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Summer Months/Brush Pile up

During the summer months with tree trimming,
storms and just trying to get your yard looking
good you can rack up some tree and bush brush
(say that one 5 times in a row real fast!!).

Lately I have noticed all along my neighborhood
roads there is brush stacked every where, including
at the end of my drive. Last weekend I cut back a
tree at the back of my yard that was bad need of a
trim. It was the type of tree that you see growing
along the river or lakes, I think it is called a river
birch. There were several of them along the creek
in my yard when I moved there 16 years ago and I
have lost most if not all but this one, and it is
hanging in there. It developed a bad lean, right
over into my back yard, a low lean, touching the
ground. I thought if I got back there with my
cutters and took off the smaller branches that
would help take off some weight and it would
pop back up. I did not realize just how many smaller
branches that would require. A lot! I removed them
and the main larger base did rise up a …

The Wreck

Three years ago this past February I had an accident
in my car. It’s a funny story in a way if a car accident
can be funny.

I worked with two photographers for the State of
Tennessee at the time. Our director and a good
friend of mine had lost her husband to cancer.
The three of us were heading out after work to
go to the funeral home for visitation that evening.
We were taking our own cars since we all lived in
different areas and that way we could all head to
the house afterwards.

Jed decided to hit the interstate, where Phil and I
decided to head down a four lane highway. I was
following behind Phil. We had just came out from
stopping at a red light, had gotten our speed up to
about 15 or 20 miles per hour when a woman in
front of Phil hit her brakes. Phil in turn put his brakes
on, I at that time had glanced in my rear view mirror.
As I looked back at Phil’s car, I hit my brakes, pulled
to the left to try to avoid hitting him, with no such
luck. Yikes…yes, I ran up the rear of his car. I was
amazed a…

The Planter Project

Here is an easy, simple but really cute outside project that is
not costly at all.
It takes about 15 to 20 minutes to make.

I started with a piece of rebar. The size you will need will
depend on how tall you will want your project to be. I did
not want mine to be that high so I went with a
shorter piece. Cost was $4.87.

Next I purchased 5- 6 inch clay pots with a hole in the
bottom center. Cost $1.27 each.

You will need rocks and dirt. These I had on had. My plants
cost me about $6.00.

Hammer the rebar into the ground just a bit making sure it is
secure. Then you will take a pot and slide it over the rebar placing
it on the ground. I then put in a layer of rock for drainage since
this will be sitting on the ground. Then I filled almost to the
top with dirt.
Rebar with first pot/rock and dirt.

Next, I slide another pot over the rebar at an angle, not
straight up and down. This will put the rebar touching
the rim of the pot. Again, a small layer of rock, then dirt.
I then planted some plants in the first p…

Cell Phone Etiquette

Okay folks here’s the deal, common sense and common
courtesy! That should pretty much say it all but as
we all know, it don’t.

First let me say, I was probably one of the very last
people in my age group to jump on the age of techno
with a computer in the home and a cell phone in the
pocket. I got my computer maybe five years ago and
my cell just three years ago.

The computer was not that hard for me to get the
hang of since I worked on one at home but the
phone…who would have ever thought something
that little would be so hard for me to get. I always
said I would never have one, I made fun of people
who talked while driving, thinking that it should be
able to wait till they got home. Then I had wreck,
it just so happened that I hit the guy I worked with
(that is another story), so I was able to use his phone
but I realized I needed one. I spent a lot of time to
and from, here and there, alone in the car and usually
at night, I knew it would be best to have a phone.
Funny thing is, I love change, but I s…

To The Market for My Watermelon!

Last Saturday I went to the Franklin Tn., Farmers
Market that sets up behind the Factory Mall on
Saturdays. I had never been before, but my
friend Theresa wanted to go and I decided
that I would like to ride along.

When I say ride along, that is about the extent
of it. I don’t cook much so buying up a bunch
of stuff is not something I do since it usually
goes to rot before I get it used or put up in the
freezer. Now, let me just say, I use to cook every
night when I had kids that lived at home. My
kids got a cooked breakfast almost daily, except
maybe once a week where they had cereal. They
got dinner cooked at home every night except
maybe once a week where we would have burgers
or something. Usually we would do a place where
it was 5 burgers for $5 or something like that.
When you are raising two kids as a single Mom
and money is tight you just don’t have the eat
out money all the time.

My daughter moved out when she was 18 and
my son when he was 12…yes, 12. He moved in
with his Dad. My home was empty fo…

My New Looking House - Painted

I bought my home 16 years ago the first of
this month. The year after I moved in it
was painted on the outside. The original
color when I moved in was a country, gray
blue color. I went back with that same color
when it was painted the first time, not a lot
of impact when you do that, but change the
color from a dark color to a brighter, lighter
color….you have impact.

