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Three Hocus Pocus Witches, Kitchen Mat and My Hats

 I saw this on FB posted on Loretta Lynn's page. That is supposed to be Loretta  Reba  and  Dolly! I love this. The Country Music Hocus Pocus Witches. I went into the work on Friday this week to close out billing. Friday not being my normal day but I knew no one would be in the office. I drove past Old Time Pottery on my way home. I picked up this. There was another one but it looked more Christmas and this looked like it could be used all  winter. Be great in the kitchen at the sink. It is one of those cool mats, thick and makes standing better. Pulled out my hats today. The witches hats. This is my fave. These are my two extra. haha... Halloween is around the corner. Pam

Darla and Comparing Pics, Dolly and Halloween

 Thank you Darla over at For your comment on my  post about comparing  pics. Here is what Darla said~ As for those awesome images, for  the first one I prefer the second,  wider shot of the leaves. The difference  between that other pair of images baffles me.  I'm obsessing about it now but stopping short  at copying and pasting to study them side  by side. lol I look forward to how the  results turn out. Best wishes! The reason I brought this up is because I myself wanted to see what  y'all thought about the  difference... HAHA I guess not being  a photographer it might be hard to see what I see. But Darla just for you I wish to explain. This is the same order in which I posted before. This pic taken by a  photographer that I  have worked with  at the venue several times. First let me explain something else. While there is a photographer there and I am assisting at the  venue, I do what I can to  help said photographer  in what they are shootin

All Over the Place Post

 This post will be an all over the page post... course I never blog about just one thing, I like my post to be full of info! HAHA This was posted on FB for me the other day. Post read like this My only decoration for the fall thanks to Pam Montgomery Jackson for making it from material from moms house. Comment was posted by Renee, Chris' wife (dude I dated), Chris lost his mom a few months back. I have grown my hummingbird vine three years in a row. Matter of fact, Chris mom,  Linda gave me the  starting to my first one. NEVER in those yrs have I had it draw bees. But  OH MY GOSH this yr I think it drew all the carpenter bees in the  hood to my house in late summer. However, with the cold mornings they are getting less and less. I can go out and they are just there, sitting, not moving  and they will not move till the sun heats them up.  Course the way that vine took over this yr. I will have to  rethink the spot I start it in next year... Over taking my gate so that the vine wrap

Hot Chocolate, MASH and MASH Remake Pic, Caterpillar Winter and Answers to Comments

 Morning Bloggers.. I opted for my first cup hot choc of the  cooler season this morn instead of coffee. YUM! I saw this on FB and being a fan of MASH at the time it caught my attention. The caption only read... CHECK THIS OUT! A group of kids recreated the “MASH” cast photo! No clue about anything else with the pic. However, amazing on the details. The head tilts, the clothes, the smiles, the hat tilts... amazing. Only big difference I see would be in the kid playing Alan Alda.. Head not turned just right and the smile is not as big. I LOVE IT! Also, saw this on FB. I have not seen any so  I sent a message out on  FB asking if any friends have seen any. A friend said he has seen three... all BLACK. Well now I am concerned, no  blacks in this pic but does the black mean a harsher then harsh winter??? Ah, hell. I even am trying to remember to pick up rock salt for the deck and walkways here at the house, just in case! Now lets venture off to  your questions and replies on my blog... Liz