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Felicity and the Wedding

 Seeing this girl just makes me so happy. When I look at her I see my daughter. A few shots from  the wedding I shot on Sunday.    I  a lot of regular pics but I thought I would show some of the neat ones I took. Love the mirror that allowed me to shoot the couple reflecting in it. The bride and groom. Bride and her nieces. Love this one below. I love the type of shots where I catch people taking pics with their cell.   What a fun and touching  wedding. Pam

Coffee, Felicity and the Team

 Its 9:10 am Wednesday.  I have gotten a late start. Went to work in town on Tuesday to finish up end of yr billing but thanks to my program  having a hiccup I am  having to go in and  finish things up.  Hoping things behave better! Triniti (Felicity's mom) sent me this pic this morn.  She was sleepy. She is wearing Nana's fave pattern on  those rocking pants. Braden and my daughter Amber. The boys on that team are heading to STATE in July! Way to go  boys! They have played their hearts out and it has proven to be worth it. Pam

Queen Ann's Lace, Saving the Day and USA

  Saturday I was to work  another wedding. For the first time in  a long while, I grabbed my camera and headed out. Was taking my camera so I  could stop of the side of the  road and do some pics. I love Queen Ann's Lace. Esp this shot below.   On my trip home I was a tad tired so I did not stop but a couple of areas. I am on my way to the wedding before I wore myself out. How did I get so worn out? Just so happen that the brides cousin was shooting the wedding, with a borrowed camera that  she was not sure of and I  was asked by Julie if I had my camera. AMAZING, like I said, I have taken it in a while. I ended up shooting the wedding. So, assisted one of Friday, assisted and shot on  Saturday and shot on  Sunday.  Sunday however was a gift, a friend whom rides motors has a friend in their group that has cancer. Him and his GF have been together for  about 12 yrs. I was not  asked but I did elect to  shoot if they did not have a photographer. Although the groom tried to

Pool, Deck, Elvis and the Wedding

 After three weddings over this past weekend I decided I needed a soak in the hillbilly redneck pool. (now) If you can't tell, I got some of that bright white on the legs knocked down! lol (before) Afterwards I took a nap, it started on the deck and moved inside..  At the wedding I shot Sunday, there was a special guest.... ELVIS. Friday's wedding consisted of  flowers being pulled from the brides flowers,  and I put them together for the groom to wear.  At Saturday's wedding James tied a couple of ties. Yep, at TN Tiny Weddings we do all we can to make the event go on without a hitch. And it usually goes just that way! Pam

Ham and Yard Decor

  Rice's Country Hams in Mt. Juliet TN.  Est. in 1933 Rice’s Country Hams is a third generation family owned and operated business. It is the oldest retail business still in operation in Mt. Juliet Tennessee. We have been curing Country Hams for over 60 years. The Rice Family takes pride in doing things the “Old Fashion Way”. We offer the highest quality country cured meats you will find. Our Country Hams are cured for at least 10 months to give you the best flavor. Not only do we cure country hams, but we also offer thick sliced smoked bacon, hickory smoked sausage and a variety of other southern treats. One bite of our country meats is sure to bring back childhood memories of a simpler time. I pulled this from  the internet. Ed Rice Sr. started curing country hams over 60 years ago in his backyard smokehouse. His son Ed Jr. took the business over in the early 1980’s. He ran the family business with his wife until 2003. During this time Rice’s Country Hams was featured on The Mart

Oz and Wedding

  Morning folks.... have you ever heard of the Land of Oz on Beech Mt. in  NC? I have wanted to go for years. YEARS... And I think that I will make this a for real thing next yr.  You can view it  here, Land of Oz  is in  Beech Mountain,  North Carolina . Get ready to meet us on the yellow brick road! Tickets go on-sale tomorrow morning! Visit our website and sign up for our newsletter. Announcement will be made on our socials when tickets are launched! Friday evening I worked a wedding.. We normally dress B&W but with the temps Julie said, dress what you will be comfy in. Paula dressed comfy. And came close to the color of the El Ca Minto! 1959. During pics of the wedding I found a TN Tiny Critter around the pond. He got away before I was able to kiss him to see if he was my prince. Did my toes up Friday afternoon. Ruby red with glitter and the others are blue, could not get lines painted in the blue. Do you have a clue what I was shooting for? Wizard o