~ Before ~
Fifteen years have gone by and the house was
yelling out to me ( loudly) that it needed a fresh coat of
paint again. My house is a wood siding home and with
that said, there were some pieces of wood that
needed replacing also. Then there was also damage
done by the freak’n squirrels that ate a hole in the
eve of the house and moved into the attic back in
the winter. It cost me a small fortune to rid myself,
my attic and my peace of mind of them pesky,
freak’n squirrels!

Anyway, I had Dave (painter, and hubby of the
woman that cuts my hair) come out and give me
an estimate. Dave has been painting for 27 years,
he is a professional l…

Trash to Treasure Tuesday

Hello all,

It’s my third Trash to Treasure’s Tuesday!

Today I am not showing anything that I have
done or anything that I have purchased as a
treasure from Goodwill, a thrift store or yard
sale. I am showing something that my brother

Talent seems to run in my family. I paint, do
crafts, jewelry, photography…etc. My oldest
brother is talented with his hands and his
ideas. He is right now finishing up the remodeling
of one of his homes. Him and my nephew Chase
have gone in and gutted this ranch type home and
redid it all. They have done everything from taking
down walls, to putting in all new bathrooms and
building cabinets. He is great with photography and
one fantastic businessman.

My younger brother, Mark, is
talented with his hands also. He is great with wood
and scrap metal and metal odds and ends. He built
my Mom’s sewing center, end tables and coffee table
many years ago out of solid oak. He replaced her
kitchen cabinets from pine to oak also. He does
awesome work. Right now, he also has part of…

My Weekend

Saturday morning I got up early (what was
I thinking, I could have slept in), and got
ready to go to the Farmer’s Market in
Franklin with my friend Theresa. I met
her at her house at 7 am.

Our first stop was her kitchen where she
filled up a travel mug of coffee for me!
Next, we hit the road to Hardees for
breakfast. This is where we had to try
out the new biscuit holes, and dipping
sauce. They consist of biscuit dough
rolled into balls, deep fried and rolled
in brown sugar and cinnamon….
hummm, good. The dipping sauce
of course is frosting!

Then we were off. I had never been to
the Franklin Market before but it was
really nice. A bit smaller then the Nashville
one, set up behind the Factory Mall in the
parking lot. Very nice, clean and well
organized. I really enjoy walking around
and looking. I did not buy much but I still
enjoyed the outing.

I got a few tomatos, home grown garlic,
free sample of handmade soap, and of
course a watermelon! I don’t do a lot of
cooking and I find if I buy a lot of this
stuff it …

Meet Me

Hi….for those of you that just stop in the view
my site I thought maybe it was time for you to
meet me (for the ones that don’t know me already).

Okay, so this is me with my makeup on! LOL….
I try to not leave the house without my face on.
You women out there can relate I am sure……

Actually, this was last Halloween. The
department I work for has a Halloween party,
pumpkin carving/painting contest (which
I won….I was the only one to do it) and chili
cook off. So I pulled my stand by outfit out
and put it on.

Why would I have all this stuff? Hum…..of yes,
I remember, many, many, many (okay, that is
enough manys) I use to do kids parties as a
clown. I checked out a book from the library
and taught myself to tie balloon animals
(most of that forgotten now), I did acts with
my shoe laces, hula- hoop, tied and made
faces on the balloons, and ran around like
I had no better sense (kids love that).
Course the fun part was when my kids got older
and they had to ride in the car with me going to
and from parties. I r…

Making Jewelry- Passing Time

Making Jewelry

I am a mix media artist. If you go back into my blog files you will see that I am an artist for oil painting. You will run across some of my photography but now I am going to post some of my jewelry. Just something else to keep me busy and out of trouble... Enjoy.

Thanks for stopping in,

Zen Garden Turned Sandbox

Back 5 years or so ago I bought a store bought
version of a Zen Garden. It came with a small
tray, this powdered stuff that I guess was
suppose to be sand, rocks and a couple of rakes.

I worked with customers at that time coming
in and placing print orders so I sit it on the
end of my desk. A few played with it, most
did not. Shortly after getting it for the desk
I moved to another building and when I did,
I broke the tray. I wanted to replace it but this
time I wanted a correct one (with real sand).

I went to the Dollar store and found a ceramic
dish in a basket. I had a friend pick me up
some sand on her trip to the beach and I
made my own Zen Garden. Complete with
real sand, rocks and my racks. It is a stress
free feeling to pick up a rack and move the
sand around.

This little version of a Zen Garden did not
last long in the office I worked in. There
were only 3 of us in Photo Services, two
photographers and I. Thanks to my then
co-working photographer and now my
friend, Phil, it became a sandbox. Phil

Trash to Treasure Tuesday

Morning all,

This is my second post for Trash to Treasure
Tuesday. These are a few items that apparently
were trash to someone else, or at least not
needed by this someone any more. I found
these three items a couple of weeks ago at
my local Goodwill store.

