" and it was
signed by Severine Hazelaid.

The necklace which I picked is made with
beads (I picked the black Hematite beads)
and they it has pieces of hazelwood in
between the beads. Very stylish.

If you will run over to
site you will find that their products are
good for a host of problems. Several of
which I suffer from so here's hoping that
the necklace does me some good.

A sheet that came with the necklace states
that the necklace can last for 6 months to
a year depending on how much acid y…

Chiropractor Part 3 -My Back / Dr. Batson's Office

A loss of motion in my lower back of 42%
was not a good thing to hear. Hearing
that my neck was also off and leaning
to the right was not a good thing to
hear esp. after dealing with the
other health issues that I have had
since the first of the year. But….
after 15 visits so far to Dr. Batson’s
office, I am so much better.

There is no more tingling in my left
toes, no more pain in my right calf,
the back pain is gone and the hip is
improving. I have stretching
exercises and core strengthening
exercises to do. I have come off my
migraine meds and I am eating a lot better.
All by just taking a visit to the

I have had back issues since I
was in high school (a long, long
time ago) but I never had anyone
to explain to me the issues of the
back causing problems with the
nerves that could affect so many
areas of the body. On top of that,
I never even thought about it.
I knew about the nerves that
would be affected that could cause
numbness or tingling but I never
realized that it could affect you

Wordless Wednesday- Peek a Boo

Grandson DJ. Soon to be a year old.

True Story Tuesday - The Elbow Part 2

Last week I told you about the dislocated
elbows of my son, the last one being
put in a green Ninja Turtle cast. He
looked so little with this cast going
up from his wrist to past his elbow.
He wore a sling to support it and to
make wearing it a bit easier.

One day my daughter and I also
wore slings so that Cory would
have company. He had homemade
slings that we wore. Cory thought
that was fun and it was interesting
for us to be a part of what he was
going through also.

You know that we all say things to
our kids that you really don’t think
will stay with them. Just passing
phrase’s we might use from time
to time but you also have to admit
that kids pick up on things that
you don’t expect.

When me kids were young if I caught
them messing with something that
they should not be I would tell them
if they did not stop I was going to
break their arms. Now this was
always said with humor and we
usually laughed after it was said.
But…it apparently stuck in Cory’s mind.

Not just that, but the fact that
when I was out with…

Wordless Wednesday - The Look Of Innocence


Hazelwood Necklace...I won

Last week Lauren from
was offering a give away for a Hazelwood Necklace. I entered with
a post, putting her on my blog and my facebook page. I got a shout
out from her yesterday on my blog that I had win. How neat is
that. I am so excited. Check them out at Hazelaid website

They are suppose to be really good for all sorts of
health issues, several mentioned that I fall into.

He is an insert from Lauren's blog.

Therefore, if you suffer from…
* Rheumatism, arthritis, osteoporosis
* Dental cavities, gum bleeding
* Acid reflux, heart burn, ulcers, constipation
* Cracking at the corners of your mouth
* Skin problems such as acne, cold sores, eczema
* Sinus problems
* Ear infections
* Bronchitis
* Headaches and migraines
* Anal itching or burning
* Sciatic nerve pains
* Muscular pain
* Lack of energy, fatigue, depression
* Irritability and nervousness
* Sleep problems.…
it is highly probable that you are suffering f
rom an acidity imbalance. And pure hazelwood

True Story Tuesday - The Elbow

When my son was less then three years
old (now 22) he dislocated his elbow
while him, my ex and I were playing in
the backyard in the pool. My ex was
sitting on all fours when Cory decided
to flip over his Dad’s back. Now keep
in mind that this was not a large pool
just one of those 3 footers. When Cory
went to flip he landed on his wrist and
started screaming. We got him out, dried
him off and noticed that he would not
let anyone look at his wrist, not a good sign.

Shortly after taking him in the house,
while I changed clothes, he fell asleep
in his Dad’s arms. He slept for about
20 minutes only to wake up crying
and holding his wrist. He would not
let either one of us really look at it.

Off to the ER to find out after x-rays
that it was not the wrist but he knew
that if he held it still it would not hurt
further up his arm. He had dislocated
his elbow. After feeling around and
talking with Cory, the doctor popped
it back in place. Poor child yelled out
then there was silence; the pain was
gone just like that…

Trash to Treasure Tuesday

This week is going to be a busy one. I have Octoberfest this coming Saturday and Sunday. This will be the first time I have ever had a booth and tried anything like this. On top of that tomorrow I have a play to attend to at my grandson's school. But with all the stuff going on I still managed to purchase some nice things.
These two were purchased for 1.49 each at Goodwill. They are original Home Interior but these were beat up a bit so they needed a new look.
With primer and paint applied and let dry, I then took sandpaper to them to give them that old look. I personally like this look but not sure if anyone else does.

These candle holders were picked up here and there for less then .50 each. The brown ones I think are also Home Interior, but I am not sure.
They got the same treatment as the above items.

The next candle holders are metal. I did not pick these up but I my Mom did at a yard sale or flea market. I think she gave a $1.00 for the set. Cute, but it needed a different touch …
Okay, this is the 3rd week of eating differently,
and I am now down 12 lbs. I can really tell the
difference in how I feel.

