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My upstairs bathroom is coming along slowly due to my health and some health issues that have popped up... But with a good day on Sunday and apparently a lot of energy Iwas able to get the pieces cut out to frame my mirror. Cut out and primmed. Had hoped to paint and hang today but between dr. appts. I took a nap. LOL... I managed to also get the new pulls on the doors and drawers only to find out that I could not locate the hinges. No telling what I did with them. So I made a Lowes stop today. Hinges and nails. Should be ready to go.... Thanks for stopping in, Pam

The New Look

Good morning ~

The weekend before last I started yet another project, although I have some I need to finish that I started before. I think I get bored with the way things are going and I have to move to something else. I don't know, been like that all my life.

But anyway, I had the small, thin in width bookcase that is in my entry way. I have had it for years. Well, let's see, my daughter is 32 and I got it when she was a baby. It was given to me and my ex by his mother and it once had belonged to her father. I had not touched it all these years but the other day I was looking at it and decided it needed help.

It had a reddish tint to it as you can see but the color in my living room is a dark brown color and this is right there at the living room so I wanted them to match.

I primed the piece and added some legs to it which that alone made a neat difference. The I pulled out the same dark brown paint that I did my bathroom cabinet in. It took a while, so I did not finish i…


When I got my first professional type camera almost five years ago I tired a lot of different things just to see what I could do. For some odd reason I decided I wanted to shoot a drop of water. Not as easy as it sounds but it was fun trying. Took me a few minutes before I got lucky enough to get this shot. One of my all time favorites. Sometime later I decided to play again. I took this as the kitchen faucet dripped into a blue bowl. This last night I wanted to play some more. This shot was taken with the water dripping into my stainless steel sink. But then I started shooting the drip again. Now this one is right up there with my fav. More shooting into the sink to get a splash. Love this one. This one turned out cool also. More splashing.. No splash. To cool... Thanks for stopping in, Pam

Thinking of Warmer Weather

Not a fan of squirrels since they ate a hole in the eve of my house and moved in a few Christmas' ago. Was not funny the amount of money I put out to have them gone and to have that fixed. But on the flip side of it, they are fun to watch. In the spring I love to sit on the deck and watch them and the birds. I love feeding the birds.... but it just draws these squirrels closer to the house. Last weekend I put some bread and oranges out for the birds.
And within 30 minutes this guy appeared.

He got a piece of orange out but he was not to excited about it.
But it was fun to stand at the window and watch him trying to dig the bread out from around the oranges.
Course he finally got a good chuck out to eat on.
LOL....I knocked on the window and this is the reaction I got...but it did not stop him for going back to eating. Well, it will not be long before I can sit out again to watch these guys... come on spring! Thanks for stopping in, Pam

The Drawing

Meet my great nephew Cole.

As children grow and are given some tools to teach them different things like drawing and coloring, other things can take place.

My great nephew, Cole, who will be 2 next month decided to draw with his crayons on the wall. Now who has been there? I've been there, my son did it and my grandson did it. According to my mother, I did it! Look at that master piece. Looks like an R at the top and ay at the bottom. Ray, his grandpa's name. LOL

As I was talking to my mom about Cole doing, both of us laughing, she informed me I had done it also. Whoops, ME? REALLY? This story I had never heard before. I apparently, or it is alleged that I locked myself in a small bathroom at my Grandmother Montgomery's house and I took lipstick to the walls. Well, in my defense, lipstick looks like a crayon. The problem with this was, I was really little and could not figure out how to unlock the door when I was told to. So according to mom, they put my brother Ray, thro…

To Paint or Not, Color or Not, Shutters or Not

In the summer of 2009 I had my house painted from a 90's type country blue to this. Not really sure what color you would tag this with. It is a type of beige, but at times it has a gold look to it and other times it has a green hint to it…..but anyway, I say beige.

The windows in the house are trimmed in white so I kept the shutters white. Actually, these have been replaced from the wooden ones to the new hard plastic (whatever) type. The guy who painted the house said he could do the shutters and door a different color but at the time I had already put out a good chuck of change so I stayed with the simplest…..white. He made the suggestion of color after he had already painted them white, and I also saw no need to change that.

NOW….the door picks up everything, so I was thinking of painting it a color. Question is, what color? Then the next question is, since I have decided to not do the shutters, will that be ok? I posted these questions on facebook on my home page. And I got…

Franklin TN. Art Crawl

Friday ~2-1-2013~ Morning started this way. But it did not hang around long. The evening was an event put togethere by a a friend, Jill. There were 6 to 8 ladies that were going to attend the Franklin, TN art crawl but due to the temps being in the low 20's several ladies dropped out....Only 4 of us crazies came out for the fun. We met and started here. I had a great BLT, pasta salad and fruit tea. Yummy. No, I did not try this but it looked amazing. After our meal we ventured out into the COLD streets! First stopping point was the visitors center. Where we listened to a gentleman singing and this woman playing. Very nice. Beautiful painting at one gallery we stopped at. Elvis' Graceland. I loved these paintings at Gallery 202. Watermelon, coke and Cracker Jacks. I had to step out and get cooled off while waiting on the group. Jill, and her new friend. Loved these. This one place we went in just went on and on, and on...