I Heart Faces - Pets

This weeks post at I Heart Faces is about Pets. This is my dog Dakota,

he was happier posing for this shot then he was when I tried to wrap

him up in lights and put a bow on his head!

Run on over to I Heart Faces and check more pets out.




Anonymous said…
Oh no you didn't... that is TOO funny! I wouldn't blame poor Dakota for biting you if you really tried to wrap him in lights... he could have ended up as a for-real "hot dog"! LOVE this pic... you made a great capture! Hey, did you notice that the photographer judges from last week are doing seminars and will be in Nashville in January? And if you put "Iheartfaces" (I think... look at the end of the last post on IHF website to confirm) at checkout, the cost goes from $150 to $50. They look like a fun couple, and I bet that seminar would be worth every penny!
Foursons said…
Bahahaha! What's the matter with him not wanting to be wrapped up in lights with a bow?! Geez. Hahaha- so glad he posed for you though.

Great photo!
Great pic! I can't imagine any dog sitting still to be decorated.
Brooke said…
He still doesn't look exactly thrilled with you taking his picture :) Cute entry!

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