Friday, February 28, 2014

Food, Food, and More Food.....

Got your attention, didn't I?
Trying to stop eating out so much
and trying to eat better.
Last night I was in the kitchen washing
my Halo's off when the phone rang.
I knew it was mom or Amber cause
basically they are the only two that
ever call my land line.
It took about the 4th ring before I
got to the phone, I answered and mom
asked me what I was doing....
my reply, washing off my Halo!
Dead silence on her end and I
realized how that sounded.
I started to laugh then she chuckled.
Yep, she knows better!
Just like I tell people who
realize my birthday is on
Valentines day, that I have
tried to tell my mom I am a little
but she still don't buy it!
My Halo's!
So good and tasty but so little
I have to have two.
Dinner I fixed one day last night.
Roasted red taters, carrots, red bell pepper
and brussel sprouts!
It was great!

Now off the path of eating better....
my addiction since I was
a young teen.

Like Lays chips, can't eat just one!
I have a bad habit of not eating lunch
so I have been trying to work on that
and this is what sometimes becomes the
fill in! 
Several weeks ago I had the head crap.
Congestion, stuffy nose, watery eyes,
stopped up ears, runny nose, stuffy nose,
headache and cough.
Started on Saturday and ended
late Saturday. Hate working like that.
But, I finally kicked it.
A week later I was having issues
with my BP dropping and heart rate
going up.
And trouble breathing air in.
Asked by my doc how I felt when my
asthma kicked up.
Reply - I think I was diagnosed wrong
20 years ago,
I have not had issues in 15 yrs.
She felt it was my asthma and I thought
she was barking up the wrong tree.
After a breathing treatment I realized
that maybe having the MD after your
name really means more then my name
not having it!
15 years, and guess what has returned?
Leave it to me.
But I got this really cute card
in the mail from my aunt Martha.

I personally think I have the sweetest aunts.
This brought a smile to my face.
Thank you Aunt Martha.

Thanks for stopping in,

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Around the Yard

Saturday Mother Nature was messing
with us folks in Nashville....
it was close to 70 degrees, still a bit
cool but sunny and pretty.
I had a wedding to photograph that evening
but I just had to get out around
the yard with the camera earlier in
the day.
Spring is coming up all over...

Tried for yrs to get ivy to grow on my creek
bed and never could.
A couple of years ago I threw some
clippings out and look
what I found!

Wow....winter took its toll on this pot.
I got this when I was teenage and I have
used it forever for plants. Should
have remembered to take it
in this winter.
Thursday for the weekend we had
some storms fly through looks
like I need to untangle the chime.

The creek that runs right along
side my driveway.

Look it even has little fishies.

Over the 21 yrs that I have been here in this
house I have noticed changes on the bank.
This being one. Used to you saw the
tip end of the tubing and you could
not see that metal sign sticking out
that apparently was buried while building.

Little bit of water just moving along.

This is the lot behind my yard.
My neighbor has been busy clearing
trees away.

To make this for his children.

Thanks for stopping in,

Monday, February 24, 2014

Chick a Dee and the Squirrel

Just a couple of weeks ago
this is what my birdfeeder
looked like when I looked
out the front door.
But Saturday this is how it looked.

At least that is how it looked before this
guy found the feeder.


I love this next shot....
grabbing for the saucer and
spilling seeds all over the place.
But I finally had to run that hog off
so this little baby could get
to the feed.

So pretty..

Thanks for stopping in,

Friday, February 21, 2014

Decorative Towels and Table Runner

My post are getting harder and harder
to come up with....
If nice weather don't come and
if I don't get out with my camera
or start crafting again
I am not going to
have anything to say....
Yeah, right!
My mother finds things that she
has put up and to not get
rid of them she gives them
to me, I think she knows
that I will not let somethings
I got it now, clear her house
out and send it all to mine...
This is a table runner that my
mom made years ago.
Not sure of the amount of
years but I know its been a
long time since she has done
stuff like this.
Great job mom.
These next two are decorative hand
towels that I made .....oh lets
see, about 29 or 30 yrs ago!
Actually since I was never good
on the sewing machine my mom
made the towels and
I embroidered on them.
I had totally forgotten about doing
these and giving them as gifts.

