Summer Months/Brush Pile up

During the summer months with tree trimming,
storms and just trying to get your yard looking
good you can rack up some tree and bush brush
(say that one 5 times in a row real fast!!).

Lately I have noticed all along my neighborhood
roads there is brush stacked every where, including
at the end of my drive. Last weekend I cut back a
tree at the back of my yard that was bad need of a
trim. It was the type of tree that you see growing
along the river or lakes, I think it is called a river
birch. There were several of them along the creek
in my yard when I moved there 16 years ago and I
have lost most if not all but this one, and it is
hanging in there. It developed a bad lean, right
over into my back yard, a low lean, touching the
ground. I thought if I got back there with my
cutters and took off the smaller branches that
would help take off some weight and it would
pop back up. I did not realize just how many smaller
branches that would require. A lot! I removed them
and the main larger base did rise up a bit but not
enough, it is going to require a saw to cut it down.

Anyway, with all the cutting and the 15 or more trips
it took for me to haul them from the back yard,
around the shed, down the drive to the front of the
yard, between my and my neighbor’s drive, I ended
up with a large pile of brush. Plus, I was adding to a
stack that my neighbor had already put there. Him
and I share this spot, it’s in front of the part of the
creek that starts its travel under the road.

I was hoping that Metro would be making its trip
through the neighborhood to pick this mess up soon.
After I traveled through my Mom’s neighborhood this
morning (after taking my baby to Granny’s Doggie
Day Care) on my way to work and counting (for fun)
70 piles of brush in a 2.9 mile spread, I checked the
website for a pick up date. Both Mom and I live in
the same #3 area. Our pick up date was suppose to
be last week on the 22nd. Since I know they had not
gotten my area then, and it was for sure they had not
gotten Mom’s, maybe they are working their way
over that way.

I know with the economy being the way it is, things
have been cut. It is in areas like this that you notice
at times where some of those cuts have been made.
Funny, need them to pick this stuff up cause from
what I can remember you need a permit to burn
this stuff or you can be fined. Okay, Saturday
morning, you are out working, where you going to
run to get that permit? Personally, I hate burning
stuff, my luck, I will set something else on fire…
probably my own home!

I do know that there was a pick up in my area around
February after I had tree’s trimmed (thanks to the
pesky squirrels moving into the attic). We have this
one that was scheduled for last week and then
another one for December 1st. I guess all in all,
three times a year is not bad, but during the summer
months, brush pick up should really be more often
with all the yard work that is done.

Maybe the economy is on the up swing and things
are changing slowly.

Thanks for stopping in,


Pam D said…
You just can't leave those poor squirrels out of the conversation, can you? Poor little furry big-eyed cuties... awwww.......

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