Thinking of Warmer Weather

Not a fan of squirrels since they ate a hole
in the eve of my house and moved in a
few Christmas' ago. Was not
funny the amount of money
I put out to have them gone and to
have that fixed.
But on the flip side of it, they are
fun to watch.
In the spring I love to sit on the deck
and watch them and the birds.
I love feeding the birds....
but it just draws these squirrels closer
to the house.
Last weekend I put some bread and oranges out
for the birds.

And within 30 minutes this guy appeared.

He got a piece of orange out but he
was not to excited about it.

But it was fun to stand at the window and
watch him trying to dig the bread
out from around the oranges.

Course he finally got a good chuck
out to eat on.

LOL....I knocked on the window and this
is the reaction I got...but it did
not stop him for going back to eating.
Well, it will not be long before I can sit
out again to watch these guys...
come on spring!
Thanks for stopping in,


Gail Wilson said…
I too am anxious for Spring Pam!

I love watching the birds and the squirrels. :)
have a super weekend,

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