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Blogging Buddies

Hello everyone, I am reading stuff about Google Friend Connect blogging being gone, leaving us. I am not sure if that effects my Google Blogspot Blog but to be on the safe side I am looking into moving my blog to wordpress blogging. I will keep you posted on that, and where I go. But in the mean time I wanted to let you know that I started another blog. If you are interested jump over to  and check out the new blog. Its not my normal crafting or photo blog, its a blog about Sleep Apnea, Fibromyalgia and other stuff that go hand in hand with all that stuff. I am going to be telling about my experiences with the Sleep Apnea and the illnesses that have come along that are connected to it. Stop by often and check it out daily. Thanks for stopping in, Pam

Cup and Saucer

Another PINTEREST find. Cup and saucer - $1.50 from Goodwill. Gorialla glue and seeds on hand. Nice look from the regular bird feeders. Thanks for stopping in, Pam

Antique Table

Several years ago my neighbor was throwing out an old antique table. I would call it a side table maybe cause I think it was to small to be a coffee table. There was the top of the table, two legs that went down and connected into a smaller wooden piece. Off that piece were  four curved legs that sat on the floor. One of the curved legs had broken off so she was tossing it. I thought even back then (probably 2002 or 2003) that it could be used for something more. I had planned on painting a pic on the table top but since decided against that. But my thoughts were always to make it a tray. As is was, it has been in a closet all this time. Here is what happened to the two legs. Candle sticks. I had my brother cut one down so that the size would not be the same. I then stained a couple of

Some Projects - From the Wine to the Neck

This is a project I found on PINTEREST.... I had a brown wine bottle, wrapped some rubberbands around it in different places and whipped out the green spray paint. Let it dry, remove the rubberbands and this is what you have. Next, I had an order for a necklace. Also found this on PINTEREST. A chain, a round charm and a cross. Run the chain through the round charm and the cross at the end of the chain. Next I made the same type of necklace for my daughter in law. She recently lost a favorite cat so I found her a charm of a cat....think she will like it. It went in the mail Thursday and it should be delivered tomorrow. Hope she likes it. Yay...another order. I had made a necklace like this for myself. Lady at work loved it and wanted one to match a jacket that she has, plus she wanted a bracelet. She loved it. This is just a bit of what I have been up too. But I have so many other projects i

So Busy

Whoops~ I have not been holding up my end of the promise I made to blogmore! Just been so busy...I have so much going on. I have my photography, my oil painting, crafting, making jewerly, spending some time with my grandkids, giving Dakota AKA The King (my dog) the undivided attention that he feels he needs, working full time, working overtime, keeping house. I have a new Esty account and I blog.....or need to be. I have been failing at reading blogs and following them. So now that you have read my excuses.... oh wait, that was not all of them. I love facebook and I am so addicted to PINTEREST! I have so many things that I have pinned and if I ever get around to making them I could stay busy all year long, if not longer. If you have not been on PINTEREST you might want to check it out. To be a member you have to have a facebook account. But check it out....they have ~JEWERLY~ ~Neat things for the home~

My Granny

Whoops…..not been blogging much, and I said I was going to change that! Oh well. I actually have not been crafting much the past couple of weeks, I guess you can say that I have been gathering! Yes, gathering things to possibly craft with! Okay, with that said let me go on with my short but sweet blog today. This is my Granny. I have written about her before but today as I sit at work it hit me about something that my Mother just told me a couple of weeks ago. My Granny always, and I remember this, always had a thing of sweet tea made. Not only that, she always had bottles of coke on hand. I don’t recall ever seeing her drink a coke, but they were there for whoever wanted one.   As for the tea, Mom told me although she always had it there, she never, never drank any. Instead she drank water from the faucet with lemon in it. I tried to remember back and although I remember her drinking the water, I could not remember ever taking notice that she never drank tea. Grann