I am not a big shopper of Goodwill but my
Mom is, she has found great buys there
more then once. I go in from time to time
just to see if there is something there that
I can use in one of my projects. Something
to change, paint or add to.

The candle holder I just loved. Solid brass.
I decided to keep this one, for now, for my
home. I am going to add some beads to it
hanging down to match my living room.
I will for sure post a pic once I have that
done. I found this one for $1.99.

Next is the jewelry box. Bottom draw pulls
out, top lifts up. Inside and outsides are in
great shape. I think I will put new life into
this with a coat of paint and something
painted on the top of it. I paid a whole $1.49
for this piece. Make a nice gift for someone
once I have fi…

Happy Birthday Kathy - Cousin

Kathy and her sister Tammy

Looks like I am on a birthday roll again~~
Today my cousin Kathy turns 51. Kathy
lives in Georgia and we only see each other once every other year or so these days. You know how it is when you have so much going on with your life.
Although there was a time when we were younger that we saw each other at least twice a year.

Kathy and I have always been close.
It was just a given that when we went to visit Grandma, I stayed several nights with Kathy. I have even seen pics of Kathy and I playing as children of maybe 2 or so.

When we visited Granny, there was
not always a lot to do, we sort of made up things to do, just like kids have always done before a lot of tv and video games. My granny lived on a busy 2 lane highway and one of the games Kathy and I came up with was to sit on the porch and count cars. Granny had one of those covered porches with a metal glider on it and metal chairs. I spent a lot of time out there. But Kathy and I would sit in the glider and …

Happy Birthday Cory - My Son

Twenty-two years ago today, at 11:37 AM,
my son Cory came into the world.

Happy birthday son.

Cory was born 6.5 years after his sister Amber.
She so wanted a little girl and had her heart set
on me bringing a girl home. She was insisting
so much that it be a girl that I was so afraid to
call her that morning and tell her she had a brother.
But once she heard the news she was fine with it all.

When Amber bounced into my hospital room later
that morning she asked where her Bubba was. She
let us all know at that time she was Sissy and he
was Bubba. That did not last to long before she
was just calling him Cory.

His full name is Matthew Cory, he was born with
blonde, almost non noticeable hair and blue eyes.
Later those eyes were to turn the color of mine
and his Dad’s, hazel. His hair also got darker as
he grew.

Cory was my challenge baby. He cried from the
minute he came into the world until he was
about 3 months old. He had colic and at around
5 every evening he would start crying and go for hours.

My next c…

Trash to Treasure Tuesday

Okay ladies and gents after scrolling through some other blogs I have ran across some people who blog on Tuesdays and call it Trash to Treasure Tuesdays. That sounds like fun and since I love to treasure hunt in thrift stores, yard sales and Goodwill, I thought I would give this a try. Bear with me since I am new to this..... Several years ago my neighbor was sitting things out by the road for the trash pick up. She had an antique side table that had one of the legs broken. I looked over at it several times before I decided that I needed it, maybe I could make something from it. After taking it apart I had the table top of course, two wooden spindle type parts that went from the table top to a board near the bottom that four curving legs came out (one of those legs was busted up really bad). I figured I could use the first three pieces I mentioned. The table top was started, and yes, I have not finished, to be a tray. I started an oil painting on it and one of these days I will make myself fini…

July 4th, 2009

My grandson and I spent this afternoon
with friends.

My oldest friend, Barbara and her niece,

Sarah, decided to have the 4th of July at
Sarah’s house this year. Barb and I have
been friends since I was about 12 years
old…that means 37 years!

Barb lived down the street and around

the corner from me in Hermitage has
we were growing up. I would have to
say that I spent every other Friday or
Saturday night at her house. There was
a bunch of them, Billy, Beverly, Barb,
Barry and Ben. We became friends early
on and it continued as we grew, married
and had our children, now we are working
on our grandkids. Barb, time has slipped on
by us and I seem to have waken to be OLD!

When Barb was in high school their family

moved to the Wilson Co. area, only about
15 min. from the house. Our friendship
continued even though we were not together
that often or attended the same school.
Matter of fact, when Beverly married I
was the server in her wedding and when
Barb met and married Phil (that would
be Phil…

Have I started something - Caleb/photography

I have always had a camera, at least since I was about 12 years of age. I have always loved taking photo's. My interest got kicked into high gear when I went to work for the Photo Services end of Media Services (printing, graphics and photo services). I had been with the printing division of the State of Tennessee for 21 years when I was asked would I be interested in moving to the photo section as their secretary.
I loved my job and what I did with Photo Services, I am very much into the customer service thing, and I am good at it. My job in Photo Services was a big part of what I did on a daily basis.
With my move to that area the interest in taking photo's got even more so. While working there I got my first digital point and shoot camera in Februray 2006. It is a nice one and takes great shots.
In May of 2008 I left Photo and Media Services and made the biggest move of my life to a different department within the state. I have no regrets, not only was it the biggest move, it is also on…