I gave up embroidery a short time after
that and started on cross stitch.
Funny that these showed up when they
did cause about a week or so ago
I posted on FB in my status that I wondered
if I embroidered on my jeans did anyone
think I could bring that style back! lol
So what do you think?
Thanks for stopping in,


Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The Ring and Other Stuff

I have a new friend that actually
went to the same school as I did,
I think she was a couple years younger.
Tracy is a sweetie.
I posted on FB a month ago about
stopping at Kohl's because I was in
need, yes in need of a new ring.
I love rings and they sell
silver ones, with my discount
I got in the mail it was
not going to be much.
But.....I looked and looked
and I did not find one that I just had
to have.
Tracy sent me a private message
that she was a silver smith!
Yesterday I got this
pic on FB with a message
that said'
"your ring is ready"!
And here it is on me after I picked it up!

She did such an awesome job.
I love it!
Been playing around with bottles
and paint.
My daughter likes bottles in different
colors so I thought I would
make a couple.
I did the blue one a couple of
weeks ago...but the red
orange one I just did.

My birthday continued from Friday
till Tuesday.
My partners in crime....(joke)
took me to lunch..
Thanks Cindy and Deborah.
Cindy gave me my gift Friday but
Deborah gave me this.
I fell in love with it....
so much so I will be making some.

These babies are from Debbie.
They fit right in with my rustic
looking stuff on the wall.

And yes, I opened this and busted out
Thanks Deborah.

A PINTEREST find....
This is now my story and I
will be sticking to it!

LOL....I can see my brother Mark
doing about it Mark?

Once upon a time I thought I would get
a tattoo! I thought about a bunch
of roses on my chest area but I figured
if I did, when I aged I would have
a bunch of long stem roses!
sorry, that is actually a joke! lol
Age has a way of making things fall...
Kind of like this:

Thanks for stopping in,

Monday, February 17, 2014

Dakota's Birthday and My Birthday Plus Extras

I got Dakota
in August when he
was 6 months old.
But he was born in Febuary,
Amber (my daughter that originally
had him) thinks he was born between
the 10th and 14th. I split that
and went with the 12th.
THE KING turned 7 years old
on the 12th.
Mom sent him a cupcake and
I got him his favorite
vanilla ice cream.
And he chowed down.

Now my b-day is on the 14th right after
Dakota's, only I am
a tad, just a tad bit older than him.
I bought myself something for my
A pair of sterling silver earrings made
by a new friend of mine,

They are pretty cool in the ears!
My friend Cindy knows what store
I love!
So does Theresa cause she
got me one of these also and
bought me dinner.
They are so sweet.

My lovely friend in Ohio, Nancy
sent me this. Isn't it beautiful?

I got other stuff also, a metal set of
keys (larger) to hang on my wall from
Debbie. Got them a couple of weeks ago
so I forgot to take a pic of them to post.
And my mom got me shoes and
spending money!
Not to long ago I went to my
fav place to eat...Chili's.
They use to have amazing Fajitas but
sometime ago I go them and
noticed that the chicken was not
cooked with the onions or peppers.
Looked like it was just cut up, heated in the
micro and served. I forgot all about that
and I ordered it again, with the same
results so I sent Chilis a email about
it. I got these three coupons with a letter
in the mail.
Customer Service..

I was surprised since most companies don't
have a customer service anymore.
I was messing with THE KING
the other day..
and he really wishes I would
stop using him for photo practice!

Esp on the close ups!
This dog has so much personality...
I stayed up late watching a movie
the other night...
this is what I get from him since
I am up so late!
Thanks for stopping in,


Friday, February 7, 2014

Baby Shower

One of the dear women I worked with
until last July is having her
second little boy.
So we had a nice shower for her today.
Love this cake.
Publix....they did a great job.
Pred's diaper cake....cute.

Plenty to take home for the little


Gotta love that bag.

Happy couple!

So much fun.
Congrats Angel and Ben...
Thanks for stopping in,