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The Ex's Car

Oh my gosh....I remembered another married story! Lily woke me early this morn (Wed) and as I laid in bed this story hit me. Pics from Internet....... My ex got an AMC Gremlin from my dad. Thankful to have had it but that was one ugly car. My ex was not the best at keeping cars up. Matter of fact, due to that I learned to do things myself. I had my brother teach me to change oil, then I taught myself to change spark plugs and wires, and all my bulbs for the lights. Now I know that don't sound like much these days but once upon a time it was really hard to get to the bulbs to change them. As for changing oil it used to be the cheapest way of having it done, before you could take you car anywhere and have oil changed. Oops, I digress, sorry. Moving on~ ex drove a car hard and wore them out. One point to that was the exhaust manifold. Actually this was probably not his fault. But his on the Gremlin kept coming loose. It would drop down from under the car and drag the ground. Every tim

Grilling and Drilling

                          Sounds about right... Halloween treat for 2020 Living with my ex brought lots of laughs from me.... There was the one day that we were in the living room watching tv., I started to the kitchen for a glass of tea. I did ask my ex if he wanted something and he said he did want something to drink. I then asked him what he wanted but he said, he did not care. Now if I am in a silly mood you could end up with anything in that glass. So that is what happened, he got tea, kool aid and orange juice. I told him to tell me next time what he wanted! HAHA Or the time that I realized he kept the grill outside with the top open. I had told him to please put it up and he failed to. Being winter I did not go out back much so it was months before I realized and by that time the grill was rusty inside on the bottom. So when warmer weather came around we had to pull out he small hibachi grill we used to take to the lake. Instead of closing the grill and putting the hibachi on to

The Damage Done in One Night

 Now this is the site.. Lowes, Christmas VS Halloween! Once upon a time, I was married. HAHA...I married at 20 and divorced 13 yrs later. But I have some funny stories from being married that I think I will share.  When I was younger I moved furniture around all the time. Probably close to once a month. My ex, Glenn would come in from work and stop at the front door asking whose house he was in that time. I loved change.  The funniest time was when I changed Amber's room around. I did not realize that I had put her baby bed under the air vent. When I put her to bed that night I realized it cause the air was blowing. I let her fall off to sleep and then I went in to turn the vent some. That required me standing on something. So I pulled over a dressing table stool I had, I jumped up and reached over the bed to turn the vent when I got to close to the edge of the stool. Well upon doing that, the stool flipped out from under me and I went back and down.  (pic from internet) My head hi

Dishes to Drinks

Have you been enjoying the EX stories? Lets continue that theme for now.  (ALL PICS FROM INTERNET) I think I might have written about this one once. But there we go again.  One Christmas my mom got us dishes for our gift. They were pretty and I really liked them but mom got them on clearance. I joked when I opened the gift that I could not replace any that got broke so the other dishwasher in the house better be careful.  With that being said, I was cooking dinner one evening, Glenn was working and did not get home till around 9 or 10. He usually warmed a plate up when he got in. So I made pork chops, peas and mac and cheese. Amber was out in the garage riding her little bike and I had bought her a horn. Once dinner was on the stove cooking I went to the garage to the work bench for a screw driver. There was a copy of the news paper out there and upon looking for the screw driver I lifted the paper. There under that paper was a plate.....BROKEN. It was broken in three perfect pieces. M

Halloween and Work Space

  is just around the corner! (pic from Pinterest) Do you remember the days  growing up  and Halloween? I remember when all the decor  you put out was a craved pumpkin with a candle in it on the  front porch.  To be honest we never had a pumpkin, we just had  our pulled together  costumes. We did not even put anything on  the door that I remember. Times sure have changed and people go all out these days. Halloween being my fave holiday I really love seeing this. Here are some pics I took while out and about in the car. I love this one up the street from me... would really like to know how they made the  witches! This is so cool. WOW.. On the side of the yard they have all this. And they have this on the mailbox. I have the itch now to do somethings in my yard but I gave all my Halloween stuff away to  Amber last yr when I took it up to put away.  I don't care for blow ups but I have to say, this is cute. So what do you do when when you are given a table base? You put rollers on it.

Plants and Teeth

 Jeff picked up his piece Thursday. He looked pleased. He said he was and even asked me if I painted abstract. This is what he posted on FB. The picture just doesn’t do it justice. Much more vivid and bright in person. Thanks so much Pam Not my normal style of painting but then again the one I just did was not either. So he is going to  send me some samples to see what I can do. This time he wants larger then 16x20 for the  living room. I goofed!  Apparently since I dug up and moved Sedum on to separate days I dug up only the one color, the rusty red.  Looking like I will have to work on requiring the pinky purple color Sedum.  CRAP! Wonder if dude would care if I went to the old house and pulled some up? Now this is the vine that took over the fence! Cypress vine, AKA  Hummingbird vine. So beautiful. I was picking seeds off the other day when I heard the familiar sound of  Hummingbird wings. I stepped around to the other side of the plant and there it was. It was 1/2 an arms length aw

Journey of Life

 HAHA....apparently my post about being old and having wrinkles got the attention of several.   Debbi at    said this ~ Lines? Wrinkles? You don't have any lines or wrinkles girlfriend, you look great! Hardest thing bout getting old to me I guess is having to slow down so much.....what I used to whiz through in two hours now takes me two days. ha ha LOL! I do still wear make up every day...just the way I am, I do it for me, it helps me "get going" and feel groomed and pretty and presentable, I try to look my best--it really affects my attitude. HOWEVER...make up could just involve the bare items too....I don't do all that foundation/contour/full eye make up etc every day. (if ever!) LOL. I basically like to highlight my eyes and I LOVE LIPSTICK....I've always loved lipstick. A pretty lipstick can brighten up your whole face. I buy ALOT OF LIPSTICK........just can't help myself, LOL!--little Fairy Granddaughter calls her M

Bdays and Names

 You will be getting this amazing post...(haha) on Tuesday if I post correctly! That will depend on me and my state of mind.... Before going any further into this post let me state here that I do not like this new set up on blogger. But then again, I am not a fan of the new changes on FB either. There is a button to change back to the old version on FB and it holds for 48 hours. I keep hitting that. I will be so lost when they take that away.  Hence another change with my age.... CHANGE. I used to love change, and I am so not a fan of it anymore. Learning new things boggles my mind. A lot of that can be age but a lot can be the FIBRO.  On yesterdays blog I told you that Braden, my youngest grand turned 10. Here is the line up~  Braden's bday is in Sept. Caleb's bday is in Oct. Dustin Jr's  (DJ) is in Nov.  But then their mom, Amber, my oldest brat   child has her bday in Dec.  But lets not stop it there~ Amber is the  A  Braden is the  B Caleb is the  C  Dustin is the  D  h