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Light and Rain, Visit to Bright Place, Four Leaf, Older Pics

Looking through the rain covered car window into a street light.  Sunday night I had to  take my sis in law, Kim to the ER. Of  course I stayed in the car. Rainy, and very windy.  Kim had stepped in the middle of Zuzu (oldest cat) going after Smokey (newest to the family) and got bit. Two days later she has a really yucky spot on her leg. Doc lanced it  and it was full of infection. Four hours later we leave.... and it was not even a busy  night. Next day, all was well. Few weeks ago I did  a social distant thingy with James and Julie. I dropped by to say  hi.  Yes, wore a mask.  While Julie talked to the  UPS man I looked around the yard. Found a patch of four leaf clovers. When I  say a patch...I mean a patch. I found six. I always heard it was in finding them and  not picking. I have not been picking them I just take pics of them.  The one  above is one that I found two days ago in my

Covid 19, Taco Tuesday, Bulletin Boards and Office

Aw Darla, I hope those chills I gave you were good chills!! Liz, Amber and I have always been at each others throat!! She is a rebel, we had conflicts. Covid 19 pics. Gas is down. Apparently people think rice is the best to buy in a time like this. Went to work today... first time in almost two months. This was morning rush hour. Today is TUESDAY... and I am making it TACO TUESDAY at my home tonight for dinner. Oh...and they were so good. The other night I did a live section on FB for fluid  painting. It was fun but instead of doing  the live thing again, I decided since I  would do video's  and post them on my FB  page so if someone wants to do them later they can.  With that,  I have done a video on how to make small bulletin boards. I wanted to hang a board above my desk in the office but I wanted to decorate it. So I picked up for pieces of cork at Wall

Being a Hermit, The Difference Between Her and I

Today is Sunday, writing tomorrows blog now.  Sometimes I don't mind that but over times I totally forget what I have in the hopper  that I have blogged about!!! After reading  comments on today's blog so far, I actually thought of things to  blog about. One was a reply to  Darla's comment about people becoming hermits due to the  LOCK DOWN..... Could you become a hermit? Well for me, I have always been a social butterfly as my mom called me. I like people! I have always liked people. However I have become more of a not so social person due to my fibro. I have also had to back out of plans in the past due to it. Some days, it is just best for me to socialize with just me and the furs. Moving on ~ Christine said, "Like mother like daughter" when reading  about my daughter painting furniture....haha...NO! She is so far from being like me.  Now as a child she looked like me. Howeve

Hermitage, Painting Furniture

I was in Wally World the  other day when I saw this.... ⇓⇓⇓⇓⇓⇓⇓⇓⇓⇓⇓⇓⇓⇓⇓⇓ I was raised in Hermitage. I now live back in  Hermitage. Might have to get one just to  see the questions. This is a piece mom gave my years ago.  Used to have feet on  it but by me moving and sliding it around those broke off so  it sit on the floor flush now. I started using  it in the craft room but I have used it in  the living room for years. Great compartments for storing stuff. OOPS... just noticed Lily did a photo bomb! I decided it needed a face lift but I did not want to paint the inside of the shelves. the best part will come when I put a  new top on it. Hoping to get to that part in a week or so.  But was totally shocked at my daughter. She might have some of her mom in her after all cause last  week she decided  to paint some furniture. No before pic. This is a dresser that was mine as a young 

Quarantine, Lock Down, Virus, Coronavirus, COVID19. Rebound

Image many words to describe what the whole world has been dealing with. Whoever thought that in your life time you would be under QUARANTINE? Or that the state you live in would be on  LOCK DOWN?  Well, I never thought it would be something I would live through. Never thought I would walking out of my home and heading to the store  wearing a mask. Avoiding the aisles with people  on them, or standing 6 feet apart from folks in line.  However I have not been as safe as some others... some folks go to the store and come home, taking off shoes and leaving them outside. Stripping down as soon as they enter the phone and  taking a shower. Washing clothes as soon as they get in. Washing down their items from the store before taking them in the house.  CRAZY, this world has been turned upside down.  I have stated before that I like to document events in my area with pics. From the tornado damage of 198