The back is still an issue, but I am still seeing the
Chiropractor. Hip is better so I know that things
are slowly working back in place. No more tingling
in the toes and the numbness is gone. That is a plus for sure.

Last Monday on my visit to the Chiropractor while
adjusting and feeling around on the neck the suggested
doing xrays of that area. So Wed. we did that and he
wanted me back in there the next day so that we
could go over them.

Test had already been done in the office enough
to know that the neck was not vascular but that
it had to do with the nerves and things being off.
During the adjusting I noticed that the doc kept
concentrating more on the right side, apparently
with good reason, it is off and leans to the right.
The bones have also rotated. The good news is
that it can all be fixed. There are no bone spurs,
the disc is pushing out a bit but it is not as bad as
it c…
In July of 2008, I bought my Nikon D40 camera. I got it for a hobby. That hobby has turned into more in the past year. I now have two wedding and three senior individual class photos done, with my niece (a senior) and another one already booked. Yes, this hobby has already paid for that camera!

This past Saturday I was able to photograph my first senior girl. You can do so much more poses with a girl then you can a guy. I was so excited about this one. But…weather kept getting in the way of the first two bookings, Mother Nature was pouring out the rain for two Saturday’s that we tried to get together. Lucky for us, this past one was really pretty and nice.
I not only did the senior, I got some of her and her sister, some of just the sister and some of the Mom with the girls. It all worked out so nicely. I was very pleased with how they all came out.
I shot at the community park, we had trees, benches, swings, a creek… all worked to fit right into the photos.

Take a look and let me kn…

Hazelwood Necklace

For any of you out there that is looking for
natural ways to heal, prevent and aid in
some type illness, check these sites out. The
first one is a blog that I found today because I
read a post of hers talking about eczema. I have
lived with this skin illness all my life.
This next site is the site that actually sells the
product that the blogger was talking about.

If you have been reading my blog lately you
will see that I have some health issues that
I am working very hard on. If a necklace like
this would help with the skin issues and some
of the other things might just
be worth looking into.


True Story Tuesday-POP/Vaseline

Been a few weeks since I posted a True Story Tuesday but here goes.

I went to work for Photo Services for the State of Tennessee just a few weeks short of the youngest photographer. Phil made the move to that area so much easier since he was so easy going and a lot of fun.

Our offices were divided by those make shift, about 8 foot walls that lock together. That height allowed for privacy as well as keeping the noise from the other offices down to a very dull roar. But……..when all was quite you could almost hear a pin drop.

Shortly after moving to that department I was sitting in my office and I kept hearing this popping noise, the kind you hear when someone sticks their finger in their mouth and hooks the cheek as they pull it out making that POP! It would come and go and it was not something that went on and on but it was enough on a given day that it would begin to bother you, mostly because you did not know what it was. I would walk into the guy’s (photographers) room and it would not…

Helpful Hints~~

On the box of a roll of plastic wrap or
aluminum foil there are two tabs.
One on each end. If you push those
in your roll will stay within the box
without slipping out. Makes for the
removal of the item a lot easier. I did
not know this one until about a year
ago when I read it in an email! Who s
ays that emails can’t be full of knowledge!
I have tried this since reading that and
YES, it works.

Peroxide will remove blood from an
article of clothing. I know this one from
taking my dog (fell out of the car) to the
vet with a white shirt on. The tech at
the vet told me about it. So when I went
home, I tried it and it worked great. I
still wear that shirt. I would not
recommend putting it on color but
for whites it works great.

I found, by accident that the Mr. Clean
Magic Eraser’s are great! I have tried
the Easy Off brand and I did not care
for them as well as Mr. Cleans. They
will take rust from the bottom of a
white plate (left sitting in a cast iron
skillet with a touch of water in it…yes,
I know this is not …

Chiropractor - Part 2

(Part one

If anyone is out there that read last
week’s blog at the above link, you
will know what all I have been going
through with my back. And anyone
that has had lower back problems
will be able to relate to the pain, and
let me stated right here and now, I
have done it with only Tylenol, nothing

My issues did not just start with my
back, my health had been going downhill
since 2005 (actually before) when I discovered
from seeing my doctor for on going
migraines, that I had sleep apnea. Like
I said, it has been a slide from that. Weight
gain, migraines, walking around like a
zombie, hurting for almost a year like I
had the flu and relating it to the weight,
digestive issues….its been one issue right
after the other. All that and more was
blogged about at this time

I have a weight issue, and no matter what
I did I could not …

Hocus Pocus - The 3 Witches

AKA ~ the 3 secretaries!

Pam (me) ~ Nickname: Tink, short for

Tinkerbell. There is a whole long office
story that goes along with this nickname
that has to do with one of our co-workers
taking his family to Disney World, and me
not letting the event that took place that
he came back and made the mistake
by telling me about! To long to get into
but lets just say that Richard and his
“fun” day at Disney World will not die
in this office so long as Tink is around.
Thanks to Cindy for some reason, she
felt I needed this name.

Cindy ~ favors Cindy Woo Lou on the

Grinch that Stole Christmas! But let
me tell you with what she has been
dealing with in her life lately (hormones)
there is a little devil within her…NO
ANGEL! Although she has been trying
so hard lately to lose the horns, the
tail and the pitch fork from her magnet
of the office board and claims that she
now is earning her angel wings!
Explained in this blog:…