Hocus Pocus - The 3 Witches

AKA ~ the 3 secretaries!

Pam (me) ~ Nickname: Tink, short for

Tinkerbell. There is a whole long office
story that goes along with this nickname
that has to do with one of our co-workers
taking his family to Disney World, and me
not letting the event that took place that
he came back and made the mistake
by telling me about! To long to get into
but lets just say that Richard and his
“fun” day at Disney World will not die
in this office so long as Tink is around.
Thanks to Cindy for some reason, she
felt I needed this name.

Cindy ~ favors Cindy Woo Lou on the

Grinch that Stole Christmas! But let
me tell you with what she has been
dealing with in her life lately (hormones)
there is a little devil within her…NO
ANGEL! Although she has been trying
so hard lately to lose the horns, the
tail and the pitch fork from her magnet
of the office board and claims that she
now is earning her angel wings!
Explained in this blog:

Deborah ~ The Big HAIRED Lady!

The woman that believes the bigger
the hair the closer to Heaven! Never
have I seen Deborah with a hair out
of place but to my surprise I have
once seen her without makeup! If
you need a fast makeup fix or a quick
spray or “back comb” Deborah is the

Let me say that we are three pretty

equal in humor and in throwing out
one liners. On a given day if one of us
is slacking or not on our game you can
bet that one of the others will be
picking up that slack and running
with it. But on the flip side of things,
we each bring something different, a
different outlook, different kind of
humor to the conversation and work

Now with all this lead up to the actual

story, last year I purchased individual
small pumpkins for each one of us,
painting a face on each one of them to
sit on our file cabinets just at the
entrance of our office. This year I
purchased us some witches! Oh….
Hocus Pocus!

We could not leave it alone with just

3 cute witches hanging outside the
entrance of our office we had to embellish
them! I personally am still at a loss
(yes, me) as to what to do with mine
but here is what I have done so far.

Cindy’s was followed by her remark of
earning the halo and wings. I had to up
in on that one and do what I could to
work with that when she was not
around. From that, Deborah had to
jump in and give her witch the
Deborah look! I love it.

Take a look and enjoy our version of
Halloween in our office!
Thanks for stopping by and please
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Anonymous said…
Hey Tink! Yes it's me..finally getting a peek at your Blog after how long?? Anyway gotta love those Wiches.. I enjoyed watching the Hocus Pocus Movie when it came out way back when? lol.. Anyway you three are soo creative...I love 'em .. Witches with style hee hee. And by the by...don't you guys work? lol.. You sure keep things interesting at the Office and give 'A Day at The Office' a brand new meaning! (smile).. Sounds like our fun group way back in the days when I was working. It sure makes going to work so much more enjoyable when you have a fun group that gets along and works well together. Good for you guys! Nancy M; Ohio

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