Birds in the Yard

 Hello friends.

This morning Dakota and I sat out on the
deck, it was a nice 71 cool degrees after
a night of storms and rain. The birds were
singing and flying around and it was
so peaceful.

In the pic above I am standing on the
deck looking into my Crepe Myrtle
at the bird house I hung a couple
months ago. I had been sitting there
listening to this one bird that
I was not sure what it was and
was not sure where it was
coming from. Then I saw her, on the
branch next to the bird house and
she was loud! She would speak out
and another bird, same talk as her
would speak up from in the
trees on the creek.

I then realized where that noise was
coming from....her and him.
Then I realized why. She flew from
branch to branch checking things
out before flying onto the bird house.

And then I realized I heard babies
too. I watched him and her
do this for a long time.
Such a pleasure.

Here is mom. Waiting, looking
and checking things out.

Then over to the house she went.

While watching them I realized
up above my head was
a  pair of male and female
red birds.

Dakota and I headed to moms
and sat on her deck for a bit.

A week ago mom had a pair of
blue birds that had hatched their
babies in the birdhouse

(sorry, back shot of the house)

Once the babies flew away, mom
and dad were gone also.

Mom and I sat on her deck and
discussed that no other birds
had moved in yet.
For years now, one set would move
out and another would move

Mom went in and while I sat
there I saw movement
at the bird house.

A wren had gone inside and
had proceeded to take up
"cleaning house"!!
While inside I would see it
stick its head out and drop
something to the ground. I
noticed then that it was throwing
feathers out!

I sat in shock as I watched the
wren continue to clean
the bird house out!
I busted out laughing and
got some funny looks
from the dogs!
So funny, never knew that
a bird would clean house!

Thanks for stopping in for a visit,


Mildred said…
It's fascinating to watch birds. You were fortunate to see so much activity! We saw our very first hummingbird of the season today. We were thrilled!
Sally said…
I should be more like the bird, and clean my house.LOL

Sweet post, Pam!
Liz A. said…
Kind of like new apartment tenants, eh?
Ann said…
Sounds like a perfect day. I enjoy watching the birds. That's funny about the wren. It's probably a better housekeeper than I
Sandra said…
instead of a day spent stopping to smell the roses you did the stop and watch the birds, not once but twice.. a super way to relax and enjoy life...
Darla M Sands said…
Some birds are very persnickety. ~grin~ Unlike me. I'm Sally, though I'm literally on my own back porch listening to birds as I blog and prepare to write.

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