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Bread, Icing, Cinnamon - Monkey Bread

Monkey Bread Simple and easy, that is what I like! Two tubes of Kroger Cinnamon Rolls Butter Cinnamon Brown Sugar I took a small bundt pan-sprayed with PAM. Opened a tube of the cinnamon rolls, cut them in 1/4's. Layered them in the pan, if they fall apart that is just fine. After I finished one tube of the rolls I melted some butter, couple teaspoons and I poured 1/2 on the rolls. Sprinkled with brown sugar, and cinnamon, no measuring. I then cut and layered the next tube. When finished I poured the rest of the butter, more brown sugar and cinnamon. Baked at 400 for about 20 minutes or until done. Let cool and then dump onto a plate. Just pull you off a piece and eat! Thanks for stopping in, Pam


I know that a lot of us have the smartest dogs out there.....but I for one have never owned one like this one. He is amazing, funny, rotten, set in his ways, rude, self centered......after all he is THE KING! I got Dakota from my daughter. She thought that my grandson Caleb needed a dog but they moved shortly after that and could not have animals where they were moving. He was 6 months old then. He is now 5.5 yrs old. And I was only going to have him for a few weeks while they found him a home. All the time I kept saying, I am not keeping this dog, I don't want a dog, I don't need a dog...etc.
But he has brought me laughter and I really do love him.
When I had sugery in August for my rotator cuff I upset Dakota's routine. And he hates his routine to be messed up. It threw him off when I came home from surgery and we stayed a week with my Mom.
After  a couple of days at Mom's he settled down. But since I was sleeping in the recliner but Dakota would sleep on Mom'…


Been busy this evening.... I made this set for myself. These I showed on Facebook and a friend bought them within 3 minutes. Pearls are classy for any outfit.
I have no clue where this idea came from.
Simple, yet nice.
Thanks for stopping in, Pam

Birds in the Yard and Around

Been looking through my pics on facebook and noticed I had birds in lots of different folders. While moving them around to a folder titled "Birds" I realized I had a lot of different kinds of birds so I thought I would post them in my blog....and I know that this is not all. WREN CHICKADEE
Got this baby at my brothers place. WILD TURKEY



These were taken last year at my brothers house, through the window. But these were taken at my house yesterday. I have lived here almost 20 years and every year I am honored to have a hummingbird visit me. Only once have I seen more than one at a time. Yesterday this guy hung around while I stepped out on the deck to photograph him. So much more trusting than regular birds. Isn't he amazing. I love to watch them. And they always bring a smile to my face. Thanks for stopping in, Pam