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Project one done.  Remember this pic below? I took the print out. Spray painted the frame an off white.  Then with chicken wire... must have been shaking when I took this pic. haha Attached the wire to the frame. With clothes pins I hung some old black and white pics up. Isn't it cute? Remember me posting this painting? This is the Big Spring in Cedartown Ga. My mom's hometown. I mentioned that I had painted this bridge in High School in art class.  Mom had it hanging in the dinning room for years.... This is the before painting. Below. Lily Bit has leaned she can jump into the  trash can.  A couple of pumps of the water bottle and I think she learned that was a no no. Posted on this project some time ago before I had all you ladies following me. A spice rack.... great for nail polish and my oils. As my oils grow in bottles I will probably n

Helping Hand / The Touch

Trying to clean up the  litter that Lily Bit throws all over the bathroom... and she really thinks she is helping me! Out on the deck yesterday working and the only way I could get things done was to put them in the  house. Love the look Lily is giving Dakota. Like she is asking,  "what do we do now"! Saturday Dakota went to Granny's house (my mom) to play with her dogs and he stayed the night. Lily missed him. She actually stuck to me all  evening. But last night... he was home.  And she has to be touching him! He is actually under the cover  and she is laying on top of him. Just the lightest of touch here. See the paw on his backside? Still touching him. And yet again....still the touch. I love this bond between them. 63 lbs and I think it is time to give up this gown.  Looking a tad to big! haha... Something to keep in mind. Thanks for stopping by, 

New Condo/ Projects

My niece Jessica, just bought her first home. A two bedroom condo with a garage....less then 5 minutes from her fav aunts house! congrats Jessica. 615 Rocks. I dropped this off in my area today. Hope someone found it and it brought a big smile to their face. I worked on a project today for  my daughter. Remember the  coffee table I got off the side of the  road? I have it looking good... not posting till I have it stained and sealed.  But with that said,  I also have this project started.   It is going to be a big project.  Any guesses on what you think it is? Haha....and if that is not a big enough Let me throw this one out there. My mom gave me this that she picked up at a yard sale years ago. I kept it for the frame. And I have found a need for the  frame. Results to be revealed later. Who remembers these? Thanks for stopping in, 

Dresser and The Window

While reading the sweet comments that you all post on my blog I  ran across one from  Jeanie at She was saying that she had some  chairs she needed to paint this summer and a dresser also.  With that I went back into my blog and located pics  of a dresser I redid. A friend of mine was moving and she gave me this. I worked hard in redoing this  piece. I had paint on hand but it was without primer so  I had to prime this piece, then paint it. It was a bit dull with that so I had to add some stencil  to it. Big difference don't you think? I took my curtains in the living room down last night cause today (which I did not get done) I was going to frame out the window.  With that said Lily pulled the curtains off the chair and decided to roll around in it.  Do you see her? Ran across this on PINTEREST. So what is your chicken name? I a

Park It Here

And this title has NOTHING to do with actually parking! haha It's all about where you park your rear! I have always been a crafter of some sort since I was a teen. I tried to involve my oldest grandson in things I did since he was living with me. So one day when I decided to paint his mom's old rock'n chair I left him help. We were basically just playing around. We just went wild with the  paint, doing different colors, shapes and designs.  Caleb had his own rock'n chair that was solid wood where this was not so I did not think I needed to hand it  down to him. But what to do with this colorful chair.  Working with Phil, a young  photographer in Photo Services for  the state of TN., he got me into a fund raising project. He saw a pic of this chair and  asked me what I was going to do with it and then suggested that I donate it to  Kids on the Block (no, not New Kids on the Blo