The Pantry / Storage Area


Getting things done around the
house that should have
been done years

I had the deck
screened in...
which I LOVE.

Next was to rework
a storage area on the
This has always been a
sore spot with me for
years. The door to the
storage area was hung to open
inside the area giving you
about 12 inches of real storage.

This area backed up to the
side of the pantry inside
the house. I decided I just
needed to have the two spaces
opened up and made into one.

Here is the entry area to
the storage area with the
door removed.

This is the wall that the storage
area backs up too, the inside
of the pantry.

The best handy man around
cutting into the pantry from
the storage area.

And look, he has already framed
out the door way.

Here in the pantry Jimmy has
already remove the supports
for the shelves so that he
can cut the opening.

And here comes the blade.

Standing in my pantry looking
into my new storage area in
the house.

And this is where the outside door
Amazing the storage space
I now have.

Saturday I painted.

Course the creative side
of me had to mark the areas
for picture purposes only!!

This is the other side of the pantry.

Painting done. cutting a door between
the two units I was not able
to use the same shelving.
The back wall had 10 inch
wide shelves but with the
door now there I had to
make those back shelves 8 inches

That meant new wood, my saw and
some work!

First shelf up.

The rest of the shelves on the back
wall up and ready.

Now the side shelves.

To connect the two
I used these.

Yep....they hold!!!

I still had a floor that
needed flooring.

I had to match the new flooring to
what I have in the pantry and
and kitchen. I matched as close
as I could.

this is it.
and this is what I have in the pantry...

Close but not a match .....but once
I put a wooden threshold
between the two rooms at the door
no one will know!

I am so happy with this new space,
happy with what Jimmy did,
happy with what I did.
I can't wait to get things
moved back in the pantry
and into the storage area.

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