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Halloween Decorations

I was a tad slow at getting out the Halloween stuff this year. But its done! FINALLY. I painted this a couple of years ago to sat on my desk at work to put candy in. Course it is sitting around the house since there is no desk this year... RETIREMENT. I purchased these at Target last year for my office. I added the ribbon. Could not sleep last night so... I painted. I love this. Here are a few things I painted a few weeks ago. I love scrape wood!!! Painted this a couple months ago. Love it on my door. My favorite piece. No where to stick the witch hat, so  just threw it on the lamp. Now the outside stuff. New piece I picked up at Wally World. ' This is the only pic I took of the ghost with the most. I actually have another one this size and a larger one. Now one of my biggest fears is spiders... Rubber and plastic ones I can handle. H

Oakley - The Baby

Oakley... black lab baby of the bunch. Oakley is a handful. He loves to go every chance he gets. And he is not moving to the back. He loves the pond and never thinks twice about the fish. Or them of him. Oakley is he is out the door every time it opens. But the only issue I have with him is that you can go to let the other dogs in and he will lay there looking at you. You call him to come and he just looks. And yes, as soon as the door closes and you go sit down, he scratches to get in.... pardon me, he hits the door like a truck. But he is a sweetie. Thanks for stopping in,


Was blogging on the dogs I sit for at my brothers house but got side tracked with the last blog and the work on the house. But this is the 3rd dog... Maggie. Maggie is a rescue dog. Maggie's master was killed changing a tire and the car fell on him. Maggie was hauled off to a pound. My sis in law Lori made many calls and fought hard to get "custody" of Maggie. Not sure of her age but she does have a hearing issue. She is loner. The bigger dogs, although the excepted her into the home with no issues, she is intimated by the other dogs. I think it has to do with the size of the others....along with the fact that they move FAST! Maggie does not. She is a sweetie. She will come over for a pat on the head or if you have you legs crossed she will walk under them to scratch her back. She loves the couch. Loves to lay on her back with the legs in the air. She also enjoys going for

The Pantry / Storage Area

Retirement: Getting things done around the house that should have been done years ago... I had the deck screened in... which I LOVE. Next was to rework a storage area on the deck. This has always been a sore spot with me for years. The door to the storage area was hung to open inside the area giving you about 12 inches of real storage. This area backed up to the side of the pantry inside the house. I decided I just needed to have the two spaces opened up and made into one. Here is the entry area to the storage area with the door removed. This is the wall that the storage area backs up too, the inside of the pantry. The best handy man around cutting into the pantry from the storage area. And look, he has already framed out the door way. Here in the pantry Jimmy has already remove the supports for the shelves so that he can cut the opening. And here comes the blade. Standing i