So Busy

Whoops~ I have not been holding up my end
of the promise I made to blogmore!

Just been so busy...I have so much going on.
I have my photography, my oil painting,
crafting, making jewerly, spending some
time with my grandkids, giving Dakota AKA
The King (my dog) the undivided attention that
he feels he needs, working full time, working
overtime, keeping house. I have a new Esty
account and I blog.....or need to be.
I have been failing at reading blogs and
following them.

So now that you have read my excuses....
oh wait, that was not all of them.
I love facebook and I am so
addicted to

I have so many things that I have pinned
and if I ever get around to making them
I could stay busy all year long, if
not longer.

If you have not been on PINTEREST you
might want to check it out. To be a member
you have to have a facebook account.

But check it out....they have


~Neat things for the home~


~Craft items~

~Things for the home~

~Garden Ideas~

~Food ideas~

and much, much more!

I will try better on following your

Thanks for stopping in,


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