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Staying Busy on Vacation

I am on vacation! It started at 2 pm on the 18th of this
month and I will not be returning to work until Jan. 4th...

Now, what to do with my time????
Get somethings in order and organized.
Thinking that I just have to much stuff and
it is all closing in on me so I decided that it
was time to clean out cabinets, closets,
drawers and whatever else I can find to
mess with.

Yesterday I decided that I wanted to make a
coat rack for my hall. I got the idea from my
cousin, Kathy. So here are my versions of
what she had made.

The top one is for the coats and the second one is
to hang behind the door in the bathroom to hold my
belts and scarfs.

I got a baseboard from Home Depot, that had
the curved edge over the top. The board cost
me $8.00 but I have been able to get to racks
measuring 24 inches each and one measuring
15 inches ( for towels in the bathroom, yet to be

The hooks on the top one were $3.98 each for a
total of $11.94. With the board cost cut in 3's and
the cost of the hooks, …

Wordless Wednesday

Beautiful under the Christmas tree.

True Story Tuesday - Kenny Rogers

Several, several years ago I went to
a Kenny Rogers concert with two
friends. I have always liked ole Kenny
so I was looking forward to it.

The concert was held at the Grand
Ole Opry here in Nashville and we
had really good seats, 4th row back
to the left of the stage. Not bad
seating at all.

Well, my friends decided that for some
reason they were bringing a pair
binoculars to the concert. Between
the three of us we past the binoculars
back and forth to take a good look at
Kenny. From where we were sitting
and with the aid of those strong
looking glasses, we had a great view.

After several passes of the binoculars
it was my turn again. At this point
Kenny decided to stop singing and look
my way and ask me what I expected
to see sitting that close to the stage
looking through the binoculars! Okay,
I was so red and I could have very easily
crawled under the seats in front of me.
Yes, I could see the sweat on his
forehead and the whiskers on his
chin really well…..but did he have
to announce it to the whole place?


I Heart Faces - Pets

This weeks post at I Heart Faces is about Pets. This is my dog Dakota,
he was happier posing for this shot then he was when I tried to wrap
him up in lights and put a bow on his head!

Run on over to I Heart Faces and check more pets out.


For those of you who know me know that
I am not much of a cooker. I actually
have done more since September then
I probably have in several years. It is
just really hard to cook for one person
so it has been easier to grab something
here or there and make the most of it.

When I married at 20 I was not much of
a cook then either. The reason then was
a bit different, I did not know how to
cook. See my Mom was a stay at home
Mom until I was in the 11th grade. But
even then she was still home to cook
our breakfast before heading to school
and there to cook dinner. Plus, she
would rather not have anyone in her
kitchen misplacing things or making
a mess. With those reasons, I never

After marrying, I learned and became
fairly good at it. I cooked my children’s
breakfast before they headed to school
and I headed to work. And after work I
cooked a nice dinner, helped with
homework, started laundry and picked
up things all before going to bed.

Years after my divorce my son moved in
with his Dad, he was 12, wanted…

Trip into the Past - Bethlehem

Last Friday evening my grandson,
Caleb and I went back in time to
Bethlehem.We walked down
the streets of Bethlehem during
the time when everyone
was called together to be counted

for the census. We watched as vendors
try to sell us their wares, as kids

played in the streets and as people
danced and sang.

Dancing and singing

As we entered the city of Bethlehem we had to sign our names in so
that we could be counted on the
census. And as we walked the streets
we viewed and passed Roman soldiers
with their sheilds and swords.

There were vendors making baskets, selling fine linen, selling
herbs, selling bread and one
vendor's child was even stomping grapes to sell wine. There were vendors that looked richer then some and
poor children that played in the
streets. We viewed shephards
tending their animals. It was a
site to view.
basket weaver
Caleb and the linen lady


After our journey through the streets we entered the Bethlehem
Inn. We were greeted and taken
to our seats by servants. As
we set…

Wordless Wednesday

Pic of niece when I gave her the birthday gift from me.

True Story Tuesday - The Seat Belt

Many years ago a friend I was out running
around with a friend, Jill.
We were going shopping and then to
do lunch in her car.

Each time we got into the car to go
somewhere I noticed that the seat
belt was acting up a bit. It seemed
to be a bit hard to slip into the slot
and I was having to push on it really
hard. But when I went to release it
every thing seemed to be okay with it.

UNTIL…..when I got back in the car
on our very last stop I really had to
force the belt into the slot but before
I could make mention of it we started
talking and I forgot. When we arrived
to where my car was parked and I
pushed the button to release the belt,
I realized I was stuck.

The button would not push in far
enough to release the belt. I pushed,
she pushed, I pulled, she pulled…but
it would not work. So between gasp
of laughter from us both I suggested
that we go to her brother’s house to
have it cut off! She suggested loudly
that we were not cutting that belt, then
she rolled with laughter yet again. O…

I Heart Faces - Sweet Dreams

I Heart Faces this week is titled Sweet Dreams.
Go by and check out all the pics.

My grandson, when he was 11 days old. He is now 1 yr. old.


Wordless Wednesday

Daughters dog.